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Joni (Brun)
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Joni (Brun)
Joni (Brun)
Joni (Brun)
Joni (Brun)
$315 USD

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Rules Low | Joni [Brun]
GROUPES:   Décontracté   Femmes   Sandale   Talon  

Joni est nommée en l'honneur d'une des chanteuses canadiennes les plus inspirantes. Après avoir chanté de beaux airs écrits au sujet de la nature, les changements politiques et l'amour qu'on arrive jamais à tout à fait bien saisir, les chansons de Joni vont continuer d'inspirer et de résonner auprès et de bien des générations à venir. John a conçu cette sandale à lacets pour la nouvelle génération d'auteurs-compositeurs à l'esprit écologiques qui portent la flamme de la vérité. Thanks Joni for lighting the path -- we could drink a case of you. Love! (Merci Joni d'avoir illuminé le sentier - on pourrait boire une caisse de toi.*A case of you est le titre d'une chanson de Joni Mitchell)

Joni est fabriquée d'un cuir durable Atlas tanné au végétal et se décline dans des couleurs estivales saturées. Elle est construite sur une plateforme de 0.9" (2 cm) fait de liège recyclé avec un talon de 2.75 " (7 cm) enrobé de cuir. C'est une version modernisée de la mule des années 20 avec des boulons à tête fraisée, une semelle de caoutchouc Truth. Elle est parfaite pour ces avant-gardistes à la recherche de la vérité. Natural Beauty Rules. (La beauté naturelle règne).

Instagram @fluevog #vog_joni

From the fit experts:

Denny & Monika from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
The Rules Low Joni fits small. Women with wider feet can go down 1/2 to 1 size. They're very comfortable!

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Posted by Melissa from Minot, ND:
traveling summer shoes!

I decided on the Jonis because I wanted a show that was beach-3ute but would be functional and comfortable doing tours and walking around city streets while I travel a but this summer. I love my Michaelas, but they're just a but too high to be practical for more than an hour or two of walking at a time. Things I love about the Joni: super soft footbed, adjustability of the width for extra comfort, low heel for feminine practicality. I'm a typical 10, but a 10.5 in over half of my two dozen Vogs. The Joni is the first time I've had to go to an 11. I definitely recommend going up a half size for length! Thanks, MSP Fluevog! JAMIE AND SHERI were amazing as always :) see you guys again very soon <3
Posted by Christy from seattle:
Buckle Advertising

I am also in the market for a new pair of black sandals but refuse to pay >$300 and THEN advertise for fluevog. Get rid of the buckle name and these'd be perfect. Sorry but this is way too obvious.
Posted by A Fan from Montreal:
Not for big-footed women!

In non-Vogs I wear a size 11; also most of my Vogs (numbering about a dozen) are also size 11 (excluding the Truth Pilgrims and Malibrans which fit me a 12). I tried these on size 12 and they were too small. I have a narrow foot... So, my thinking is that girls with "normal" size 11 feet would need an (eek) size 12.5 or 13 in these. Yikes. Yup they fit small...
Posted by Andrea Maunder from St. John's. NL:
Love Joni sandals so much, got another pair in red

Bought a pair of taupe Joni sandals at a local store and wore them nearly every day last spring into the fall. Spotted a pair in red on Fluvog online sale and had to have'em. Soooo comfortable, stylish. I get tonnes of compliments every time I wear them.
Posted by student vogger from Toronto:
best sandals

I fell in love with these when they came out in the spring and was lucky to scoop up a pair in red when they went on sale. They are so beautiful and comfortable; like a sexy Birkenstock with the cork footbed. I have slightly wide feet and always a 40/41 and got a size 10.5. I am longing to wear them now.. why must Canadian summers be so short!
Posted by Charlene Jaszewski from New York, NY:
Cutest shoes I own

I bought the Jonis in the bright pink, and they are the cutest shoes I have ever owned - I get comments and compliments on them whenever I wear them, and I'm shocked/pleased that they go with nearly anything. They are ridiculously comfortable, even walking around New York. Unfortunately, I'm sad that they have some manufacturing issues. One, after wearing them a few weeks, I started to feel something digging into my heel - i realized that there was NO PADDING underneath the leather footbed, and what I felt was the steel bolt that was holding the shoe together. Also, I had thought that the heel was actually stacked leather, but it's a piece of metal with faux stacked leather "wrapper"around it, I know this because the wrapper is starting to wear off and I see the metal peeking out. Both of these things I would expect in cheaper shoes, but not $300 shoes, very disappointing. Fluevog said they'd insert some padding, and I hope they will also address the heel issue.
Posted by CleverGirl:
Classy Cute & Good for Work!

I bought these in black at Easter for my summer work shoe. The laces allow me to make the shoe fit well over my narrow feet and they look good (in a conservative environment). I love the interchangeable laces, but mostly use the pinky purple because of the flare they give. Very comfy! So far the only down side is that the little lining things on the heels came unglued. Small job for the shoemaker, but given what we pay for 'vogs, you'd expect that kind of thing to hold for longer than a couple of months.
Posted by Michelle from Vancouver:
An impressive summer shoe that is casual and very comfortable but still interesting and unique in style. I wear a size 8 and found these fit true to size. Many thanks the helpful staff in Gastown Vancouver for locating my size in Montreal.
Posted by Melissa from Canada:
Super Small

If you have a TRUE size 11 foot, and can sometimes wear 10.5 or even 10 - this shoe is NOT going to fit you... not even the 11.5, and that's BEYOND heart wrenching. I'm so sad that I couldn't make it home with the pink ones today... For sizing reference, I'm an 11 in Bellevue's, 10 in Malcolm's, 10.5 in Desmond's, 11 in Radio's... you get the point. John missed the mark on sizing her - NOT style, but sizing, and that sucks.
Posted by Jen from Seattle:
Joni Rocks My Feet

I tried these on and totally fell in love with them. They are comfy and totally cute. The heel height is perfect for me, I'm not a heel girl and 2" is about my limit. I got the purple and it's amazing how many things purple goes with! They are just as cute with my white linen skirt as they are with my worn in jeans. I think every time I wear them at least one person comments on them. I believe there are more Fluevog's in my future!

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