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Qtee (Black & Beige)
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Qtee (Black & Beige)
Qtee (Black & Beige)
$159 USD
Reg $285

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CLEARANCE | Minis: Qtee [Black & Beige]
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Designed and constructed with both comfort and style in mind, this closed-toe double strap pump is made with bold and unique colour combinations with pin-hole details and slender silver buckles. Solid three inch heels with matching leather uppers on a durable and stable rubber F-sole which adds a half inch to your height without looking too chunky. Quality leather uppers, linings and foot sock. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
The QTee is true to size in length but fits a little bit wide in the toe box.

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Posted by JD:
Cute but not as comfortable

I bought the black qtee in size 7. Very nice quality and design. I like the rubber soles. These shoes fit true to size. I normaly wear a size 7 in non fluevog also.. Unfortunately these shoes are not very comfortable, it culd use extra cushion in the front.
Posted by Jezebelle from Los Angeles:
Go Ask Alice

I tried these on in the L.A. store, then bought them while being assisted by the lovely & patient Alice. I surprisingly found that I needed a 9 1/2 in these, where I normally wear size 10.5 and 11 in Fluevogs. I wear a 9 in the Zazas, but an 11 in the Lovers so the Mini shoe family is a bit all over the board for me. They are really great and will be completely comfortable after they break in. I found them to be a bit tight in the vamp after wearing them out twice, but know it will stretch out in time.
Posted by Leigh Ann from Los Angeles:

If your in-sole rolls up it's really no big deal. Just get some Gorilla glue and tack it back down. This happened on my Black/White Q-Tees on the first time I wore them and the Gorilla glue worked like a charm. I've worn them now for over a year with no sole rolling since.
Posted by Leigh Ann from Los Angeles:
My most worn shoes ever

I have the Q-Tees in both the cherry/black and the black/white. They are the shoes I wear most since they are both cute and super comfortable. Everytime I wear them out people stop me to rave about how much they love them, especially the cherry/black ones! I have 5 pairs of Fluevogs from the Mini family and can say that they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. If you have wide feet like I do then these are a dream come true! I can wear and walk in these ALL DAY, up to 12 hours. Seriously, these are the most comfortable shoes you will ever own! Size wise, my non 'Vog size is about a 7 and I have these in both a 6 1/2 and a 7. So I didn't really size up but every foot is different so it's always best to try them on if you can.
Posted by karen from New Zealand:
I've just found your site!! I bought a pair of Qtees in pink and brown 8 years ago, they are still in good order and I still love them as much as when I bought them. I bought a size 1/2 bigger then normal. I have to look after them as can't buy the shoe polish to match the colours!! Very comfortable. I'm going to wear them to band practice today in your honour!!
Posted by TBod:
a tad sad

Well, I do get a lot of compliments on these shoes and am happy about that. They are so beautiful. I had a little trouble with the sizing (my first pair)and normally take a 7.5. I ordered an 8 because of multiple warnings to do so and they appeared to fit well. After wearing them though, I wonder. They weren't as comfortable as I had hoped. And what sucked was that, during my first wearing, the insole peeled and rolled at the heel. I will have to glue it. And that just shouldn't be. I am willing to try again in the future with a different pair but was sad about this.
Posted by mika from boston:
My first pair of Fluevogs

I never order new shoes on-line, but I fell in love with this pair and had to have them... Wore them straight out of the box for an entire loooong day of work - my feet felt fantastic. These shoes are light, supporting, feel perfectly true to size (always wear 8.5 and would only go up to 9 in boots) and incredibly stylish. Had so many compliments and "checking-out" looks that I can't wait to wear them again!!!!
Posted by Gladys N:
Size 5 Minis! Commence happy freakout.

Thank you, Mr. Fluevog, for now making Minis in size 5! I've been admiring the Mini family for years now, and I can FINALLY enjoy them on my own feet. The Qtee style is particularly gorgeous, and the cherry/black/orange colorway is truly perfect for fall. I'm in love! Thank you, thank you! (And big thanks to the Union Square store for allowing me to put them on layaway and then shipping them to me immediately after the last installment!)
Posted by Brandy Cupcakes from Iowa:
Dreams DO Come True

I have wanted a pair of these for a few years now, but have been waiting for the right color combo. The black and white was made for me! I have funky feet-small heels with no arch and wide(bunion) through the toes, so it is super difficult to find cute and comfy shoes. THESE ARE IT. I pulled them outta the box, put them on and swooned. In my regular size 9, these are perfection. @>-
Posted by KC from San Francisco:
These are the most comfortable heels I have ever worn. So comfortable that I routinely travel wearing them. Have you ever turned heads while collecting your suitcase at baggage claim? Seriously. Love these heels so much.

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