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Sunny (Havane)
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Sunny (Havane)
Sunny (Havane)
Sunny (Havane)
Sunny (Havane)
$309 USD

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Hopefuls | Sunny [Havane]
GROUPES:   Nouveauté   Femmes   Sandale   Talon  

la pelouse, ou juste dans un espace ensoleillé où vous pouvez fermer vos yeux et profiter de la chaleur paisible. Cette beauté de la collection Hopeful est fabriquée au Portugal d'un cuir mat et doux, avec un talon de 2.25" (5,75 cm) et de trois courroies qui gardent parfaitement votre pied en place sur une semelle rembourrée. Laissez Sunny devenir votre compagnon à la fois confortable et élégant pour ces journées chaudes qui caressent l'âme. F is for all things Hope. (F est pour tout ce qui est espoir).

Instagram @fluevog #vog_sunny

From the fit experts:

Catherine and Team from our Washington DC store says:
Les trois courroies ajustables en font une sandale gagnante pour presque tout le monde!

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Posted by SW from Toronto:
Great Sandals!

I love that these sandals were designed with 3 adjustable buckles on the front and one buckle to adjust around the back of the foot. I struggle to find shoes for my narrow foot. These work. They have a perfect heel height for walking!
Posted by babette:

I glimpsed these blue beauties on my way to dinner, and dragged my dear husband into the store to take a look. No way. The name on the buckles spoiled them. I'm waiting for a revised/reissued edition.
Posted by Ginny from Bungendore:
Vulgar & obnoxious buckles ...

Sorry, but the name on the buckles is pretty vulgar and obnoxious. Why not those "runes"? That would be much more fun. I loved the way JF put his moniker on the SOLES of his shoes, the equivalent of a nice lining in a coat. So that the quality signalling stands on the actual quality, and not needing "signage". I won't be buying these ...
Posted by lc from NYC:
Agree on buckle obnoxiousness

I love fluevogs and own many but the first thing i noticed about these was fluevog's name on the buckles and i thought that was obnoxious. If these go on clearance making a buckle replacement worth it...I might buy because the blue is beautiful. I agree with the other comments--I don't even like the subtle fluevog stamps on shoes...this one is really obnoxious!
Posted by KateyJ from United States:
Name on the buckles

I don't see a problem with the Fluevog name being on every buckle. I own these and they are fabulous and super comfortable. If the weather will ever stabilize and be warm, I will get to wear them. Love them lots!
Posted by LeeAnn Rice from SF, CA.:
I agree with Susan Lamb from Washington, DC comments. I don't get it either. This seems to be the sandal I've been looking for, and have a closet full of Fluevogs, but unfortunately this won't join them for that reason. :\
Posted by Susan Lamb from Washington, DC:
Why is the name Fleuvog on every single buckle?

OMG. These shoes are fantastic! I would love to buy them ASAP, but why is John's name on every buckle. Can't find another women's shoe online with this issue. Why not buckles with his new language symbols and the back buckle with Fleuvog name if necessary? I can't tell you how disappointed I am not to be able to buy these:(. I simply don't like being a walking advertisement. Sorry. What's up with this?
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