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Darin (Black)
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Darin (Black)
Darin (Black)
Darin (Black)
Darin (Black)
$189 USD
Reg $335

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Modvogs | Darin [Black]
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Mod is all about the revival of classic, clean style and The Darin is no different. This pattern was discovered in the Fluevogian vaults, dusted off, and modernized with a new last and construction. These beauties are made with Peruvian dressy leather accentuated with a slim band of Brazilian mirror-finish metallic piping between the upper and the sole. The final look is completed with three adjustable straps and old gold finished buckles. Straight classic Fluevog and still rocking.

From the fit experts:

Ramona, Karen, and Naomi from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The Darin is super comfortable but made with leather that is quite stiff. They fit fairly true to size but with a slightly longer toe.

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Posted by Kim Keiser from Ohio:
Best boots ever

This is maybe my 10th pair of vogs, so needless to say I am a fan. This is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review. I ordered them Monday. They arrived Wednesday. I wore them today (Thursday)...a long day, 6:45 am until 11:30pm. Comfortable every moment. I am accustomed to comments on my shoes. But today was something else entirely. At least 12 people independently made positive comments re these boots. An employee uttered, "omg she is so rockin". I fondly think of them as my '80s throwback newsprint boots. Now I just need something tall and purple.... Thanks John!
Posted by CM from Chicago:
Love and Rattle

This is my favorite boots of those that I own--and my FIRST pair of Fluevogs. I wait till a boot strikes me before I buy, and the look and fit of this made the Darin worth the money. I will be wearing for years, with a visit to the cobbler to keep it up once a years. **Now, I am experiencing what must be a strange issue. When I walk, I hear and feel something rattling in the toe of my left boot. I have removed the boot but can't find/feel anything in the toe. It feels as if it is inside the leather. This may sound ridiculous, but that's exactly the sound and feeling, a little rattle, as if there were a pebble there. Any thoughts, Fluevog? I've thought of taking it to the store sometime so that the associates might help me figure out the issue. There's something there! Thanks, cm
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
Congratulations of your first Fluevogs! That's a very unusual noise. If you head to our local Fluevog Store, one of our Fluevogologists will happily help you solve the mystery and get your Darins back on your feet.
Posted by S:
These shoes are beautiful, and because I have a narrow foot, they fit me quite well. BUT, the soles are painted leather, and a large portion of the black paint came off after only one wear - indoors - to reveal a bright rusty orange color. The paint comes off so easily, all I have to do is rub my finger on the bottom of the shoe and it just flakes/smears off. I called the store, and they told me that this is "normal." I am sad and very disappointed - I don't want to walk around with rusty orange soles on a gray & white shoe. Had I known this would happen after one wear, I wouldn't have purchased them.
Reply from John Fluevog at Fluevog:
We're saddened by your disappointment, let us see how we can help! Can you please email us at info at fluevog dot com? If you could include pictures of where your Darins are troubling you, that would be fantastic. I hope we can change your mind about your shoes!
Posted by azalea:
quite sad experience

i've multiple pairs of John Fluevog. most styles I can't purchase because they are too large and the heels are too loose. But I was quite excited about finding the boots in my "size." the gap, described in the above review happens to me - i've narrow ankle and perhaps that' the problem. the strap is not constructed of high quality and immediately the lining started to fray. (that's really not acceptable.) though i have small narrow feet, something hits in the most uncomfortable way around the base of my small toe. it's been sitting in my closet now for months - probably never to be worn again....
Posted by SR from Vancouver, BC:
Loved these on my feet, but...

Absolutely loved them when I first wore them. Bought it online on sale and couldn't wait to wear them. They were comfortable right from day 1 and quickly became my favourite everyday shoes. It is amazing how many things this will pair with! They run pretty true to size. They have a long narrow front so that your toes don't feel squished in. Unfortunately, one of the buckle broke within 2 weeks. It looks like metal, but isn't. Also, don't know if I have weird ankles, but the straps don't quite hold the shoe in place. There is always a tiny opening between my first and second strap. I think a wider center strap would be better. Not my first vogs and won't be my last!
Posted by Kathryn Cáceres from San Francisco:
Love love these boots

As soon as I received an email about these boots, I ran downtown! I'm a 38-39 or 8 US, and the 8s fit great. Love the white and black print. Nice soft leather that's comfy around the ankles. I wore them out of the store and ran around for a couple of hours in complete comfort. Super sharp!
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