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Malibran (Rouge Vin)
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Malibran (Rouge Vin)
Malibran (Rouge Vin)
Malibran (Rouge Vin)
Malibran (Rouge Vin)
$279 USD
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Operettas | Malibran [Rouge Vin]

Cette légendaire chaussure à courroie avec son talon de 2,5" a été inspirée par Maria Malibran, une des plus grandes chanteuses d'opéra du 19e siècle. Elle était reconnue pour la flexibilité, l'étendue et la puissance de sa voix. D'un cuir Baccarat souple verni, elle a une semelle en caoutchouc et un talon enrobé de cuir. Cette chaussure pourrait être à la fois la plus polyvalente et la plus confortable de vos paires de Fluevog, à jamais. La Malibran sera votre chaussure préférée au quotidien, car elle est parfaite pour toutes les occasions ( ce qui est presque impossible). Your Love Makes Me Sing (votre amour me fait chanter).

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Malibran will get you to where you are going with ease and style! This last runs as true as you can get! The toe box can be short on some people with longer toes, so maybe try a half size up if you think you may fit that description.

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Posted by Kelly G from Seattle, WA:
A word of warning...

FYI: as I do with all my shoes and bags, I treated these with a rain and stain protector, specifically designed for leather. I've used this product many times without an issue, but when I used it on the peach Malibrans, the color turned more to a darker, golden beige. It's beautiful, but the whole idea was to get the peach since it pretty much blends into my skin tone. The price was further cut, so I just bought another pair, but PLEASE TEST before you treat these shoes, at least in the peach color.
Posted by Royce from Oklahoma City:
I agree

These are my first pair of Fluevog's. I completely agree with Stacie from BC. They are perfect for my short legs! I'm a cardiologist and run run run all day long and my feet and legs have never hurt in these shoes. I constantly search the site for my next pair and wonder how long before I have a closet full. And what a fun bunch of dudes these Fluevoggers are! Thanks John!! Your shoes are truly amazing.
Posted by Stacey from Nanaimo, BC:
Malibrans at Last!!!

I have been coveting these babies for a loooong time, on the website, and at the Granville store when we make our way over to Vancouver. I literally gasped when I saw that these in peach were reduced, I wasted no time in ordering them off the website. Finally recieved them today and they have been on my feet since I took the paper off! I did not know that a high heel could be this comfy......Lots of room for my toes and my short legs look oh so long:-D I take 7.5 in the Pearl Harts and the Angels, and 7.5 in these are the perfect fit. I can't wait to wear them out and about! I am already planning my next purchase.....either more Malibrans or the Perpare Guides :) Thanks to Preet from the Granville St. store for the fabulous packaging! Please keep making beautiful and unique shoes John Fluevog!!!
Posted by Tove from Oslo:

I wasn't sure about the colour "peach", but they are perfect. More tan - like the skin, so your legs looks really long ,-) And they are so nice to wear. My usual 9 in Fluevog was perfect.
Posted by Kelly G from Seattle, WA:
For those of you whose toes slide down..

One more thing: helpful hint if you cannot wear your shoes because your feet slide forward. I have found a solution! "Tip Toes," by Foot Petals, make a ball-of-foot cushion that keeps your feet from sliding forward. I found them on amazon. They are not the cheapest, but I have tried several types of these from the drugstore and they were all a waste of money. These WORK! I hope this helps you wear your beautiful shoes in comfort!
Posted by Kelly G from Seattle, WA:
More Operettas in my closet!

I have several pairs of the Operetta style in my closet, and wear them all frequently. It is unusual for such a beautifully-heeled shoe to be so comfortable and versatile! I've been eyeballing the peach for months; it's pretty close to my skin tone, so it works beautifully as a neutral. I am so lucky it was a color that went on sale! I have 9M feet, no special issues, and the 9 1/2s fit perfectly. Thank you as always to Leah at the downtown store for making shoe shopping even more fun, and the nice folks in Portland who sent this pair my way! Fluevog on!
Posted by erifily from greece:
love affaire

i have these in red, yellow and peach... they are my summer shoes and my winter shoes, my wedding shoes and my casuals.... everytime i look around the site i end up with a pair of them...
Posted by Lizzie from Toronto:
Lovin' the grey

I bought a pair of these babies in grey, which is a little misleading as they are more "mushroom" coloured than a true grey. Either way it's a great neutral shade which seems to fit with everything. I'm normally a 10 medium width but I took a 10-1/2 in this and added one of their half soles. Very comfortable, very stylish. I will definitely be adding a different shade of this to my wardrobe!
Posted by Montserrat from New York:

,-) Today i went to Fluevog store. To get my summer shoes. And like always is real pleasure to visit. I been helped by the wonderful Paul,he's lovely and he have passion. And i purchased two pairs,and one of them is this one. I loooooooooooooove so much,and as soon i tried on i felt the comfort. Thanks so much for making so lovely shoes.
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
3rd Pair

I just bought my 3rd pair of Malibrans yesterday at the wonderful Haight store, where the service is always sublime! I love my black and yellow pairs and knew I'd regret it if I didn't get them in the gorgeous cherry red. I must say, if you are only able to buy one pair of Fluevogs, this style is an excellent choice, so very versatile and comfortable.

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