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DeVere (Black Paisley)
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DeVere (Black Paisley)
DeVere (Black Paisley)
DeVere (Black Paisley)
DeVere (Black Paisley)
$299 USD
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Bellevues | DeVere [Black Paisley]
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In 1866, Indiana teenager Pearl DeVere (age 14) ran away from strict religious parents and ended up working the brothels of Denver. When the last great Colorado Gold Rush turned Cripple Creek into a Boomtown, Pearl started her own brothel there, employing several local girls. She was well known for wearing lavish clothing in public, and for never being seen twice in the same clothes. In 1895, Pearl met and married a wealthy mill owner - wealthy, until a fire raged through Cripple Creek's business district, destroying most of the businesses, including his mill and her brothel. Her husband never recovered financially and moved to California, while Pearl stayed in Cripple Creek to rebuild her brothel. With construction finished in 1896, Pearl decorated with lavish carpets, hardwood furniture, electric lamps, and bathtubs with running water, making her brothel the most modern and successful business in town. Pearl battled insomnia and used Morphine to help her sleep, but sadly in the summer of 1897 Pearl accidentally overdosed and was found dead at the age of 33.

Using soft, pebbled, vegetable-tanned leathers with diamond patterned laser cutouts, printed paisley designs on the black and white colourway, all on a 2.5" Fellowship-hi heel and tunite Bellevue sole, the Spring booty DeVere is sure to make your business assets golden. Keep pushing west and beyond your imagination.

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From the fit experts:

Samuel, Emilie, Genevieve and Dominique from our Quebec City store says:
The Deveres may fit a little bigger than the other Bellevues Family. Consider going half a size smaller.

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Posted by Veronica from Australia:
Love it!!!

I saw this pair online first last year. Knowing that I would be in US & Canada mid year for my big birthday celebration & a family reunion cruise, I waited till I got to Vancouver. I went to the Gastown store for the first time. There was none in Gastown but I was told that there was one pair left of sz 7 in the Granville store. I went there right away as it was very close to my hotel. I had never craved for a pair of shoes that much. I was so happy that I went away and tried them on. They fit me like a pair of leather gloves. They looked absolutely perfect as the width is slightly larger than normal fluevog shoes, probably a C or even D fitting. I think this was my 8th or 9th purchase of Fluevog in a year. Mind you, I only discovered this brand last year while doing research for places to visit in US and Canada. I know these shoes would last for a long time. I wore them when I was overseas during last Christmas. You won't believe that there were so many people staring at my shoes! Absolutlely love it! I am glad there is another new style with the same print of leather. I think that will be my next purchase. You won't be disappointed at all.
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