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Leader (Blue)
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Leader (Blue)
Leader (Blue)
Leader (Blue)
Leader (Blue)
$309 USD
Prepares | Leader [Blue]
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Drawing on invaluable lessons he learned from his boyhood camping experiences, John sketched up a sexy lady shoe that featured thick, soft leathers, custom Fluevog buckles, a 3.5" curved heel, and a 1.5" hidden platform of recycled cork, all on a tunite sole with rubber grips. This uber-modern Mary Jane clog makes sure everyone follows the leader. Prepare for the Future, choose well today.

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From the fit experts:

Denny and Monika from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
The Leader is a classic style that is true to size!

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Posted by MacRotten from Toronto:
Shoes that strut

I didn't intent on buying these after trying on 10 or so styles. I kept coming back to them, for comfort, for coolness. They are like old friends who just wait to be worn every day, go with everything, and get oodles of compliments. They are unlike every other shoe you've ever had, but a little bit of the best features in every shoe you've ever had. Welcome to my Flue family
Posted by Jessica from Princeton:
Most comfortable shoe ever!!

Although I love all the Fluevog styles, my knees and ankles simply cannot handle some of them. I chose these for the extra height, but also because they seemed to have a sturdy heel. I cannot tell you how happy I am with my lovey blues. They are the cutest, most comfy shoes ever. I would tell you if they weren't ! I am definitely getting another pair in the Prepare family. I am usually 6.5-7 (on the wide side). I bought a pair of Calamity boots in 7 and now that they have loosened up they are a little big. I bought the Adelina in 7 and had to send back for 6.5...same thing with these. The 6.5 is a perfect fit, with our without a thin sock...not a lot of room to spare, but 7's were huge on me. Oh, one con: the strap. It's very tight...may be due to my high arch, and there's not a lot of room for an extra hole...otherwise, PERFECT
Posted by Jessie from Boston:
At last.

Allie at the Boston store got me to try these on some time ago, and at the time I was convinced that they weren't my style. However, the more I saw them the more I liked their unusual shape, and when I saw them in blue I fell totally in love. I wear a 9.5 in my Mini Lovers and Sugars, but a 9 in these fits perfectly. They're crazy comfortable right out of the box, too. I wore them all day after buying them and my feet feel totally fine - no sore spots or rubbing at all. Thanks Allie! You were so right!
Posted by Leigh from Vancouver:

I *just* got these (as in, less than 2 hours ago) at the Gastown store in Vancouver, and I'm in love with them already. They were so comfortable and fun (and made me TALL!) when I put them on in the store that I had to have them. I'm going to have to wait to wear them outside until I spray them, but I'm definitely wearing these around the house tonight after work. Thanks, Fluevog! You make me feel (and look) like a rock star!
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Gorgeous shoes & a gnome, too!

Since I have the Guides in blue and brown and love them, I decided I needed to change it up a bit and got this style in reddish-orange. The others fit in my true 7.5 but I needed an 8 in these for real comfort. And I was lucky enough to get a Flue-gnome, surprised there were any left on Christmas eve!
Posted by Julie Morrison from Edmonton:
Picked up another pair of these in black this weekend @ the Calgary store... I wear them so much I had to have a spare. So comfortable! They make me feel like a rock star!
Posted by Phyllis from Outside Boston:

I love these shoes so much I want to wear them every day! The color is gorg (I have the blue), they are so funky-cool looking and they catapult even the most ordinary outfit into fashionforwardland. Like even a down vest, fleece jacket and jeans - seriously. They are are that cool.
Posted by Anne from Toronto:

These shoes are stunning and incredibly comfortable. I can't believe I'm wearing 3 inch heels! (trust me, this is a Very Big Deal for me, since I rarely wear them). Fluevog heels are clearly the only way to go for me. These also have a 70s vibe to them. It's funny, when Tanya first showed them to me, I was underwhelmed. That changed in a hurry when I slipped them on. I got them in blue and I simply love them. Thank you Tanya!
Posted by Melissa from Chattanooga, TN:
Most Original & Fabulously Functional!

Though I absolutely adore my friends knee high boots, my signature body part heels, my operetta malibrans and my wearever mercys, these new prepare leaders are just fabulous! I walk two miles to work in them which I can really only do with my friends and malibrans. The mercys begin to rub a spot on the side of my foot and I wouldn't even consider it with the heels. However, the prepare style is just wonderful. I my size is between a 5.5 and a 6, but I got a 6 in these which is perfect. I put some sheep's wool inserts in them and they are now very warm and cozy. A walk to work in the mid 30's was no problem at all. I'm just in love. Thank you John and contributors for making such a fabulous shoe. I also requested that you consider retailing here in Chattanooga. I'll keep my hopes up. @>-
Posted by shoe junkie from North America:
I have two pairs of the Guides, and was surprised to find that these fit quite differently. The heel is wider than the Guides, and the toebox is more narrow! So sadly these did not work for me. Shoes in the same "family" can vary greatly in fit, so if you can, try them on before purchasing. Great shoes, just not at all consistent sizing.

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