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Babycake (Cherry & Black)
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Babycake (Cherry & Black)
Babycake (Cherry & Black)
Babycake (Cherry & Black)
Babycake (Cherry & Black)
$319 USD
Reg $425

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Minis | Babycake [Cherry & Black]
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The Babycake boots feature luscious Aniline leathers in smooth and embossed finishes, decorative buttons, a rubber F-Sole, and the iconic 3" Mini hourglass heel for ultimate traction, durability and comfort. Named in honour of our baker friend Babycake who makes the most delicious cupcakes in Canada. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Approximate Calf Measurements: Size 6-7 (11"), Size 8-9 (12") and Size 10-11 (13")
Heel Height: 3"

From the fit experts:

Shea from our Calgary store says:
The Babycakes are an excellent, wide fitting boot with a fairly standard fitting calf and length. A fantastic boot for all kinds of feet!

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Posted by Renee from Portland:
Great for Dancing!

I bought these Vogs for touring as a bellydancer. These boots have been easy to dance in and are stylish. My only complaint: I feel that the leather is too thin and the soles are too soft. These boots are already wearing out after 5 days of use. There are deep creases in the leather around the ankles. The toes(front of the boots) are caving in! For the price, I'd hoped for more durable, better constructed boots. (:-|
Posted by carly michelle from LA and SF:
for heaven sake aren't I your babycake?

I am in love. I am a masochist. I bought this shoe a half size to small (11.5) and I knew that because of the soft leather that I could get it a little wet and it would mold to my foot. Let me tell you I rock these shoes comfortably and fashionably all through the dirty LA streets and the tough SF hills. Even though I am 6'4" in these heels, people stop me to talk about my shoes, not how tall I am.
Posted by Jen from Ottawa:
My Sweet Babycake

I'm in boot heaven!!! I tried these on a couple of times hoping my calves had shrunk and they could fit, but they never did. I left the store thinking no way they could stretch them that much -- the 2nd time they convinced me to try and oh man, I'm so thankful to the Toronto store that they did. Ladies, they stretch -- just get them already!! Jen
Posted by MAY from WINNIPEG:
I have a pair of Black ones and a pair of cranberry red and pink special combo colors from Eveline's in Lockport. Solid funky heel and Victorian style make this comfortable boot a conversation piece. Always compliments every where I go. One of my favourite Fluevogs.
Posted by Erin from Charleston, SC:
My husband bought these for me last Fall when I was looking for the perfect pair of Victorian-esque boots. They are the most comfortable boots I own, as well as having a very stable heel. I receive compliments every time I wear them. Someone even slowed down on a busy street just to lean out the window and tell me how awesome my boots were!
Posted by Maya from Tennessee:
Sweet sweet Babycakes!

From the moment I saw these on the website, I KNEW they had to be mine. Shortly thereafter, they were. They are every bit as wonderful as I thought they would be...and then some! The leather is so soft and supple and they are an awesome, perfect fit! I just ordered a different pair of boots today! Thanks JF, for helping me find a way to spend my money! :-D
Posted by p1pp1 from DC:
I lost my Fluevog virginity to these boots. And it was everything I thought it would be. And more. Two years and 9 more pairs later, John and I are still going strong. These boots get the most attention. They never fail to elicit an inquiry by men and women alike. It goes without saying they are comfortable. You can dance in these all night, too.
Posted by Mia Kitty from Washington, DC area:
Yummy Baby Cakes

Glorious, glorious Babycakes! I hemmed over these for months because of the cost, but they are worth every penny... they are so sexy, and comfortable and just plain yummy.I am still playing around with finding the perfect arch support inserts (I have high arches) and wish they were a tiny bit longer in the toe, but other than that, I am extremely please. And of course my husbands’ new nickname for me is babycakes! I also wanted to thank Laura in NYC for all her help—the whole Fluevog crew is wonderful... I am now a dedicated Fluevogian..
Posted by Stephanie from Toronto:
I just treated myself to these boots as a birthday present. They are gorgeous! The leather is incredibly soft and supple, and the boots feel fantastic on my feet. It is possible to be in love with a pair of boots? Because seriously, I'm just ga-ga over these.
Posted by Bootchick from Washington, DC:
These shoes are absolutely amazing. I've done walking tours of more than one city in them, and never ended up footsore. I'd rather wear them for a long walk than any pair of flats I've owned. People compliment them all the time, *and* they're holding up brilliantly after more than two years of near-constant wear (which I didn't expect, given how wonderfully soft the leather is). I was also delighted at the calf sizing-- most zip-side boots are way too large for my legs, but these are great.

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