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Mollie Johnson (Noir)
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Mollie Johnson (Noir)
Mollie Johnson (Noir)
Mollie Johnson (Noir)
Mollie Johnson (Noir)
$299 USD
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Bellevues | Mollie Johnson [Noir]

Vers la fin des années 1870, un peu après la ruée vers l'or, l'adolescente prostituée Mollie Johnson arriva à Deadwood. Connue comme la « reine des blondes », Mollie devint la Madame pour un groupe de « filles de joie » (dont Ida Clark). En 1878, Mollie se maria au ménestrel et comédien Lew Spencer. Il s'agissait de son deuxième mari. Cependant, il fut arrêté peu de temps après leurs noces pour avoir tué par balle son autre femme. La légende raconte que Mollie disparut peu de temps après avec un sac d'or volé. Utilisant un cuir souple poussiéreux italien avec une découpe détaillée en forme de larme, Mollie est dotée d'un talon de 6 cm de style Fellowship-hi et d'une semelle Bellevue en tunite. Chose certaine, cette chaussure Charles IX lacée gardera l'oeil ouvert pour vous. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination. (Continuez vers l'ouest et au-delà de votre imagination).

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From the fit experts:

Sean C. from our New York store says:
Ladies with delicate sensabilities wear this shoe because the laces allow any foot shape to fit perfectly in the Mollie Johnson.

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Posted by Mary from Sydney, Australia:
Oh so gorgeous

I was looking online for my 10th pair of Fluevogs, a pair that was dressy and special but work-friendly. I am well stocked for boots, so initially was attracted by the high and glamorous Queen Transcendent Nefertiti. Lucky for me, after owning up to wide feet and being more elephant than gazelle in heels, Lesley of the LA store talked me down from my high heels and suggested these. They arrived today and are truly beautiful. Comfortable and so easy to walk in. Only downside is that I am not getting much work done as I can't stop admiring these lovely creations!
Posted by volsgirl5 from East Tennessee:

These are delicious! I have the lovely baby blue and they are just great for spring & summer! While visiting Boston, I stopped into the shop (as is my habit any time I am in a city with a Fluevog store!) and tried on so many shoes, mostly from the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom and the Mini families. These caught my eye when I walked in but tried the others first. When it was determined my feet would not work with the other families, the young lady helping me (sorry, I didn't catch her name!) suggested these and the Miracle Revelation. As I wear a lot of blues and greens but not too many pinks, I tried these. Wow! I love them! The only down side was they didn't have my size (9.5 in most 'Vogs), so we had to order them. Luckily, the DC store had them in stock. Time to wait... Quick delivery of the shoes and what a nice surprise when I opened the package! Thank you, Shawn, for the little surprises you packed with my beauties! My husband and two sons (eleven and nine) love the shoes! When the shoes arrived, I was in the first week of a brand new job. Everyone noticed these shoes! And the six people that commented (four of them men) just loved them. I think the others were just too jealous to mention them :) Comfy straight out of the box, just as always. I love the Fluevogs and the new cards that the sales lady gave me in Boston to hand out. This is first of my eight pairs that I have actually purchased in a store. I must say the fit is always correct. These folks know the shoes and how your feet will fit. It is amazing and indicative of excellent training and product knowledge. Thank you for going the extra mile to provide such wonderful service!
Posted by Adin from Kamloops:
First Fluevogs

I got these several years ago, when I was first delving into dressing nicely (and with vintage flavour!). Bought them in the black/grey combo, and have enjoyed them ever since. I now own 6 pairs of Fluevogs, and love every one of them; but these are the only neutral-coloured Fluevogs I own, and my go-to when I'm in doubt as to which pair to wear. Plus, they go so nicely with my 20s, 30s and 40s dresses without completely hogging the spotlight! A quintessential Fluevog.
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