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Cece (Black)
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Cece (Black)
Cece (Black)
$339 USD
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F-Shoes | Cece [Black]
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Cece is a slim looking knee high boot with a metal zipper on the inside. Wearable on so many occasions, it's comfortable and classic. Leather uppers, linings and foot sock with a low rubber F-sole for wear and tear. Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-11 (15.5") Heel Height: 1.5"

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Cece is a fantastic Fluevog style that fits like a glove!

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Posted by kirsty from australia:
lovelovelove these boots! I've had them for four winters now and they just keep getting better with wear. Do not hesitate, but them today!
Posted by Marieka from NY:
Tough enough for a monkey

I have had these boots for two years now and I wear them everyday in the winter and most days in Spring/Fall. They have survived my maximum puddle jumping and NYC slush trumping daily, and I see at least 1-2 more winter seasons of daily wear. The ONLY problem I had was that the zipper was mad hard to zip up in the beginning. So much so that my index finger grew a hefty callous until I started using a leather thimble for protection to zip them.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Use a little WD40 (just don't get any on the leather), or Zip-Zip (zipper oil) to get those zippers running zippy. Works like a charm.
Posted by D from Atlanta:
Love Them!

,-> Can I just say these boots are awesome!!! I first came across them as we walked by the Fluevog Store in Vancouver on my honeymoon. It was love at first site!!!! Once back home I search around and found the last pair in my size at the New York store and just received them a few days ago. They are the perfect boot if you have skinny legs and love square toes . They are comfortable, stylish and simply bad ass!
Posted by Sarah from Toronto:
so very sad

Cannot really believe how poor the quality of my last Cece boots were. After having bought my first pair, which lasted me 3 years and hardly having taken care of them, to these. The soles began to fall of one of my boots after 3 months. I was asked to take pictures of them and send them to Greg in Vancouver (I live in Toronto). After being told they were still under warranty, I sent them to be repaired/replaced. Upon speaking with someone (not Greg) I was asked how I would like to pay for the repairs. Really?? I would have taken them to a reliable cobbler. Needless to say the sole began to fall off a month after they were returned as did the other. I was offered $20 for the leather from a cobbler. To make a long story very short, I received a gift certificate this year, as my family know how much I love and have invested in fluevogs. I am incredibly leary to try again. Have you at least changed the glue? Or maybe it's time to go elsewhere. Hopefully you've at least corrected your communication in customer service.
Posted by Michelle from Melbourne:
I have the cece in Red- I bought these almost 8 years ago now - proudly I think, one of the first to have them in Melbourne Australia ]:o) I walked all round London in Winter in them - so comfortable and they kept out the cold!!! Still have them to this day and they bring back fond memories of happier times
Posted by Aara from London, Ontario:
Blue Cece love

I bought these 2 months ago and have not wanted to take them off since. I love the way they feel, I love the way they look, I love the beautiful soft blue colour. I love that every day someone stops me to say they love my boots. Treu to size.
Posted by Kate:
Cece high to Cece low

I loved my first pair of Cece boots so much I bought a new pair when they were discontinued. Now I don't wear them as much because they are a bit chunky for my current style. Can I get the soles replaced for the F sole which are lower?
Posted by Bre from Edmonton:
I want to go to there...

I got my pair of Cece's three years ago and have worn them close to every day, since. Living in Canada, the winters are tough on shoes...but not these! Extremely durable, comfortable, and well-made. Sadly, one of my zippers recently busted and I'm contemplating on whether or not to invest in another pair...is it possible to get replacement zippers? If not, bring on the seconds!
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Yes it is possible to get replacement zippers. The Cece's use TKK industrial zippers, which most cobblers have or can obtain, and replace easily for you. Check in with your local cobbler, or your local Fluevog store.
Posted by Michelle from Los Angeles:
They don't come off my feet

I bought them for lots of European walking and I have not taken them off in 5 months. I don't know how I lived before
Posted by Holly from Seattle:
Incredibly Versatile & Comfy

I have had two pairs of the Cece Highs. First pair, I wore pretty much every day for... 5 years straight? Needless to say they eventually fell apart- oddly enough not the sole parting from the body (which my friend had a problem with the same style- two pairs did that for her, probably because she was kicking them off like they tell you NOT to do!) but with the uber-soft interior leather lining falling apart. It just tore to shreds. I definitely got my money's worth out of them though! I've always found Fluevogs to be the most incredibly comfortable shoes and boots ever, and these are no exception. Walk all day, stand on your feet for hours, no problem. I love the style of the Ceces - it is basic, but sexy. Striking but still a bit understated (for a Fluevog anyway!) Great with pretty much anything from dressier skirts to jeans. They run a half to a full size small on me (i.e. I usually wear a 6.5 in other shoes, but a 6 in the other Fluevog boots I own, and I wear a 7 in the Ceces). I wish they were still made with the excellent stompy high platform! Oh, and my calves are medium-to-largish, and I had to have the Ceces stretched before they zipped. After stretching they were a perfect fit.

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