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Viv (Black & White)
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Viv (Black & White)
Viv (Black & White)
Viv (Black & White)
Viv (Black & White)
$309 USD

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Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom | Viv [Black & White]
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Viv is kickin' it old school. Her design is straight out of the Fluevog history books and her style is as eternal as a red lip. The Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Family exhumes classic style and Viv's curves and funky, swirly detail epitomizes Victorian styling and modern eccentricity. She has the rubber soles of The Hope Family, aniline leather of The Mini Family, and a 2" Wearever heel. She's the perfect addition to The KKBB Family and any Fluevoger's wardrobe.

From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
These heels are a touch short in the toe box, but true to size in the width. A great shoe!

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Posted by Brenna from Sandspit:

You have to see these in person! The pictures don't do it justice. Very classic and amazing!. In the malibrans and luxons, the 7 fits me like a glove. I tried the 7's in these and they were a smidge to tight so I went up to 7 1/2. In the store they seemed perfect size. I'm thinking now I should have stuck with the 7's as I got blisters right away. However the comments and looks I got at these babies sure made up for that blister ;) Andrea was amazing in the shop! She's my new go to vog girl!!
Posted by Donna from Seattle Eastside:
Go try them on!

I tried on the Liz and didn't like the fit, and have heard lots of other complaints from people about it as well. So when the darling Viv came out, I hesitated for a while. Trying it on in store seemed mandatory, rather than attempting to size it online. I went downtown today and was floored at the sizing! My non-Vog size is an 8M in just about everything. My Mini and Operetta size is an 8. In these shoes I had to go to a 9.5! They are extremely small, and it is too bad that girls with larger size feet probably won't be able to wear them. They are adorable and I hope to get a lot of fun wear out of them this winter.
Posted by Gina from Melbourne:
Yet another new fave ...

Oh yeah. I got the brown & blue and they are classic Fluevog - one of his funkiest in years, with a touch of Victoriana. They run a full size small, so online buyers be careful - even half a size up and my toe hits the end. The Viv being tied-up shoelace shoes, though, seem to hold my foot further back. They make my foot look smaller than the Kitschy Liz does, even though they are on the identical last. Fantastic colour combo with a touch of aqua in the detailing. New fave!
Posted by Michelle from New York, NY:
These are awesome

Each time I buy a pair of Fluevogs, the newest pair become my new favorite, and that's definitely the case here. Both colorways are so awesome in person I had to go back a second time before committing to the brown/blue. As the Beca mentioned, these run way small. I take a 6 in every other Fluevog I own, regardless of the last, but in this shoe I took a 7 (which is my shoe size outside of Fluevog-land). If your toe hits the front of the Liz's (mine does and I've been told that happens with some other folks too) the Viv holds your foot back better so you don't feel your toes touching the shoe. Fluevogs are amazing and legitimately comfy, the Viv's are no different. Buy these.
Posted by Beca from Boston, MA:
2 for 2!

Two shoes from the new kitschy kitschy boom boom family and two new shoes for the collection. Definitely run very short in the toes but great for wider feet-- I usually wear a 9-9.5, and got a 10 in the Viv (9.5 in the Liz). Super comfy for all-day wearing and killer color. Rachel at the Boston store was a joy to see, as usual.

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