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Babycake (Noir)
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Babycake (Noir)
Babycake (Noir)
$425 USD
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Minis | Babycake [Noir]
GROUPES:   Botte   Décontracté   Femmes   Meilleurs Vendeurs   Talon  

La botte Babycake est faite de cuir aniline luxurieux avec un fini lisse ou embossé, des boutons décoratifs, une semelle F en caoutchouc, sans oublier le talon iconique en forme de sablier reconnu pour son adhérence ultime, sa durabilité et son confort. Nommée en l'honneur de notre amie pâtissière qui fait les petits gâteaux les plus délicieux au Canada. Go on, fall in love, we dare you! (Allez-y, devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

La circonférence approximative du mollet : Pointure 6-7 (11"), pointure 8-9 (12") pointure 10-11 (13").
Talon : 3".

From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
The Babycakes are an excellent, wide fitting boot with a fairly standard fitting calf and length. A fantastic boot for all kinds of feet!

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Posted by Laurene from Idaho:
New York item!

I've never been to New York but my Babycakes have. When I ordered them almost two years ago that's the store that had my size, finally!!! They make my toothpick legs look absolutely astounding!!!
Posted by Louise from Sydney, Australia:

These boots are incredible! I was a little wary spending so much on a pair of shoes that I was having mailordered, but they fit beautifully, and they are honestly the most comfortable shoes, heels or flats, that I have worn in years. I am SO impressed, and so, so, so going to end up with more Fluevogs, now. Just... WOW.
Posted by Brenda from san francisco:
a real class act!

These were my xmas gift to myself this year and wear them all the time! Note: they do relax a half size (or at least they did for my size 9 foot). I suspect it's because of the soft leather type. I must add that I work in a warehouse and have been able to put in a full day @work wearing these on more than one occasion without experiencing discomfort of any kind.
Posted by lc from New York:
kid leather gloves

You know that Kate Chopin short story where the harried mother goes to buy necessaries for her children...but instead treats herself to a pair of silk stocking and an incredibly soft and supple pair of kid-leather boots (and then has tea and cake by herself at a cafe--f*** the kids--"The Silk Stockings" I think it's called)? These are those boots. The leather is silky and supple. I'm a 10 and at first wondered if I should have a 10 1/2, but the shoes molded to my feet w/o any discomfort, and I went dancing the first time I wore them. RE: Heel. Yes, they are more comfortable than the average heel...very balanced and sturdy. Are they as comfortable as flats? NO. But they are way hotter.
Posted by Hunny from SF:
I.Love. These.Boots.

I wish I could marry them. Theyre some of the only shoes I can wear with my plantars fasciitis. And theyre SO hot and sexy and supple. I build whole outfits around them. :-D
Posted by Jessica Manson from Cayman islands:
Trust the girls....

Having 'drooled' over these Babies for 3 years on the internet, on a trip to Montreal last summer I finally got the chance to try them on at long, long last. Having British legs (wide calves!) I was very nervous that such a gorgeous boot at a higher than average price Must fit perfectly.. I was elated when I tried them on and true to many posts I had read, the leather stretched and I could zip them all the way. Quite simply the best $500 bucks ever spent and I can tell will last a long time to come. Such Fantastic style, fit and killer but comfortable heels.. even though I live in a hot country and don't get to wear them as often as deserved they will not leave my feet when flip flops are not a practical alternative. ?:-)
Posted by chantelle from just a pinch outside vancouver:
i love these boots!! i was so excited when i bought them. they are soo comfortable, i can run in them and i even wore them when i was pregnant! that is, until my ankles swelled up at the very end... unfortunatly i have to get a new pair- had a house fire and lost my beautiful shoes...
Posted by Brenda from San Francisco:
oooooooh, babycakes!!!!

I heart these boots. Snatched up in a size 9, they fit perfectly the first two wears and stretched about another quarter to half size. I wasn't expecting that though the nice girls at Fluevog advised it was gonna happen. I work in a warehouse, climbing up ladders and stompin' around with the boys, and find these boots can put in a hard days' work alongside my Bills and Angels. These are the only "heels" I have-and I adore them.
Posted by VZ from Washington DC:
Babycakes, how I love thee...

So, I wanted these boots for almost a year before I bought them. I was concerned that the boots would not accommodate my womanly curves. After reading some of the other reviewers who were able to stretch the boot to fit their calves, I snapped up a pair (I bought a full size larger than normal). When I pulled those beauties out of the box, I was able to get the zip up 3/4 of the way. After about 20 minutes, that zip went all the way up! No need to go and see a cobbler, YAY!! The boot is incredibly comfortable, the leather is so soft and these are worth every single penny! So don't hesitate, just buy! @>-
Posted by Pat Kight from Albany OR:
Worth every penny

I've never spent as much on a single pair of shoes as I spent last weekend on my Babycakes. I knew I wanted them the minute I spotted them on line - but I also knew that, at that price, I'd better try them on first. So I waited for a visit to Seattle and sweet-talked my partner into venturing down to Pine Street. Smart move - I wear size 8 in most shoes, an 8.5 works better for me in these. I am in love. In 40+ years of wearing (and then pretty much not wearing) heels, I've never met a pair that made me feel so well-balanced and *grounded.* Nothing about them hurts. To the contrary - my footing is better in these than in some flats. To get all that in a package that comes wrapped in beautiful craftsmanship and hot, hot style - I'm dazzled. And every woman in my office has done a "where did you get THOSE???" double-take today.

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