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Malibran (Black)
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Malibran (Black)
Malibran (Black)
Malibran (Black)
Malibran (Black)
$279 USD
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Operettas | Malibran [Black]
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This legendary 2.5 heeled maryjane was inspired by Maria Malibran, one of the most famous opera singers of the 19th century, who was known for her extraordinary flexibility, range, and power. With soft leathers in Baccarat Patent or matte Dragon, soft rubber soles, and a leather wrapped heel, this shoe could possibly be the most functional and comfortable Fluevog ever. The Malibran will be your everyday, dress-up, dress-down, favourite pair of shoes perfect for anything and everything (which is almost impossible). Your Love Makes Me Sing.

Half sizes available.

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From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Malibran will get you to where you are going with ease and style! This last runs as true as you can get! The toe box can be short on some people with longer toes, so maybe try a half size up if you think you may fit that description.

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Posted by Audrey-Jane from USA:
The BEST shoes EVER

I now own 3 pairs of Malibrans. Before I discovered them I never wore heels. I have a short wide (size 6 1/2) foot, plus a bunion. I was stuck with soft, flat BORING shoes. Then a friend of mine gave me a pair of Wherever Obrigadas that didn't fit her. I tried them on and I couldn't believe it. They were comfortable from the first moment and SO cute. Well that was it. I hit the Fluevog website and was astounded. Where had these been all my life? I went to the store in NYC, tried on the Malibrans and I was hooked. Bought them in turquoise. Then a couple of months later, red. Then yellow. Black will be next. I wear them with everything...jeans, skirts (especially cute with colored tights). Everywhere I go people comment on them. Old, young, male, female. Every time I look down at my feet I feel good. These shoes are worth every penny, very well made. The wide toe box does not hurt my bunion at all. They do run a little large, normally I wear a 6 1/2 but got these in a 6. Oh yes, my husband loves them, too, says they are are adorable. My only complaint is that I wish each strap had a buckle to allow for more adjustment, mine gap a little. But who cares, they are so great. I buff them with plain shoe cream after each wearing and they look like new. BTW, I am 56 years old...these shoes are ageless and timeless. They have great style but are not trendy in the least. They look good today and will still look good for years to come. Thank you, John!!!
Posted by Shoe Girl from Vancouver:
Operetta Malibran fit problems

Beautiful shoe, seemed comfy in the store. But my foot slides down the slope of the sole & my big toe bangs the toebox, causing great pain after about an hour. I have fiddled with various insoles but nothing really fixes it. I can tighten up the strap but then that cuts into my foot. My sister has the same problem with hers. We both have lots of other high heels that fit OK. This has made me wary of buying any other cute round-toe Fluevogs.
Posted by Clem Lindsey from Chicago:
Love. Or is it lust?

I bought my Operetta Malibrans in wine several years ago. They still look great! I wear them to work everyday. I am a teacher, work on my feet, and have back issues, so this speaks volumes for the shoe's fit and comfort. My only teeny weeny complaint: after wearing them to death, the soles finally wore through and came loose. I had them resoled, but the shoe guy was only able to resole with leather. I miss my rubber soles! Does Fluevog offer resoling?
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Clem, Contact your local Fluevog store, and their cobbler should be able to resole them with a soft thin vibram sole. :)
Posted by Erin from Canada:
These shoes were my first Fluevogs, and the love affair was born. I got them in wine, and now have a black pair as well, purchased today in San Francisco. When I walked into the store, I couldn't keep from smiling, I was so happy to see all these beautiful shoes! Now I have 7 pairs of Fluevogs, and they are wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And a special thanks to Monica, who was so helpful in making suggestions about sizing, and satisfied my lust for your shoes...at least for the moment.
Posted by Katja from London:
Lovely, but a little uncomfortable

Now don't get me wrong, I wear these shoes all the time. I got them in Olive and love the colour and the shape. I do however find that the fixed strap across the top has very little give in it and by the end of the day, I do have a big red mark across the top of my foot. Even though they're really similar in shape, I don't find them as comfortable as my Operetta Illeana's. That said, I still wear them all the time so it can't really be that bad!
Posted by Cara Green from San Francisco:
Sadly Disappointing!

I was so excited to buy these shoes, by far the most expensive shoes I've ever owned but I was told they'd last a long time. They were so cute, I had such high hopes, and they were comfortable too. But alas, they fell apart within just a few MONTHS. I couldn't BELIEVE it. Such a big disappointment. I have been afraid to shop at Fluevog's ever since!! Sorry, guys....
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Sorry to hear this. Please contact your local Fluevog store and they will gladly help you and resolve the situation since its within the 10 month warranty period. Please give us a chance to change your mind.
Posted by Jessica Manson from Cayman Islands:
Don't overlook me....

Having cruised the whole Fluevog family I never gave these beauties a second look until faced with them in a store in Montreal. Gorgeous style, fit (box toe superb for wide feet) and comfort. I have received many,many compliments but not as many as from my own feet!! My Fluevog family is growing and this Spring's collection does not look to disappoint. I take an 8 and they fit like a glove. My next wedding guest outfit is already being planned from the feet up.. next to the bride I WILL be the best dressed! LOL :-)

I've wanted and petted and online stalked you Malibran, and now I have you in turquoise...that's right..not black. I love you and now know what you and your kind are all about. You're a full size (yowza) over my street shoe, but you are divine and my flippers have yet to be better shod.
Posted by Krista from The Hammer, Ontario:
With Fluevogs you get what you pay for - high quality, comfort, and freakin' adorable style. Why buy cheap shoes at the mall that only last for 6 months when you can invest in a pair of timeless Fluevogs that make you happy every time you put them on? I'm a 7.5 or 8 in Vogs and went with the 7.5 based on other reviews here. I was also torn between the yellow and gray, but in the end decided to go with the gray and I absolutely love them. They go with almost everything I own, but the color & the contrasting white stitching, still pop and make a statement. So much so that I got asked about my shoes several times even though only the toebox was pointing out underneath my jeans. Imagine when the entire awesomeness of the shoes are on display! My feet will definitely be dancing as I walk my whippets down the street this summer. Fluevogs for Life!
Posted by Elisabeth from Vancouver:
After falling in love with the Giulia booties, I checked out the rest of the Operetta family, hoping I could find a pair of shoes that were equally cute and comfortable. Fluevog did not disappoint: my wine-red Malibrans are the cat's derriere indeed! They are every bit as awesome as the boots. When I wear them I just want to stare at my feet all day (and, judging by the comments I get, other people are staring too). I should mention that I took a size 5 in these shoes, instead of my usual 6. I was surprised by this because my Giulia booties (also in the Operetta family) are a size 6 and they fit great. Go figure.

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