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Danke (Noir)
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Danke (Noir)
Danke (Noir)
$325 USD
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Wearevers | Danke [Noir]
GROUPES:   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Talon  

Lors d'un récent voyage à Berlin, où John fut attiré par la scène émergente d'art moderne, il se trouva hypnotisé par l'urbanisme ultrafonctionnel de l'endroit. Après avoir vu beaucoup d'inspiration architecturale, John esquissa les croquis d'un bottillon cambré à la fois simple et pratique avec la confortable semelle Wearever. Avec son cuir lisse tanné au végétal, sa courroie perlée et son talon solide de 5 cm, Danke ira avec vous, où que vous alliez.

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Posted by Khaira from Toronto, ON:
Stylish and comfy - how can it be??

Can't believe how comfortable these boots are. I own many good-quality flat shoes that aren't as comfy as these. On my first wearing, I walked for about an hour and felt like I was walking on air. Great fit and great style. Compliments galore! They fit true to size and are slightly narrow, so order up a size if you have wide feet. For me and my very narrow foot, they are perfect. Danke for my Wearever Danke! :)
Posted by BethAV from way outside Toronto:
Love them

I get more use out of this boot than pretty much any other footwear I own. I love these boots! They look great at work, going out, when I'm going to be on my feet a lot... They also fit my narrow foot quite nicely.
Posted by Jennifer from Cleveland:
don't miss out on the Brown sale!

I have them in black and loved them so much I got them in Brown. It really is a great sale price. I love how they fit, and the black ones are really helpful when you need to "dress-up" for work in Cleveland winter. My only complaint is that they switched from the leather boot-pull to the fabric logo boot-pull. It kind of diminishes the dressy-potential of the boots a bit. I mean I get the logo pull on the more casual styles (branding and whatnot), but yeah, a little out of place on these IMO. Obviously though, I still bought two pairs. :-)
Posted by Sophie from Montréal:

Finding shoes for me is difficult... bad back, big bony arched feet... These shoes? Fantastic! My office has a polished cement floor (yeah yeah, really sleek, but really bad on my back...) and while my co-workers clackity-clack their way around the office, I get to glide through with these amazing soles... Great while travelling too! Slip them off, slip them on, and you're ready to go! Great job, F! ]:o)
Posted by Mindy Dawn from Decatur, GA:
Casual, dressy, stylish and cozy

I've loved my Fluevogs for nearly 20 years. Just traveled back to SF and found these Wearevers and love them. They are as cozy as they are styling. I can't wait to wow my friends back home, and kick things up with my newest Fluevogs. Love the color, style and feel. ,->
Posted by Michelle from Vancouver, BC:
Amazing Grace

My dear husband gave me these boots last year for Christmas. These are the best shoes I've ever worn, bar none, and worth every penny. They're comfortable, walkable all day, go with everything I wear. I normally wear and 8.5 or 9, the 9's fit me perfectly. I love the soft leather lining. They make my sensitive and finicky feet very happy. Very well made. A couple of days ago, I inadvertantly subjected these boots to an extreme test. I was on my way downstairs to meet my husband for "playtime". It was dark, I was carrying too much (lube, pipe, towels, etc.) and I misjudged where the stairs started by half a foot length. When I realized I was going down, I had to choose whether to fall (very bad, lots of pain) or jump (maybe less bad, possibility of less pain). I made a spectacular leap down the six stairs, expecting I would break either my ankle or the heel of my treasured boots (a tragic choice, but better than my ankle). I give credit to these fantastic boots that I did neither, landing solidly on one foot without rolling my ankle at all, and the heel is still sturdy and undamaged. Danke, Danke. I am indeed giving thanks to be walking, and still have my most favorite boots of all time. (Until later today, perhaps ... my husband and I are going Christmas shopping. First stop - the Gastown store.)
Posted by Vicki from Tacoma, WA:
Fabulousness personified.

I am in mad love with these boots. The day I purchased them, I put them on immediately, and did about 5 hours of shopping, walking the pavement. No problem. The happiest feet on earth. And so uniquely stylish at the same time? It shouldn't even be legal to look that cool. My other boots are likely to gather some dust now. Danke!
Posted by Jackie from Iowa:
My brown Dankes arrived today from Chicago. Boy are they fast! I have had the black Dankes a couple years and they are my favorites. In my review of them I wrote that I wished they had other colors. And now I have them in brown - yeah! These are the best. Maybe more colors in the future????? Thanks.
Posted by Donna B. from NYC:
Let me preface this by saying I can not wear heels. I've broken all my toes, ripped ligaments, you name it. Wide, cranky feet. These shoes are like heaven on my wide cranky feet. Aside from the well known far too tight ankle (which will ride up with wear) I haven't had this easy a time with "real" shoes since I was a kid. The heel doesn't annoy my non-bending toes, the width is superbly comfortable and well look at them.... gorgeous. I usually wear a 7 and got a 7.5. I'm deciding which will be the next member of the wearever clan to come home with me. ()-)
Posted by ann from boston:
These are the most comfortable shoes ever! My sixth pair of Fluevogs, and I've worn them almost every day to work. Perfect height, look terrific, super-comfy. Can't beat that with a stick.

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