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Bobbi (Black)
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Bobbi (Black)
Bobbi (Black)
Bobbi (Black)
Bobbi (Black)
$299 USD
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F-Shoes | Bobbi [Black]
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Inspired by the classic Australian outback ankle boot, Fluevog's tough and rugged Bobbi is named after an mythical aboriginal rainbow snake, who lives in dreamtime, and gives humans the gift of hunting by turning one of his own ribs into a boomerang. Featuring thick, wrinkled, full grain leathers, a silver roller buckle, and an inside zipper, The Bobbi is the ultimate, indestructible ankle boot. After construction, the Bobbi is finished in an industrial washing machine, giving it its aged look. Soled with the classic, 100% vulcanized rubber F-Sole (a time-tested sole since 1997), renowned for its comfort and durability. The Bobbi has excellent traction on ice, snow, slush and even retains heat - if left in a warm dry area overnight, it will give you hours of toasty toes in the winter.

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Bobbi is a great boot on the ever popular F-sole. The length is a little bit short, so some people have found going up half of a size helps!

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Posted by Erin from Vancouver:
Love these!

I bought these last November to serve as my rainy weather shoes, which means I've worn them almost every day since. I had a bit of trepidation before buying these as a lot of motorcycle boots I have owned in the past have been feet killers (at the end of the day I'd have more blisters than foot). So even though I have a number of Fluevogs and have always loved how comfy they are, I was worried. Worries not warranted. My feet love them. Most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned.
Posted by RodRat from Australia:

I am in love with these babies. Hugely comfortable and much sexier than in the pics, they are like motorcycle boots and I adore them. The awesome folk at Sole Devotion in Melbourne were brilliant and I just adore my new boots.
Posted by Crystal from British Columbia:
I LOVE my Boots

I got my boots as a gift I put them on at work and fell in love.. like for real. I have weird shaped feet and boots never fit. These did. Like perfectly. They went on a bit tight but after maybe an hour of stomping around my store they felt like slippers and the ankle was just perfect from first zip. The design is a perfect mix of casual and dress, and maybe a bit of edge. I think for my first pair of Fluevogs I chose right.
Posted by In love from Los angeles:
Maybe my favorites

I purchased these only because I wanted to give my Bings a rest. When I bought my Bing F soles last january, I wore them continuously until september when I took the Bobbies home as an alternate F shoe. As often happens with Fluevogs, you love the one you are with, and now the Bobbies are my feet's favorite for those long days at work, and also on the weekend. I love them. The grey color is lovely. Get these! They practically change your life! Wish there were more F soles in colors in the low boot styles.
Posted by zuzu from Far South Coast NSW, Australia:
Best rocking boots ever

I had a stress fracture in my foot when I bought these boots at the flagship Gastown store. I needed something I could wear for the next two weeks in Vancouver and something that I could wear on the long journey back to Australia. I wore Bobbi for the next few weeks and on my flight home. Perfect. Upon the flight landing in my home town I trod off to the casualty ward at my local hospital for x-rays. Bobbi is the nurse of all Fluevog boots.
Posted by Sarah from Calgary:
Most comfy fluevogs ever!

I have been a fluevogger for a long time and I own many pairs of fluevogs. I own the grey pair and I have to say that these are the most comfortable pair of Fluevogs that I have ever owned. They do not require any break in time (which is unusual) and I just love how they look. If they had my size in the black I would buy another pair.
Posted by kelly:
A friend of mine introduced me to the Fluevog experience and these boots are exactly what I have been looking for to expand my boot collection........alas, they are no longer available. Such is life :(
Posted by Deanna from Iowa:
My Precious

I have been a Vog worshiper for years but only recently began collecting and these puppies are the first "functional" pair I purchased. My break-in period was about and hour because these run a little narrow and my feet are slightly wide; the boot ran a bit snug over the top of my foot/arch area and my bunions but the buttery leather molded to my foot quickly. I ordered a half size up (10.5) for extra comfort and to accommodate for my love of fat squishy socks in the winter but I probably would have been fine with a 10. Bottom line - I LOVE these boots!
Posted by Happy Feet from Inland Northwest:
Update . . . durable boots!

On a recent winter trip to California, my young son was playing in the surf, when a wave knocked him over. Wearing my grey Bobbis, I ran into the knee-high water to pick him up and carry him out. My lovely boots were soaked, to the point where I took them off and literally poured the salt water and sand out of each boot. I let them dry thoroughly, brushed off the sand, gave them a quick cleaning and conditioning, and they are as great as ever! So if any of the few remaining sizes will fit you, don't hesitate. Pick up these beautiful well-made boots, and you will enjoy them for years to come, even if you take them for an unexpected ocean plunge from time to time!
Posted by Robyn:
Fluevog addict again!

:-B so once upon a time I was a Fluevog girl, owned 17! Still have many but it's been awhile. Needing boots I searched the site came upon these and fell deeply in lust! The boot arrived promptly from the Fluevog crew, btw, shout out to SF for their excellent customer service filling my online order. I gleefully opened the box that had my new loves tuck inside! They are beauties! They look vintage (grey) the leather was of course a bit stiff, wore them around the house for a couple days to have them hug my feet. Then to work for 8 hours! I love love love them and The Fluevorian master who tickles my feet. Only problem....I'm once again an addict! Hmmm...what's next?

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