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Vog Socks (Magenta, Purple & Teal)
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Vog Socks (Magenta, Purple & Teal)
Vog Socks (Magenta, Purple & Teal)
Vog Socks (Magenta, Purple & Teal)
$15 USD
Socks | Vog Socks [Magenta, Purple & Teal]
GROUPS:   Unisex  

Socks (also known as soccus or puttees) are commonly worn between the bare foot and the shoe to absorb sweat and reduce the risk of frostbite. New and improved Fluevog socks also absorb an inevitable flow of compliments and reduce the risk of 'please remove your shoes before entering' embarrassment. As added protection, a screen-printed grip* with John's signature will ensure you walk safely even after your Vogs have been removed. Vog Socks... for that extra level of soul protection.

Note: Unless you want to give them to your cat, JF Socks should be washed in cold water, as they are likely to shrink. 
60% Combed cotton, 36% Polyester, 4% Elastin

* The JF striped socks do not have the screen-printed grip (tread carefully on slippery surfaces in this pair)

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Posted by Thomas:
great socks!

I have them in every color and wear mine all the time. other than my room mate stealing a few. they are really great quality for the price comparable too happy socks/paul smith socks. MORE COLORS MORE PRINTS!
Posted by lucile:
Sock question

Where are these made?
Reply from Fluevog at Fluevog:
All of our Vog Socks are made in Korea.
Posted by Kathleen McAdams from Montreal, QC:
Shoes YES! Socks...not so much

I don't buy socks often, as I am not a wearer-outer of socks. I tend to keep socks I love forever and ever and ever...even socks I paid a dollar for hold a place of honour in the sock drawer until they have been worn away to ether. It is all about the fit and the love. I bought my vog socks to go with my new GORGEOUS boots. I was sooooo excited! Perfect fit, not too tight, not too loose, hit the calf at the right height - love at first wear. But then there was the second and third wear. I have worn them about a dozen times and they are already worn thin and have a hole in them. It really hurts me to say it, but shoes yes! Socks...meh.
Posted by Jimenez from Melbourne:

Standing at open homes as a down trodden, snarled at,hated and generally a low life real estate agent (realtor for you US/Can-ites), often the unworldly vendor says 'I want shoes off!'. Gimme a break! But then my 6 pairs of Fluevog Teal footdoms hit town, my slumped shoulders lifted the air assumed and sales went verticle. Was it the socks? Peoples attitude to the socks? My attitude to the socks? All three. My dog loves me more and expresses it, my wife loves me more and expresses it, my kids-not sure...
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