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Revelation (Pink & Beige)
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Revelation (Pink & Beige)
Revelation (Pink & Beige)
Revelation (Pink & Beige)
Revelation (Pink & Beige)
$259 USD
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Miracles | Revelation [Pink & Beige]
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The Miracles Revelation is the closest connection humanly possible to divine truth. It's a vintage-inspired pattern that ties in notes of The Stunner Boot and its heavenly embroidered details. The Revelation is made in Peru with a 3" leather wrapped heel and uppers made from smooth, Argentinian leather. John's inspiration for this style was so strong that he swears he designed it through divine communication -- but he admits it could have been facilitated by that second glass of wine.

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Posted by Lesley from Toronto:
Favourite pair yet!

I own many pairs of Fluevogs (20+, including boots) - I think these are my favourite of all time. Maybe it's the pink bows. Maybe it's the delicious embroidery. Maybe it's because walking in them is like wearing springtime on your feet. Whatever it is, these bring a sense of joy to every step you take.
Posted by Ria from Chicago:
Perfect dance (and social) shoes

I've been a Fluevogger for years, and wear 'Vogs almost exclusively. I'm also a swing dancer (I mainly dance Balboa swing), and I almost never wear heels anymore except to dance in them. Sadly, most Fluevog shoes are not appropriate for swing dancing because of the heel shapes or non-slip soles. The Miracles line is the happy exception to this rule, and because the style of the Revelations in black and beige is a great riff on classic swing shoes, I had to get them. Other dancers - consider investing in these shoes. Fit/etc - these shoes run true to actual shoe size in length and width, so unlike with other Vogs there is no need to size up. Although the heel is high, the rise of the last is gentle enough that these are very comfortable to wear, and will not put undue stress on your feet. These are not heavy shoes at all (otherwise they would not make good dance shoes). The only downside is that the ribbon used to close the shoes is very cheap (not up to Fluevog's usual standards). I'll be replacing mine ASAP.
Posted by Theresa Wells from Fort McMurray:
Falling in love. Again.

These looked so good online that I had to have them - and I ordered them in both colours, and am so glad I did. Just beautiful, art masquerading as shoes once more. I am known locally for my shoe collection, and the pride of the pack is always, always the Vogs.
Posted by Penny Taylor from Alaska:
Shoe Weight

These shoes are absolutely good-looking, and look like they are comfortable. I haven't own a pair of Fluebog shoes yet. I am planning to own some in the coming future. I just want to know before I buy Fluebog. Are these shoes light? I don't like heavy shoes. I like to wear shoes as if I am not wearing one. :) Thank you..
Posted by Poofie:

I walked into Fluevog with my heart set on buying flat boot because I 'needed' them. It was the poor guy's first day on the job, but that didn't stop him from being spectacular. I tried on 2 styles that I hmmm-ed at...and then spotted these!! I minute I put them on, I knew I could never take them off without buying them. They are sooo cute, so soft and absolutely gorgeous.
Posted by Gina from Seattle:

I could swallow these pink darlings whole! I was worried about the heel height since I am used to Minis and Operettas but they are very comfortable. I think the mary jane tie helps with that. I typically wear a 10.5 (KKBB, Mini, Operetta) and I took a 9.5 in these. Don't hesitate!
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