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Guide (Bleu)
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Guide (Bleu)
Guide (Bleu)
Guide (Bleu)
Guide (Bleu)
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Prepares | Guide [Bleu]
GROUPES:   Femmes   Sandale   Talon  

L'inspiration originale derrière la chaussure Guide vient de la fois où John se dirigeait au studio de conception Fluevog pour une réunion et fut confronté par une Guide cherchant à vendre ses biscuits. John, se sentant généreux (et affamé), décida d'acheter plusieurs boîtes de ces délicieux biscuits (on ne connaît toujours pas le chiffre exact), pour les offrir à ses employés dévoués et travaillant. Pendant sa marche, la faim le vainquit, et il a commencé à manger joyeusement. En premier, la boîte menthe et chocolat... ensuite celle des biscuits à la noix de coco... et puis une autre boîte... Par le temps où John arriva au studio, il constata qu'il avait mangé tous les biscuits. Il jeta les boîtes et détruisit toute évidence de ce qui s'appelle désormais « Le grand massacre des biscuits ». Malheureusement pour John, l'histoire fut dévoilée pendant la réunion où tous remarquent sa cravate remplie de miettes de biscuit.

Souriant en pensant à la leçon inestimable qu'il a apprise ce jour-là, John dessina une chaussure pour femme séduisante avec un cuir épais et souple d'une surface perlée, des boucles signées Fluevog, une plateforme cachée faite de liège recyclé, le tout sur une semelle tunite avec une adhérence en caoutchouc. Cette chaussure de style Charles IX version hyper moderne vous offrira une fondation solide pour les défis qui se pointeront (comme ne pas manger tous les biscuits d'un coup sans verre de lait.) Prepare for the Future, choose well today. (Préparez-vous pour l'avenir, faites le bon choix aujourd'hui.)

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From the fit experts:

Karen from our San Francisco (Union Square) store says:
The angle of the toe swoop makes them fit a half size smaller.

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Posted by Katherine from Washington DC:

Ordered the red ones because you can't have a bad day when you're wearing red shoes. 7 1/2s were a little short, the 8's are perfect if I add a little under-the-ball-of-the-foot pad, but that's just because I have narrow, bony feet. Gorgeous, soft, and they smell so good - like an old shoe shop full of leather and polish. Thanks John!
Posted by Gaelan from Vancouver:
Killer shoes

I bought these yesterday, in blue, after trying on half the shoes in the store. I am in love. These shoes are phenomenal! It's hard to find a shoe that is both sturdy and sexy, but these shoes fit the bill. I can't believe how comfortable and unique these babies are. The blood orange is also amazing. I have narrow feet, usually take a 7.5 in Fluevog's but went with the 7. I highly recommend ,-)
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Add me to the ranks of people who bought these fabulous shoes in blue, though I have a feeling I might need them in brown, too. Delightful Monika at the Haight store helped me decide to go with my regular 7.5, saying that in the larger sizes (9 and over)a half size up has been the norm. They fit snugly but perfectly--the leather is just scrumptiously soft yet sturdy, heel very comfy.
Posted by Alison from Halifax:

I was recently in Vancouver and based on the website had narrowed down my next pair of fluevogs down to 3. That was before I'd seen these beauties. It was love at first sight. In blue.
Posted by Holly Woodruff from Quincy, IL:
Love them!

I called the Chicago store after seeing these online. Dustin was so nice and helpful! They were out of all colors except the orange red pair in my size and Dustin said if I was going to wear the awesome shoes I should put on the red and they would pop. My daughter picked them up and brought them home on the train and wow..... I cannot say enough... they are amazing! So beautiful and so very sexy on my feet. My husband LOVES them! I will be back for more! :-)
Posted by Michele S. from San Jose, CA:
Cinnamon Colored Love

I saw these on the website a couple of weeks ago and fell in love. Such a gorgeous and high heel in beautiful colors which will go well being worn with pants or skirts - regardless of length. I knew they were coming home with me the minute I slipped my foot in - they run true to size and the leather is SO soft. I ended up wearing them while I walked around Haight St. for the next few hours and they were incredibly comfortable the entire time. I can't recommend these enough, out of all my pairs of 'Vogs, these are probably in the top 3. ()-)
Posted by Carolyn from Berkeley, CA:
While in Boston last week, I escaped to the Fluevog store and fell in LOVE with the orange-red Guide shoes. When I got them home (back in California), I just put them on and stared at my feet in the mirror - my feet never looked so good! I've got feet with issues, but these shoes have changed EVERYTHING. I wore them out in San Francisco yesterday and swear I was mobbed by women wanting to know where I got these shoes. I've been grinnin' ever since... :-D
Posted by Carmen from BC:
Fun to look at

I got these shoes in the blue in the mail today and I just can't stop starring at them on my feet. They just make your feet interesting to look at. I can't properly describe it but they embellish the shape of your foot to look like something drawn from a comic (I mean this in a good way). I can't gush enough about how fun these are to wear. They are probably my most favorite shoe that I have ever owned <3 P.S I have a wide foot and the toe does feel a bit snug width ways. But the leather is soft so I imagine they will break-in and stretch to fit better in no time.
Posted by Megan from Halifax:
Gorgeous Guides

These arrived today and it's love at first sight. The colour (blue) is so pretty and the heel is so graceful. Can't wait to wear these with jeans, skirts and summer dresses.
Posted by Su from Vancouver:
What can I say? I fell in love with their blue awesomeness. Bonus: My feet love them. Another bonus: They look amazing with jeans. My goal: to own one in every colour.

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