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Nuni (Brown)
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Nuni (Brown)
Nuni (Brown)
Nuni (Brown)
Nuni (Brown)
$295 USD
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Adriana | Nuni [Brown]
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Featuring a men's swing toe last, eyelets and speedlaces, rubber soles, and 2" leather wrapped heels, The Nuni is both militaristic and feminine, making it a solid winter boot for ladies that will allow you to weather the elements effortlessly while still looking adorable. Combining the design elements of The Adrian Family with full grain Atlas leathers from The Radios that crease and patina, The Nuni boots will look great with age. Drawn as a Radio BBC boot meets a work site boot, The Nuni is named after our favourite deep sea diver with a "take no prisoners" attitude. A thankful person is a happy person.

From the fit experts:

Petrea and Ali from our New York store says:
Great fitting boot for most people. Wider feet sometimes feel snug, but can be stretched.

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Posted by heathre from oregon:
Spoonfull of sugar.

These boots make me feel like punk rock Mary Poppins, or a hot logger chick. Either way, they are perfect for the Pacific Northwest weather, so daily wearable, and can handle being worn with dresses as well as walking home late on the railroad tracks.now that's a boot!
Posted by Tegan from Victoria:
These boots are amazing! They didn't catch my eye on the website but when I saw them in person at the Granville store in Van it was love at first (well... I guess second) sight. These boots are so much prettier in real life. The leather is just gorgeous and they are super comfy. The only negatives are that if you want to lace them all the way up, I found the laces a little too short. I'm also a little worried about the speed lace hooks since they are starting to bend a little and I'm afraid they might break eventually (I had this problem with my knee high Angel boots). Overall though, they are a fantastic pair of boots. I love them!
Posted by SHERYL from WINNIPEG:
LOVE. Pure and simple love, is what I feel for these boots. I love wearing them. I love looking at them. They fit great. I have a slightly wider foot, and these were perfect!
Posted by Melissa from Toronto:
These boots are fantastic. Whoever said "money can't buy you happiness" hasn't owned these boots or a pair of Fluevogs.

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