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Elizabeth (Black)
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Elizabeth (Black)
Elizabeth (Black)
Elizabeth (Black)
Elizabeth (Black)
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Queen Transcendent | Elizabeth [Black]
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Designed by Fluevoger Jody Elizabeth for John's world-reknown Open Source Footwear Program, The Queen Transcendent Elizabeth features a unique heel inspired by Cabriole legs of 18th century Louis XV furniture, specifically the "ball and claw" foot design. Using a Bellevue last, a 3.5" ornate "ball and claw" heel, a 0.75" comfy platform, and tunite soles, The Elizabeth demands sophistication and class. Smooth and glossy Polido leathers with a rub-off finish give The Queen Transcendent Family an antiqued and timeless look. Exceed your own expectations.

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From the fit experts:

Jessamy, Peter, and Matthew from our Boston store says:
The Elizabeth is a gorgeous shoe that fits a bit narrow. Unless you have particularly narrow foot, you may have to size up a half size to accommodate the width.

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Posted by Sunita:
Hotter Than Queen Lizzy Herself!

These shoes are GORGEOUS! I had been looking for a dressy black Mary Jane, and these looked like they would fit the bill. I ordered them online, and the process was surprisingly fast. I ordered them on a Friday morning and got them on Tuesday. And when they arrived, I seriously thought I was going to have an orgasm by just looking at them. Then I tried them on, and my heart broke. My twin sister (who lives in a city with a Fluevog store) tried them on and told me to size up from my regular 6.5 to a 7. That is what I ordered, and they were still too small. I will admit that I have slightly wide feet (I can wear most B width shoes in 6.5). Because the size 7 was too small, I considered returning them and giving up, but I kept looking at them an couldn't tamp down my lust for them, so I got the 7.5, and they fit like a dream! Because they were a whole size bigger than what I normally wear, I was worried that my feet would look huge, but they don't. If you are unsure of these because of size, I would recommend that you order at least 1/2 if not a whole size larger.
Posted by Tina from North Carolina:
I have these on layaway, but I tried them on in the Boston store when I was in the area planning my wedding. Well, I found my wedding shoes, that's for sure! I was going to wear my Mini Lovers, but that quickly changed! I have smaller feet, so I found that the size I typically wear (6) worked just fine, I didn't need to go up a size. Getting them in green and I think they'll look fantastic with my dress paired with black and white striped tights (because I can!). Extremely comfortable (once you put the second shoe on) and I felt incredibly stable. Gorgeous color, amazing design, and lovely all around!
Posted by Jessie from Boston:
Curse you, Boston store, for being so convenient.

I was in the neighborhood and came so close to just walking right by, but I've never been able to quite make it to the end of the block without turning right back around and going in. I was going to just look at the new stuff and go about my merry way like I have a thousand times before, but I walked out with these beauties in black. Dammit. They're definitely quite rigid at first like everyone has said, and they're quite snug right at the edge of my toes. After wearing them of short distances and simply sitting in them while watching TV, they've loosened up considerably. I expected them to be pretty uncomfortable simply because of the height (and I was planning to just suck it up and deal) but the platform mitigates it considerably. Size-wise, I'm usually an 8.5 in most shoes, but a 9 or 9.5 in most Fluevogs, but a 10 in these fits me the best. Definitely expect to go larger in these than you'd expect.
Posted by Stacy from Kalamazoo, MI:
Pretty AND wearable!

When I saw these on the Fluevog website last fall I thought they were beautiful. I also thought they would be horrible to walk in. Boy was I wrong on that last one! With the platform your foot isn't at an impossible angle, so they are oddly comfortable. They are stiff, so they feel like you're walking in clogs, and they sound like it, too. But I can wear them all day at work with no issues. I did have to stretch out the toe box a smidge and I ordered up 1/2 size from my regular shoe size. After being on your feet for a few minutes, your body heat does stretch out the leather a bit, too. Great heels!
Posted by Jennifer from United States:
As Amazing as you think they are!!!

I have looooved these shoes from afar and finally decided to take the plunge on the green ones during the St. Patty's day sale. They are amazing. Were a little tight across the toes when I first put them on, but withing 30 mins, had stretched and were perfect. I have worn them to work and have had people stop meetings to see them and stop me in the hallway - huge attention getters!!! I had to go up a 1/2 size from my normal size and Ramona from the NY store was incredibly helpful and amazing to work with. Not my first pair of Vogs and definitely will not be my last.
Posted by C.K. from Calgary:

I got these beauties in red, back in November as a gift from my sweetheart. I am so pleased with them, though they were a bit right across the top of the toe area, they have now become a perfect fit! So many complements on these gorgeous ladies, kinda does make you feel like a queen and sorta spoiled! Hehe! :)
Posted by CS from San Diego:
Love these shoes!

Ordered these online when I saw that only 2 were left in 10.5 in green. Alice from the LA store was super helpful, and they fit like a dream! Not too tight, not too small - perfect! Super comfortable! I would love to see this heel on a stylish boot next! :-D Or maybe in blue!
Posted by hailey from los angeles:
Bitter sweet

These shoes.... i do love them, they are pretty, i'll say that first. But i have a problem spending nearly 400$ on shoes only to have them come to me too tight and with the heel on crooked. I did order these a size larger, it's a smart idea, but the vamp was still too tight for me to be able to wear them out of the box so i needed to stretch them before i could wear them. Once they were stretched and i was able to wear them i discovered a heel was on crooked and so walking is funny. I can't believe "hand made" shoes have so little attention payed to them so as to not notice a crooked heel. On top of this no one from the L.A. store ever called to check on the product despite requesting my number.
Posted by Meghini from Phoenix:
On my usual pilgrimage to the SF store, my fiancé bought me these as the best Valentines gift ever. I have very narrow feet, to the point where I can't wear some of my favorite styles. These fit like a dream...and the sales person recommended arch supports will be my new life saver. They're even a seriously danceable shoe. Baroque salsa, yes please! Thank you, Fluevog!
Posted by Navi from Victoria, BC:
The best shoes in the world....

A long time Fluevoger with over 15 pairs, I have always found some of the pumps hit or miss for my short fat feet. So after I fell in love with the Elizabeth online I tried to control my anticipation when I walked into the Granville store - I was afraid other reviews calling the shoe narrow would not work for me. I slipped my 6.5D foot into the Elizabeth 7.5 and alas - it was like Cinderella trying on the glass slipper. Width was great, lots of room in the toe, and while the leather is stiff I'm confident it will soften very quickly due to the very high quality used. The only emotion I had to control on this visit was not buying a pair in each colour! I will wear these shoes everywhere!

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