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Heidi (Brown)
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Heidi (Brown)
Heidi (Brown)
$159 USD
Reg $319

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CLEARANCE | Adrians: Heidi [Brown]
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The Heidi is a tall equestrian style boot with a partial inside zip for easy access and buckle and cuff details on tunite soles. Whole sizes. Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (13"), Size 8-9 (14") and Size 10-11 (15") Approximate Boot Shaft Height: Size 6-7 (14.5"), Size 8-9 (15") and Size 10-12 (15.5") Heel Height: 1"

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Posted by Kelly from Boise via Seattle:
Best boots in the WORLD!

I went on a trip to Seattle a few years ago and decided to finally splurge on my first pair of Vogs. I have admired Fluevogs since I was in highschool 20 years ago. I admired these and they were EXACTLY what I was looking for. I got them in black. Love the low heel as well. They do take some breaking in and they are narrow in the foot/toebox, but they stretch out. The only pain is undoing the bottom buckle and zipper to get them on and off. I wear these boots constantly in cooler weather with skirts, skinny jean, tights, you name it! These are the most well made and I have have receive comments EVERYTIME I wear them and I just say, Oh, They're FLUEVOGS, you haven't heard of them??? ,-) I'm on to my 4th pair of Vogs and from a vintage pair of boots, to my Mini Gorgeous and these boots are by FAR my favorites. You will not be dissapointed!
Posted by Tara:
Very narrow

These run very narrow across the ball of the foot but they are HOT! I dealt with the break-in period and finally resorted to getting them wet, really soaked, to let the leather stretch to fit my somewhat narrow but not narrow enough feet. That did the trick the cobbler streatching did not and they did not discolor - much to my relief. I suppose they could be considered narrow-ish in the calves but I'm not the best one to ask: i have very small calves and I found these just a bit large even with skinny jeans but okay nonetheless and I'm rather picky in that regard. I hate the galosh look. Overall: despite the pain of break in I'm completely in love.
Posted by Nina from United States:
So in love

I just received these in the mail last night in black and they are just the most amazing beautiful boots. I am usually a size 7 1/2, but I knew these ran narrow so ordered an 8. They are a little long and extremely narrow. The shaft is really tight on my 15in calves and I could not wear socks, only nylons, today. I may have to get them stretched. These are going to be tough to break in. I wore them all day at work and my feet HURT! But, that's totally ok because I know the leather will break in. I just need to bear with them a couple of wears with some mole skin and advil. They are worth the initial pain as I know that shortly they will be perfect all around.
Posted by Catherine from Ottawa:
Sore feet no longer

This review is for the Jules (discontinued?) an ankle boot version of these. Thanks to an unfortunate accident involving Circus Duplo and a staircase, I have a torn ligament in my foot that never healed because what mother of a three-year old can stay off her feet for six to eight weeks?! My feet always (well, used to always) hurt. A month long trip to Italy with carry-on only presented a challenge. I needed one pair of shoes that I could wear with everything, would stand up to hours and hours of walking on cobblestones and keep my feet warm and dry. (I wasn't expecting comfortable, see above.) I took a chance on the Jules in a size 12 (I'm normally a10.5 or 11, but I'd read that they fit small and to go up a size) Spent a month breaking them in before we left, added gel inner soles to make 'em fit perfect and wow! They look great, super cool with pants or dark tights and a skirt, sturdy and funky. But the best part? My feet didn't hurt! We walked four or five hours every day, sightseeing and just getting around. I expected to have to switch between the Jules and my running shoes, but nope, they made my feet hurt so II wore the Jules every day! After 20 years of sore feet, it's unbelievable. They're my third pair of 'Vogs (also have Marigold and Cinnamon Viadots) but definitely not my last. Thank you, Fluevogs!
Posted by Katherine from Washington DC:

Lusted after them for a year, finally ordered them and had to send them back. The calf was way loose on me - odd, since others have said they were so snug. Gorgeous, wish they'd have been a better fit for me.
Posted by Jessica from Vancouver:
Sadness abounds...

I have had nothing but trouble with my HEIDI's. A few months after I bought the boot the lining on the inside of the left foot started to give way and needed to be repaired. Then almost exactly a month after the warranty ended the leather where the stitching on the top of the foot is just tore away from the stitches as if it had been perforated. :-( I brought them in to the store in Gastown and the employees were as shocked as I was that this had happened. They were sent of for repair. I picked them up and aside from the frakenstein like scar they now sported I was relatively happy and just so excited to wear them again but after only three or four times out on the town the repair gave way and the split again! I brought them back, they were repaired again and the manager gifted me with a discount for my next pair of shoes ,-) I was really happy until now. I practically never wear them now as I am afraid they will be ruined! Just the other day I went to wear them and the seal they painted over the repair stitching is starting to peel off and it looks like the other shoe is starting to have the same problem. I have never taken such good care of a pair of boots in my life. I've treated them with the WOLY stuff the staff recommended and tried not to wear them in the rain too much. I'd like to say I got the lemons in the bunch but a friend of mine in Toronto says she's had nothing but trouble with hers too. I would love to stay a Fluevog fan but these boots are leaving me a little deflated.... It's fall and I need new boots....will they be Fluevogs? Help? (:`(
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Jessica, one of our staff will be contacting you shortly about your Heidis. Sorry to hear about the troubles with these!
Posted by Ann Healy from Louisville,KY:
So Great!

I am the poorest of grad students and I bought these to take to France with me over the summer. We're going one year strong and they are perfect. SO COMFORTABLE!! In the beginning it to some doing to get them on and off while the leather softened but now that they're broken in we go everywhere together!! I've got my eye on a new pair of Vogs...now I just need a savings account
Posted by Patricia from Toronto:
Love these boots!

I bought this boot 2 years ago from 2011. They are still in great condition. At first when I bought them I did not like how they looked from the front, but loved how they looked from the side. Once again extremely comfortable. They look like a milllion bucks when you wear them. Extremely happy with them. Once again nothing compares to a fluevog shoe once you own them. ]:o)
Posted by Jennifer from Argentina:
I bought these boots years ago in brown and am considering buying them in black. I wear a size 11 to 12 and have skinny calves, have these in 12 - I'm telling you, it's not easy to find boots that fit great, but these do! I wear them with jeans, with skirts - even for riding, and they have held up fantastically. They are so stylish, it's hard to believe that they are this incredibly comfortable and supportive. Thank you for making my favorite boots EVER!
Posted by Jo from Seattle:
hard to get on and off--a year later!

If only the zipper went all the way up. (And no, I don't have fat ankles or calves!) The fallout is, I never wear these boots through airports. And since they're so huge, I never pack them in my luggage. So they stay in Seattle while I go to Europe. It makes me sad. Oh, and the heel wore out in two weeks. I took it to the shoe repair guy at UVillage and he put a harder heel on, and they barely show any wear after a year of regular use.

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