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Leader (Bleu)
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Leader (Bleu)
Leader (Bleu)
Leader (Bleu)
Leader (Bleu)
$309 USD

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Prepares | Leader [Bleu]
GROUPES:   Chaussure   Femmes   Talon  

Se basant sur les leçons inestimables qu'il apprit par ses expériences de camping alors qu'il était garçon, John dessina une chaussure pour femme dotée d'un cuir épais et souple, de boucles Fluevog, d'une plateforme cachée faite de liège recyclé, le tout sur une semelle tunite avec une adhérence en caoutchouc. Ce sabot à courroie hypermoderne s'assure que tout le monde suit celle qui mène. Prepare for the Future, choose well today. (Préparez-vous pour l'avenir, faites le bon choix aujourd'hui.)

From the fit experts:

Denny and Monika from our San Francisco (Haight) store says:
The Leader is a classic style that is true to size!

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Posted by Christina Gebhard from United States:
LOVE this shoe

I love this shoe. I wear a 9, and it is true to size. Please make it in Brown. I have black and would love a brown pair to round out my outfit options. comfortable!!!!!
Posted by Melanie from Vancouver, Canada:
first of 3

These are what started my Prepare addiction. This line is DYNAMITE! Love these so much. I find they run a 1/2 size or so large.
Posted by Evelyn from Willits, CA:
Love at first sight

Love at first sight of my very first pair of Fluevogs! Thanks to my co-worker who introduced me to Fluevogs. Upon trying these amazing shoes on, they fit perfectly and I felt like I could conquer the world. I was also so impressed with Monika at the Haight store in SF who called me shortly after I placed my order to make sure I knew this style ran 1/2 size small. She corrected my order and I was so glad for the exceptional customer service. Now all I can think about is my next pair of Fluevogs!
Posted by Kim from Tulsa, OK:
My power shoes

I'm 5' 10" tall without shoes and typically don't wear truly high heels unless an occasion calls for it. But I wear these beauties often because they make me feel practically invinceable. They are my power shoes; I can walk long distances in them and they are SO comfy! Many thanks to the Fluevog team for a great shoe! I look forward to more business with you in the near future! FYI: a half size up workd well for me. Thr best shoe investment ever!!!! :-)
Posted by Katrina Karwowski from Portland:
No business ethics

I purchased the Prepares Guide clogs there and within 2 weeks the sole on one of them started to peel off in several places. The store assured me that this can be fixed. I waited almost two weeks and the fix was very sloppy and incomplete. In addition, the glue they put in there came off after one day of wear. Clearly, the shoes were defective. I took them to the store and the manager told me that she can't replace them. The staff there wasn't' very friendly either. When I came in first the manager was out running around having lunch at 5 p.m. and was told to come back. The guy who previously was very friendly didn't even bother to say hi. I felt as if it is my fault that the shoes fell apart. And, they sent me on my way with the defective shoes and no solution. But, they do guarantee their shoes. I simply got ripped of for $300. The only thing I could do is file a complaint with BBB. (:-&
Posted by Katrina Karwowski from Portland:
Addendum to my previous review

I wore these for 2 weeks and on of them the tunite sole came of in several places. I contacted the store and the salespeople took for to a local shop for a repair. I got them back with less than acceptable result. The gap was still there but now stuck with glue! These were new and I would expect the soles to be done right. The excuse that they are hand-made doesn't justify the construction flaws. I am disappointed because it takes a long time for me to save for a pair of Fluevogs. I am not sure if I will purchase another pair from the store. The Amazon would have marked them defective and simply replaced them. I would expect the same from Fluevog.
Posted by Ace from United States:
My first vogs and I am in love

I've been wanting to try Fluevogs for a long time but I don't have a store in my city. I was hesitant to order online since my feet are a 5 1/2 and often times even the smallest size in shoes is too big, and I have a neuroma as well. But these shoes are so perfect when I saw them, I went for it in a size 6 red-orange. I LOVE them! To be honest, they are a little too big. If you have wide feet, maybe go half a size up but for normal width, size 6 fits snugly width-wise but there is definitely room in front of my toes. I put in an insole and because it's a mary jane with a thick, sturdy strap, it stays on and feels very comfortable and balanced. Best of all, it doesn't irritate and hurt my neuropathy. They were expensive, but hey - for actually comfortable and stylish heels, it's worth it. I feel awesome in these shoes. I've found myself trying to match outfits to this so I can wear them every day, so I think I need to get a black one as well. I am awaiting a black mini mary jane right now. I hope that also fits. I might be addicted already.
Posted by Katrina from Portland:
Podiatrist recommended

I just got my Prepare Guides in black. I initially got size 8 and at home after walking for a half an hour or so I decided these must go bigger. My toes didn't have enough room. So, I rushed to Portland Fluevog store for an exchange. I got an 8.5 and it fits perfectly (if you get a right size these are truly great0. I am very happy with them. I can't wear heels so I missed out on a lot of fashion shoes. Now, I can have one! Also, I found a link to podiatry shoe reviews and these are highly recommended for people even for people with foot problems such as bunions, etc. Isn't it great. I am waiting for more fabulous wearable styles for those who want a style but can't wear heels. The only thing: you must be careful since these are platform. So, be aware of turns and twists. Otherwise, fabulous.
Posted by OsheaGreen from Western Australia:
Stylish but practical

These fit wonderfully. My feet are a bit wide, but these are don't pinch at all. I am a size 9, & found these true to size. I've been wearing them to work, and they are stable and comfortable to wear all day. These were the 1st pair of Fluevogs I bought, & it was great to receive something of such quality; these exceeded my expectations, & I'm now a repeat customer.
Posted by Marie from Auckland, NZ:
Love my new shoes

I just bought these in red this afternoon, and love them so much. I fit an 8 1/2, which is my usual shoe size - often I need to size up in Fluevogs. Was sad not to be buying these in New York, but happy they are available in Auckland, New Zealand. So far I have worn them with turned up jeans, and they look great. I'm sure they'll also be perfect with a skirt. Raced home and showed them to my neighbour who screamed with envy and got off the phone immediately.

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