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Luxon (Black)
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Luxon (Black)
Luxon (Black)
Luxon (Black)
Luxon (Black)
$309 USD
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Hopefuls | Luxon [Black]
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The Luxon is a multi-strap maryjane with woven straps in the Hopeful Family: a hybrid family using the last, fit, and soles of The Hope Family, the leathers of The Truth Family, and the 2.25" leather wrapped heels of The Thanks Family. Talk about a threesome! Featuring a soft rubber sole, slightly-pebbled Portuguese leathers built on a natural footshape, The Luxon brings the beauty of a baritone into the World. F is for all things Hope.

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Luxon runs pretty short!

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Posted by Tiffany from Petaluma, CA:
Comfy, comfy, comfy

I picked these up in yellow in the SAD sale and I'm so glad I did! Comfortable all day right out of the box. The multiple straps are adorable. You will need colored tights or cute socks to best show off the straps. Look great with jeans and skirts. I'm a 10 in most Fluevogs (a 9.5 in other brands) and the 10 in the Hopeful Luxon fit me perfectly.
Posted by Jessie from Boston:
Like buttah. [rimshot]

I just picked up a pair of these on sale at the Boston store, and I love them so much that I just can't force myself to take them off. Seriously, I almost want to sleep in them because they're so lovely. They're comfy, beautiful, and unusual, and they make an excellent addition to my ever-growing collection. I LOVE the color. It's not quite the saturated goldenrod color shown on the site, though - it's more of a mustard yellow. They look outstanding with dark tights! As far as sizes go, they're very much the same as my usual size in Fluevogs. I also take the 9.5 in Lovers, Sugars, and Bunnies, Flagstads and Ida Clarks. I wear a 9 in Guides and Promises, an 8.5 in Zazas, and an 8 in Parises.
Posted by Lulu from Vancouver:
Heaven on heels

I bought these shoes for work and they did not disappoint! I am a flight attendant and have no problem wearing them for 14hr days or more... These shoes are wonderful for jazzing up your basic outfits or uniform. The fit is true to size with no time needed for breaking in..I had already decided to buy these shoes before trying them on in the Granville Street store, and I'm thrilled with my purchase!
Posted by Natasha from United States:
New Work Shoes!

These are my 27th pair of Fluevogs, purchased today at the Sale in Melrose. The staff there is always awesome, and they pulled down about a dozen pairs for me - I was looking for a new shoe to wear to work regularly, along with my standard go-tos: Sandras & Wearever Arigato D'orsays. I had seen these before and liked the look of them, but I was afraid the lattice work would make the tops of my feet sore. Fortunately, they are wildly comfortable. They'll be nice and secure as I run up and down the stairs at work. I am usually a seven in Fluevogs, and these are no exception. I may have to pick up the yellow ones after Xmas, too!
Posted by Lyn from New Zealand:

It is an impractical obsession for a Kiwi to love Fluevogs, but I do. Last month went into my first ever Fluevog shop in San Fran to see the whole range in the flesh. I got these in black and love them. They are comfortable , stylish and I don't think anyone else in NZ has a pair!
Posted by Montserrat from NEW YORK:

What a lovely way to spent on a rainy day.I went to Mulberry street to you with the clear idea to purchase one pair of Fluevogs.But i left with two.The lovely Paul,who always take care of me inspired to get the two pairs. I loooooooooooooooooove The Luxon. I got it in black will be super practical for everyday life.Thanks so very much for those wonderful shoes. ,-)
Posted by Kristen from United States:
<3 and Props to the new DC Store

My husband and I went to the new DC store on opening weekend and each picked out a pair of birthday shoes. I got these babies in yellow. I usually buy heals (and still wear them currently), but got these short-height shoes to accommodate my 7 month preggo body since they have a bit more toe space, which will leave room for my feet to swell in the next few months. They are insanely comfortable, fully adjustable thanks to the straps, and the yellow is divine. It's more tan and less orange than the pic appears on the web site. They are a fantabulous shoe and I must say, the staff at the new DC store is truly wonderful. We had a blast shopping with them. Great hiring decisions, Fluevog, and THANK YOU so much for finally opening a store in my area. Awesome all around. And so glad I bought these shoes to commemorate the occasion :).
Posted by Amber from NY:
Beautiful Shoe

I love my Black pair of Luxon, they are so beautiful with all thoes fantastic straps. Very comfortable, I do alot of walking on my job & can wear the Luxon for 16 hours and no foot pain. They look great with slacks and with dresses, especially with a pair of bright funky tights to play up the straps on the shoe and it's unique styling. I purchased the Luxon in my normal size & they fit perfect!!! Highly recommend.
Posted by Cindy from DC:
I love these shoes!

I bought them in black the day the DC store opened. This shoe is extremely comfortable. I don't feel like I have heels on, they are as comfy as clogs. I wear a 5.5 in normal shoes and anywhere from a 5.0-6.0 in vogs. The size 6.0 fit, but I think it's because I have a wide foot and high instep. The buckles and straps keep my feet snug in the shoe. Since I've been wearing them the leather has relaxed a little. There was no break-in period, no blisters etc. These are the first VOGs or non it's with a heel over 1.5" that i I can wear all day! If you're worried about all the buckles -don't, after wearing them for a few days, I can slip my foot into the shoes with out undoing them.

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