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Swirl Belt Buckle (Blue)
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Swirl Belt Buckle (Blue)
Swirl Belt Buckle (Blue)
$30 USD
Belts | Swirl Belt Buckle [Blue]
GROUPS:   Casual   Unisex  

Solid Zinc with Brushed Silver finish. Proudly Made in Canada.

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Posted by Connie Sush from Canada:

I have almost every Fluevog belt buckle. Once again I ordered this through my Granville Family....I live in Alberta. I have the red swirl buckle....colours are very true to the site. I love this belt buckle...but then again I love all the Vog products. I have never been disappointed by anything I have asked or ordered. I always call the Granville Store....to me they are family...they know my style and what will fit me...this includes shoes, boots, purses, and buckles....an amazing team...they are honest so you are more excited when you actually receive your order.
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