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Babycake (Black)
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Babycake (Black)
Babycake (Black)
$425 USD
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Minis | Babycake [Black]
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The Babycake boots feature luscious Aniline leathers in smooth and embossed finishes, decorative buttons, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" Mini hourglass heel for ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Named in honour of our baker friend Babycake who makes the most delicious cupcakes in Canada. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (11"), Size 8-9 (12") and Size 10-11 (13")
Heel Height: 3"

From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
The Babycakes are an excellent, wide fitting boot with a fairly standard fitting calf and length. A fantastic boot for all kinds of feet!

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Posted by Linda from ontario:
I bought my babycakes a year ago as my reward to me for my new job. I love the look of them and always feel empowered when I wear them. I am not a heels girl though and the 3 inches are just a bit much for me. They are easy to walk in with the rubber soles but the balls of my feet get really sore after about 6 hours. I do love them though! I feel fierce wearing them. They go with everything and they always get noticed.
Posted by Melissa Bischoping from Cheyenne, Wyoming:
Oh what PERFECT boots!

Babycakes, you are a dream come true! The Babycakes (in super hot red) were my first Fluevogs, and I do not think there could have been a better first impression. I'm anything but traditional, so when I started planning my bridal wardrobe, I saw it as a perfect opportunity to purchase my long-lusted-after Babycakes. Originally, I was going for black, but changed my mind and fell for the detailing on the red pair. We specifically set aside part of our wedding budget for these kick ass boots! I've got really muscular calves (I run, cross country, too) and was concerned that they wouldn't zip, but they actually fit my calves perfectly, with just enough room for stockings. The comfort - OH THE COMFORT! I had back surgery about 2 weeks before these arrived at my doorstep, and could actually walk around in them immediately! They are SO comfortable! Dancing, walking, epic shopping trips... these boots are amazingly comfortable for everything. Babycake gets noticed - that super sexy hourglass heel and gorgeous detailed red leather BEG to get noticed, but look kinda cute under jeans, too. For me, they were bought to be worn underneath a custom made fantasy-style wedding gown from Romantic Threads. The gown was velvet and silk, the boots added my personal "funky style" to our wedding, and look so cute peeking out when dancing. On the weekends, they look amazing with miniskirts, long skirts, dresses.... God, I could wear these shoes everywhere. Oh sizing - I wear a 10, these are a 10... they fit like a dream. I dunno why people say they run small, because they were perfectly true to size for me. Now, my only dilemma is which pair to get NEXT! Oh - and a HUGE shoutout to the kickass customer service I received from the Chicago JF store! :-D
Posted by Angela from Beverly, MA:
Love these Boots!

These boots were my first Fluevog purchase and I'm very happy. I bought them in brown. I'm a size 8 and found they are true to size. They are so comfortable and so gorgeous! I can't wait to buy another pair :-) Very good quality which seems to be difficult to find these days. :-D
Posted by Elle from San Francisco:
My 3rd pair of Fluevogs, perhaps my fave

I just got these in the mail yesterday. After lusting after these shoes for 3 years, I finally justified buying them for a great reason-my wedding! I wear a 6 1/2 and I got the 7 because there were no more 6 1/2s anywhere in stock--so I figured I'd be swimming in them, but was wrong. They're perfect--which tells me they run small. The calves fit my just fine--I have average shaped calves--neither skinny nor big. I do love these, possibly more than my other 2 Fluevogs.
Posted by Jan from San Francisco:
Dream boots <3 <3

The Ultimate Sexy Comfort Boots! @>- I think I was waiting for these to be invented. I had been fantasizing about them in my idle moments. I think they'd been fantasizing about me, too, because the moment I put them on they said "yes yes yes" with every step. Fit like a dream; didn't have to break them in at all. They have everything I'd been craving in a boot: low but foxy spool heel, rubber sole, buttons, comfy wide toe, broguing. Perfect for office or for-special. I walk to work in them-- and when I come home after a hard day of work, these are the heels I'm HAPPY to put on for a night out. In San Francisco, we highly prize a 3" heel that you can walk down steep hills in. (Also: Complete strangers love all over these shoes regularly. The lady in Williams-Sonoma sounded like her mind was blown: "Wow! Those must the coolest boots in the world!")
Posted by Bambi Dobbelaire from Alaska:
Libby Boots

I have the Libbys in black white with purple buttons I love these shoes...I am saving to get the babycakes boots...I wear a 5 though so I get gel inserts in a 6 and they work just fine... can't wait to get more of your shoes I find them reasonably priced in the world of designer shoes.... :-B
Posted by Kendra from Canada:
White Babycake

I love Babycake. They were my first boots and they make me feel amazing! I love to have the exactly the same model in white instead of black.
Posted by Gwyneddh from Akron, OH:
After an Alteration, Amazing!

People seem to be all over the map on the calf size of these, so here's my $.02: I'm an athletic (powerlifting, roller derby, and running), sturdy girl with pretty big calves. My legs are also really short, which means the boots have to zip over a wider portion of my leg than they would on most people. I'd lusted after these boots for years, and my husband got them for me for Christmas figuring I'd have to have them stretched to make them fit right. I put them on and they had the wonderful fit in the foot that Fluevogs always do, but I could get them zipped maybe halfway up. At the top of the zipper, there was a five-inch gap- stretching wasn't gonna cut it. I took them to a local shoemaker who put triangular leather inserts up the backs of them, making them fit PERFECTLY. The turnaround time was about a week and he charged me a little over thirty dollars for it. Now they're perfect. They're beautiful, make me feel beautiful, and look hot with a pencil skirt. These are my second pair of shoes from the Mini family, and I love that F-Sole more than I love a lot of things. Moral of the story: even if you have giant beastly calves like I do but you really want these boots, go ahead and get them! Just plan on an alteration.
Posted by Mary from Atlanta:
Sheer perfection

The Babycakes in black are my third Fluevog purchase and a welcome addition to my footwear wardrobe. I wear a 9.5 and these boots fit perfectly in that size. The leather is so supple and I love the detailing. I was not able to zip the right boot up fully at first (apparently my right calf is a little beefier than the left) but I wore the boots around the house for an hour and it zipped right up. I'm now convinced I need these in brown -- and maybe red, too.
Posted by Andi Gillentine from Austin:
I love these boots! However, I did notice that they run a bit small length-wise. I had to order a half size bigger than I usually wear in Fluevogs.

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