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Alli Boot (Blue Grey)
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Alli Boot (Blue Grey)
Alli Boot (Blue Grey)
$275 USD

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CLEARANCE | Adrians: Alli Boot [Blue Grey]
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Just like sock hops and drag races, John brings you the Alli Boot - a Mary Jane bootie with, not three, four, or five, but six straps and buckles, swing toe lasts, tunite soles, and Portuguese leathers and suedes in a youthful spectator pattern. The Alli Boot is perfect for varsity sweaters and poodle skirts. A thankful person is a happy person.

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Posted by DAVINA from USA:
I am over the moon about these shoes!!! I bought these shoes in grey and had read other reviews about them being narrow. I have wide feet and decided to not go up a size to try and make up for that....glad I didn't! These beauties run true to size and the leather is so soft that my wide feet felt right at home! Is it possible to buy shoes that make you feel like a million bucks? Shoes that will make you walk with a swagger? Shoes that can change your attitude? YES!! and these are the shoes! For the record, I am not being dramatic-these shoes really do all of the above.
Posted by christy from new jersey:
these boots are bitchin'

i got these babies in a size 6 and they fit quite snugly. the leather is very soft and so is the suede tongue. don't wear these with fishnets or with low socks because the dye from the tongue rubs off on your ankles. lesson learned. as most have commented before me, yes the shoe is a bit narrow in the toe box, but nothing a couple weeks worth of wearing can't fix. these boots make me feel like a dirty rock & roller. if i change my clothes i pull off a steampunk/ hipster look. they're great. much pointier than the photo leads you to believe. not quite metrosexual pointy though. i am in love with these boots. ,-)
Posted by Gina from Chicago, IL:
A High School Dream Realized

I've wanted a pair of Vog boots since high school... Remember Lady Miss Kier? Anyway, this isn't my first pair, but it's my first pair of brand-new boots. I've also wanted a pair of wingtip boots for 20 years, so these were everything I wanted. Had my second kid and decided: I deserve these! :) I think they're a perfect fit, true to size. My feet are a bit narrow, but not narrow enough to wear shoes in a special width. The leather is SO soft: like you've worn them for years already. The suede insert at the tongue looks like it might be bulky, but isn't. It's super, super soft. I could not be happier with the boots, and I'm so glad I treated myself. You only live once!
Posted by Katherine from Washington DC:

We planned my birthday trip to LA to include a visit to the Fluevog store. Spent an hour with the most wonderful woman who indulged our every footwear whim. These were my pick, and I have worn them a lot already with nothing but happy tootsies. I have narrow feet and skinny ankles so most vogs don't work for me. These do, and they are just fabulous. I swagger in them. Yahoo!
Posted by Vicki from Tacoma, WA:
Indulge your inner "Scissorhands".

I saw these at the Seattle store a month before I bought them (chose the Dankes that day, which I LOVE). I couldn't stop thinking about them, so I called to see if they were available. My size was sold out, but rock star salesman Willy called around and found what I needed in LA. They got to me in three days, and the love affair went into full swing. Like some of the other owners have stated, they do run a bit narrow. I usually take a 9-9.5, but I needed these in a 10. That said, they feel as amazing as they look. I'll probably need them in brown, too.
Posted by Diggy:
awesome, but narrow

Gorgeous boots... but they are definitely very narrow in the toebox. I went up a full size, and my pinky toes will still be feeling the pain of breaking these in. They are difficult to put on without a shoehorn... I will probably have to unbuckle the first few next time I try. The toes are pointier than they appear on the website. These things being said, they are very cool, unique, and well-made boots that I expect will last a long time. I was extremely impressed with Fluevog's customer service and fast shipping.
Posted by SRB from Washington, DC:
: ( I want these

....but in fact they are just too narrow. I have a very true fit for the size I wear, but these are too tight to be comfy in the toe box. It's interesting; the heel base is plenty wide, but they don't seem to have built enough width in the actual toe box, and I don't want a size larger, because that would be too long. I am shedding tears of regret, because I think these boots are beautiful...:-(
Posted by Lori Reynolds from Woodstock, CT:
My favorite pair of shoes EVER!

I bought these boots in black when I traveled to Chicago. I have a shoe obsession and of the over 100 pairs of shoes I own, these are my favorites. They are my first, but not my last pair of Vogs. After a few wears, they have conformed to the shape of my feet and fit like a pair of custom made boots. The leather is soft as butter. I wear them with jeans, dress pants, skirts or whatever! I'm a teacher and on my feet all day and they are a dream to wear. Super comfortable! Customer service at the store was superb. I can't wait to get my next pair!
Posted by Lily from Boston:
Love These!

I just bought these boots about two weeks ago. I wear them almost every day and I LOVE THEM! They were really comfortable when I first put them on, but after wearing them for two weeks, they are now even more comfortable and broken in. The leather is very supple and conforms to your ankle very easily. These look so awesome and feel great on my feet. I feel like a million bucks when I wear these. Second pair of 'Vogs and can't wait for more! Also the Boston store employees were great! I love going in and finding a great pair of shoes, and then still being encouraged to try on as many others as I might be lusting over (since of course there are 10 other shoes I want too...)
Posted by Rebecca from Asheville, NC:
I am in love,,,

I instantly fell for these boots when I saw them online, and finally decided against selling a kidney for them and just went for it. I got them in brown and they are crazy versatile. They were a little narrow/tight at first, but with every wear they become more and more comfortable--they begin to form to your foot. Not to mention that they are possibly the most beautiful boots, have just enough edgy-ness, and are casual or dressy to wear for any occasion. I adore them and sometimes just wear them around the house to feel awesome! People begin to compliment them based only on the tip peeking from my jeans, until they see the whole package--then they attempt to caress them and a few have tried to steal them when I wasn't looking. Also, the people of Fluevog Boston are my new best friends. I've been a Fluevog-er for about 12 years now and have never looked back on any other shoe. If you can't decide whether or not to go for it, just do--and maybe put up your firstborn for them, that is the extent of their perfection. Thankyou, Fluevog!!

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