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Leader (Noir)
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Leader (Noir)
Leader (Noir)
Leader (Noir)
Leader (Noir)
$309 USD
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Prepares | Leader [Noir]
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Se basant sur les leçons inestimables qu'il apprit par ses expériences de camping alors qu'il était garçon, John dessina une chaussure pour femme dotée d'un cuir épais et souple, de boucles Fluevog, d'une plateforme cachée faite de liège recyclé, le tout sur une semelle tunite avec une adhérence en caoutchouc. Ce sabot à courroie hypermoderne s'assure que tout le monde suit celle qui mène. Prepare for the Future, choose well today. (Préparez-vous pour l'avenir, faites le bon choix aujourd'hui.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_leader

From the fit experts:

Denny and Monika from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
The Leader is a classic style that is true to size!

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Posted by OsheaGreen from Western Australia:
Stylish but practical

These fit wonderfully. My feet are a bit wide, but these are don't pinch at all. I am a size 9, & found these true to size. I've been wearing them to work, and they are stable and comfortable to wear all day. These were the 1st pair of Fluevogs I bought, & it was great to receive something of such quality; these exceeded my expectations, & I'm now a repeat customer.
Posted by Marie from Auckland, NZ:
Love my new shoes

I just bought these in red this afternoon, and love them so much. I fit an 8 1/2, which is my usual shoe size - often I need to size up in Fluevogs. Was sad not to be buying these in New York, but happy they are available in Auckland, New Zealand. So far I have worn them with turned up jeans, and they look great. I'm sure they'll also be perfect with a skirt. Raced home and showed them to my neighbour who screamed with envy and got off the phone immediately.
Posted by Leslee Larsen from Sudbury:
My go to shoe...

This is absolutely my favourite shoe ever. I have even had them on my feet for 24 hrs straight... from clinic to hospital and they are still sooooo comfortable. I have had women chase me down to ask where I got them! They fit my usual size perfectly and there was no breaking in period. The ankle boot fits exactly the same and is equally as comfortable. I have worn both the boots and the shoes for long nights of dancing and love love love how they feel to dance in. ( And yes, the extra inches in height is a BIG bonus ). I am eternally grateful to Brian at the Toronto store for suggesting these beauties to me.
Posted by Secure Fluevogger from Innisfail:
A perfect every day shoe

I wear these almost every other day. I have a lot of other shoes (red, orange, green, yellow, you name it) in a variety of styles but these just go with anything. They're great to wear to work, wonderful to go out in, perfect with a pair of jeans - they just belong! Satisfied Smirk: ,-> add to the go with anything look the comfort of runners who can argue? They didn't need a moment to strectch, rather straight out of the box comfort.
Posted by Farar Elliott from Washington, DC:
oh baby, oh baby

I just wore my blue Prepares out of the store and already am basking in the admiring glances of fellow strollers. I'm a Fluevoger from way back and these are my new favorites. I wear a 9 in most styles but an 8.5 in these.
Posted by Kris Smith-Lavoie from United States:
I'm in love!

These fit perfectly. I wear a size 8 in the "Lily Darling" and the same here. Perfect! I got these for work as I am on my feet the entire time I am at work. I love them! I feel like they were made just for me! I am a little worried that the heel pad may be short lived though. My "Lily Darlings" are built like tanks and these seem a bit more on the fragile side. Time will tell. I do love them and will definitely be getting another pair in a different color!
Posted by laila from chicago:
I LOVE LOVE these shoes, they fit great right away and were a pleasure to wear even during long tradeshow hours on concrete floors. However, I've owned this pair for about 3.5 months and they are already showing a lot of wear and tear. I need the heel caps replaced already (which i don't see online despite notes to the contrary) and the insoles seem to be breaking down really quickly. The first month or so I could wear these ALL day, walking a lot or standing a lot (I live in the city without a car so walking is a must for any shoe). I was so happy that these worked for me and was preparing to buy another pair. But now, after the same day of walking (and even shorter days) my feet are sore, the shoes don't have the same support, its like it started breaking down within only a couple months of wear. I expected a lot more for as much as these shoes cost, even if they were on sale. I bought these because I expected them to outlast cheaper shoes, so far they're failing. so sad because they are truly beautiful shoes.
Posted by Angie from White Rock:
Give these shoes a try!

I resisted these -- thought they looked bulky and off -- until I saw them on the feet of the April Vogunteer! Then I knew I had to go try them on. Well - they are now pair #9 in my collection and the MOST comfortable shoes I have ever owned! I did have to try a couple of pairs in the same size to get the fit just right -- but I am ever so glad I did! Seriously, you can run in these like they are sneakers!
Posted by Danielle from Boston:
Pleasantly suprised!

I just purchased these shoes in black about a week ago from the Boston store, and I'm so happy with them! I was looking for a new pair of shoes for work, so it was important to find something that was comfortable to wear for a long period of time. I wasn't expecting to choose a pair of heels, but these feel surprisingly comfortable all day. They're fun and interesting, but conservative enough to wear in a business casual setting. I wear a size 7 shoe normally, and the size 7's fit perfectly. Overall a great purchase, and worth trying on!
Posted by Amelie from Western MA:
You're invited to our wedding!

I love this shoe so much that I think I shall marry it! (MA is a state with marriage equality, so I think it might be possible!) The wedding could be as early as March or as late as December, as these shoes have a closed heel and can manage just about any season (we will have to take a long late honeymoon in the winter to some sunnier place, as I don't want to risk them in the deep snow). Wearing them feels like walking on clouds -- both because they are comfy and because they make me feel so fabulous. I got them in red, and I've worn them every day since. First I started building outfits around them, and then I just figured the rest of the outfit would have to find a way to conform to my shoes' beauty and fineness, which apparently worked! Compliments abounded, and when they didn't, I knew it was because those around me were simply jealous. I recommend sizing up, by the way. And have your lovely salesperson do a little stretching in the store if your foot needs it. Works like a charm and helps you avoid new shoe blisters. Then you can wear them for twelve hours and only have tired feet because any foot would be tired after standing and walking for that long.

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