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Liz (Pink & Yellow)
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Liz (Pink & Yellow)
Liz (Pink & Yellow)
Liz (Pink & Yellow)
Liz (Pink & Yellow)
$309 USD

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Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom | Liz [Pink & Yellow]
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The Liz Mary Janes are a delicious recipe combining the fit of The Hopeful Family, aniline leathers from The Mini Family, rubber soles from The Hope Family, and a modified 2" Wearever heel. They're so comfortable and stylish, that they were selected (in custom colours) as the official uniform shoe for all female flight attendants on Air Canada rouge! We challenge you to name another fashion shoe brand that is so dependable, it's been chosen to fly so high. With contrast piping, double buckles, and a new attitude, let The Liz be your sidekick on all your Fluevog adventures (in the air or on the ground).

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Watch the production of The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Liz!

From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Liz is great for wider feet, but please go up at least a half size! These little beauties have been running on the short side and mostly everyone has gotten a half size bigger then their true size.

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Posted by Dina from Denver:
Rachel in Boston Rules!

I ordered these in my usual fluevog size of 6. They were way too tiny. My toes were smooshed. I was disheartened because these are the raddest shoes on the planet. So I called the Boston store and asked Rachel helped me figure out if I needed a 6.5 or a 7. After careful deliberation, I went with the 7. Two weeks later I am wearing this nifty pair in black and white with pink trim. I base my outfits around the kitchy kitchy boom booms. I want to get the pair in teal too. If I do, it will mosdef be in a 7. Thanks Rachel!
Posted by Merri from Australia:
Lucky 7

Lucky 7th pair of Fluevogs and the most comfotable yet. Great online advice to up-size from my usual 8.5 to 9 and the fit is just perfect for my slightly wide foot. Beautiful flattering low-cut toe line. Leather is soft and supple with no breaking-in needed. Colour teal is strong and deep. Great styling for work and weekend. Thank YOU!
Posted by Zoe from New York:
I wanted to much to love them...

These are my first pair of Fluevogs. I ordered them giddily, in anticipation of joining the ranks of Fluevoggers the world over who express such exquisite taste. They arrived at my door, exuding in person all the aesthetic charm of their photographs. However, the love affair came to an abrupt halt shortly thereafter. I generally wear a size 11. Having seen some reviews that caution that Flues can run a bit short, I thought I'd play it safe by ordering the largest size available (which happened to be 12). I even checked the box to have a size expert contact me prior to shipping (which, alas, never happened). Sadly, it appears that a size 12 on planet Vog is not at all comparable with the rest of the known universe (at least, not with this particular craft). I can put them on (such a cruel tease), but that's about it. Walking, at least in their new state, was simply not an option. Being that 12 seems to be the largest size in which one can purchase Flues for women, exchanging them was not a viable solution. That has left me no other choice but to break out my trusty shoe stretchers and hope for the best. I'm afraid there is no future for me in Vogland.
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
This shoe is an excellent hybrid of some of the most comfortable Fluevog families, spiced with its own charming details and I do hope to see more from this line. I didn't think I needed yet another pair of black and white shoes, though I did need something pink, but not screamingly so. The pink soles and accents fit the bill perfectly. My favorite work shoes have long been any of the Minis, but now the Liz is right up there comfort-wise. I am an 8 in the Hope, Hopeful, Wearever and Bellevue families, 7.5 at times in other families and judging by comments I went with the 8 and they are just right.
Posted by Stacy from Kalamazoo, MI:
Like out of a fairy tale...

I ventured to San Francisco on a work trip and just knew I had to visit the Haight Street store. They were sweet to send me public transportation directions from my hotel. When I arrived they were busy, and the lovely Monika was very patient as I tried on pair after pair. But the amazing Liz in teal stole my heart. Out of all the shoes and boots I tried, they fit my foot the best. I am a 10 in non-Vogs and got the 10 in these. I am a 9.5/10 in the Qtee, 10.5 in the Guides, 10 in the Malibran, and 9.5 in the Viardot. I wore them the next day at the conference and got compliment after compliment. Recently I wore them to an author reading and three elderly ladies told me they looked like they were out of a fairy tale. Score!
Posted by Ursula from Rochester, MN:

Wore these for a long weekend in New Orleans, fresh out of their box. We walked A LOT. Got complimented several times, danced tango in them on Royal St. Result: no pain, no blisters. The toe box is a bit short, but the 9.5 (my usual size) was ok. They are also a tad wide on my smaller foot. However, no problems. Wore them with lace nylons as well as socks. Now I want the other color... ,-)
Posted by Mary M from United States:
So cute

These are the cutest shoes ever. I ordered these in my normal "Vog-size". My feet were not held in place comfortably. My weight shifted into the toe-box and it felt like I was walking on my toes. I really wanted these shoes to work so I tightened the straps as tight as they go, and I thought I could add a pad under my toes, but decided they should not need pads to make them fit. They should fit right without modifying. I returned them :-(
Posted by Winki from Idaho:
Double Your Fun!

Yes, I fell for both!!! The shortest toe box I have experienced in a Fluevog. I almost sent them back but tried walking around the house for a couple of hours and found my toes were not hurting a bit. Some might want to size up just a 1/2 size from your normal Fluevog size. :-O :-O :-O
Posted by Cynthia from Edmonton, AB:
Teal Heels!

@>- The colour is actually a bit deeper than what I saw online. Thank you, Fluevog for making the comfiest pair of teal heels. Love the f-sole. Size-wise: My feet are wide in front, but I didn't have to go half a size up. Chad from Gastown helped me out over the phone; thank you for walking me through the measurements. Size 7 is perfect! (All I said was, "The Molly Johnson in 7 fits me") My fiance is taking a bet that I can't last not wearing these until 2014.
Posted by Monica from Middle Ontario:
Something new, something blue

My teal Liz's arrived today from shoe utopia in Gastown, faster than I anticipated. I'm also fortunate to wear some lovely Kanata boots, which instructed my 1/2 size larger decision for my Liz's too. I bought these beauties for my wedding in September. Holding these babies back will be a challenge. I won't have to break them in at all, but I will practice dancing in them all the same. I'm confident Liz will carry me un-stumbled and effervescent through my garden nuptials; and hopefully for many happy, stylish years to come. Thank you Fluevogers. Ordering on line is so easy and satisfying, I expect it could be habit forming.

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