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Joni (Sarcelle)
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Joni (Sarcelle)
Joni (Sarcelle)
Joni (Sarcelle)
Joni (Sarcelle)
$315 USD

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Rules Low | Joni [Sarcelle]
GROUPES:   Nouveauté   Décontracté   Femmes   Sandale   Talon  

Joni est nommée en l'honneur d'une des chanteuses canadiennes les plus inspirantes. Après avoir chanté de beaux airs écrits au sujet de la nature, les changements politiques et l'amour qu'on arrive jamais à tout à fait bien saisir, les chansons de Joni vont continuer d'inspirer et de résonner auprès et de bien des générations à venir. John a conçu cette sandale à lacets pour la nouvelle génération d'auteurs-compositeurs à l'esprit écologiques qui portent la flamme de la vérité. Thanks Joni for lighting the path -- we could drink a case of you. Love! (Merci Joni d'avoir illuminé le sentier - on pourrait boire une caisse de toi.*A case of you est le titre d'une chanson de Joni Mitchell)

Joni est fabriquée d'un cuir durable Atlas tanné au végétal et se décline dans des couleurs estivales saturées. Elle est construite sur une plateforme de 0.9" (2 cm) fait de liège recyclé avec un talon de 2.75 " (7 cm) enrobé de cuir. C'est une version modernisée de la mule des années 20 avec des boulons à tête fraisée, une semelle de caoutchouc Truth. Elle est parfaite pour ces avant-gardistes à la recherche de la vérité. Natural Beauty Rules. (La beauté naturelle règne).

Instagram @fluevog #vog_joni

From the fit experts:

Denny & Monika from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
The Rules Low Joni fits small. Women with wider feet can go down 1/2 to 1 size. They're very comfortable!

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Posted by Andrea from Vancouver:
I Heart Joni!

Truly one of the most comfortable summer shoes John has EVER made. Plus they are deliciously colourful! I went up half a size and am happy with that decision.
Posted by wilmasaab from Baltimore:
Another quality purchase!

how many pairs do I have now - 12? 14? I can truly say that I love them all and yet, there are 3 or 4 pair that just put even more spring in my step than the rest every time I wear them. After two wearings I can tell that these will be another of those "extra-specials". Uber comfortable, spiffy, stylish, head-turning! One of my little toes blistered up after the first 8 hour wear but that's more a factor of my strangely shaped toe than the shoe (happens with every pair I own the first 1 or 2 wears). I had been drooling over these for a few weeks and finally snagged them at the Haight Street store while visiting San Fran and was glad to have the opportunity to try them on. I generally wear a 10.5 or 11 but ended up in a 10 and the fit is great.
Posted by Marisol from San Francisco:
Love these careful don't slip and fall!

I purchased the purple Joni's yesterday from the Union Square store. I absolutely adore them. They are adorable and comforatable right out of the box. They run a whole size smaller. I usually, take the size 10. I had to size up to 10 1/2 for these. Wow factor way up on these! Having said all this. Caution!!! Buyer beware that the heel cap on these shoes can cause you to fall on slick polished floors. It happened when I tried them on at the store. I did not give it much thought. I stopped by Specialties this morning to pick up a pastry. I was being extra careful remembering this. I still slipped and fell!!! I hurt my Knee, hand, and maybe be my back. I'm not sure yet. Knee is bruised... OUCH! (:`(
Posted by Marika from Toronto:
Fantastic sandals!

Just bought a pair today, and spent the afternoon traipsing all over Toronto. These shoes are comfy right out of the box, and a real attention grabber. Thanks Fluevog!
Posted by Marcie from Ottawa, Ontario:
Bought on a whim. So very satisfied

I love these shoes already right out the box. These shoes are so perfect for this season of bold bold colour. True to size: I have 1 foot a size 8, other 8.5 and the fit is perfect at an 8.5. Love the green laces and I will probably purchase different laces to mix it up.
Posted by Bronwen from Edmonton:

I got these beauties for my birthday @>- and ADORE them!! So comfy right out of the box! The first day I wore them for 8 hours with no blisters or soreness... just blissfully happy feet :-D Every time I wear them I get compliments & the purple is the perfect accent to so much of my wardrobe. Being able to adjust the laces mean they fit perfectly whether I've been on my feet for 2 or 20 hours. They fit true to size, my Vogs range from a 7 - 8 & I bought these pretties in a 7.5. Thank you again John, for continuing to keep my feet happy & beautiful all at the same time :-D
Posted by Cecilie from Norway:
I got the purple, and they were perfect for my Orlando vacation. The first day I wore them I got a nasty blister on the ball of my foot `:O, not sure why, though. It may be that I wore them for 10 hours straight, who knows. I'm determined to make these work, and I can't return them now that they've been worn, so we will see what the future brings! (:-|
Posted by Mariana Hulsen from Canada:
My sixth pair, and counting...

I bought these babies in red on the weekend. I've worn them twice so far, and they fit per-fec-tly...not a pinch, not a wrinkle...a total dream. I like the purple laces, and I'm thinking of getting extra ones in other colours, maybe bright green, or pink. The only not-so-great thing about them is that the dye of the suede lining bleeds like crazy! :-O Both times the soles of my feet ended up a deep shade of crimson...and it did not come off easily (ouchie).
Posted by Bettyburbs from Toronto:
Can't wait for sandal weather!

Got these yesterday! Love the intense purple shade and the contrasting neon green lacing! They are completely comfy to walk around the house in (being early March, it is too cold out still!) The heel and platform combo make them an easy height to walk in. They don't pinch or tickle anywhere! I wear a 9 or a 40 but had to go up to a 10 in these, even 9 1/2 was a bit small! I will be shopping around for a nice neon green nail polish to go with these pretty soon! Spring can't come soon enough!

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