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Sugar (Black with Beige)
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Sugar (Black with Beige)
Sugar (Black with Beige)
$399 USD
Minis | Sugar [Black with Beige]
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This 21 eyelet knee-high boot is sweet and spicy at the same time. Not only does it have an open lacing system that will tie you up tight like a corset and show a bit of skin, it also has an inside zipper so you don't really need to use the laces once you've found your fit. Perched on the Mini heel and rubber F-sole, this is a high heel designed for the woman who doesn't wear heels. Solidly constructed with beautiful leather uppers and linings with contrasting piping and a crown peaked top line makes this lover sexy, stable and timeless. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Janeice from our Minneapolis store says:
The Sugar boot fits true to size; that being said, it's still a Mini so it has a nice, wider toe box than some other shoes. This calf is a lace up, which means it's completely adjustable and perfect for any calf!

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Posted by Feather from Seattle:
these are made of pure self-esteem!

I bought these at the Seattle store last Saturday, and I simply couldn't wait til I got home to put them on. I entered a local department store's bathroom and did a quick change of shoes and outfit. The very moment I stepped out of the bathroom, a man commented on my boots. I've worn them nearly every day since (including marching comfortably in Seattle's Pride Parade last Sunday), and I get complimented everywhere I go. People actually called out "I love your BOOTS!" during the parade! Not only are they the comfiest heels I own, they are definite show-stoppers! :-D
Posted by katie from oakland:
the waiting game

i just brought these beautiful red boots home after many months on layaway. i bought them for my wedding and it's killing me to keep them in my closet until then! i've been eyeing these forever, and i finally had an excuse to splurge on boots. we are getting married outdoors in yosemite and i know these heels will look fantastic as well as being comfortable enough to climb around in. (i own the lily darlings as well) can't wait to break in my 8th pair of fluevogs! oh and live happily ever after....
Posted by Laurene from Idaho:
Will trade for food...

...only if I am starving and have no other option left! I love my cherry/black Sugars!!! My "Olivoil" legs look absolutely smashing in them!!! ,-)
Posted by Telisha Williams from Martinsville, VA:
Show Stoppers!

I am a musician. These boots (in red) are my most favorite "show shoes!" I can't tell you how many times I have been stopped at the merchandise table and asked by people if they could take a picture of my boots. They are fantastic! They're sexy, comfortable, and striking. I pair them with a black dress and fishnets or knee highs. Not only do they look great on stage, but wearing them makes me feel great, too. . . a showstopping combination! The boots are prominently featured in all of our promotional material. Check us out at www.DandTW.com!
Posted by Marisa from Alameda, CA:
Traffic Stoppers!

As I waited for a different bus, a woman on the bus that was just leaving started banging on the window. I looked up to see her pointing at my feet, mouthing the words "Nice Shoes!" And that's just one of the funnier times these shoes have been complimented. They're incredibly comfortable and I always get compliments when I wear them.
Posted by rhea:
sexy sexy sexy boots! :-D Just bought these in wine/red, and can't wait to wear them out in public!
Posted by Branda from Seattle, WA:
sexy superhero boots

I got these boots in the Seattle store just a couple months ago, and find that I am now planning my entire wardrobe around what will look good with my Sugars. tee hee! Love these boots, got them in red, and I feel absolutely amazing when I wear them. They are comfy, for me true to size, and took no break in time. I have wide calves, and love these because I can adjust the side lacing to fit. You can't have the shaft stretched on these...the store salesman told me that would just break the laces, but they look wonderful with a few inches of leg peeking through the lacing on the side. It's a corset-like effect and very sexy. I have never spent this much on shoes before...but I'm already shopping for my next pair of vogs.
Posted by Amy from San Francisco:
Give me some sugar!

I had gone to the SF Fluevog store with friend, not planning on buying anything, because I was leaving for Brazil in a few weeks for the winter. Not only did I buy the Mini Sugars, but came back a week later to get another different pair. Brought both to Brazil! I feel like a superhero in these boots! They are super comfy and and super sexy. Can't wait to buy some new Fluevogs for the spring!
Posted by Pix from Knoxville:
All women need a pair of red boots

I've been in love with these boots in red for years, ever since stumbling across Fluevogs. (Through of all things, a knitting website.) I pined, I lusted, I was convinced there was no way I could ever drop so much on shoes. After all, I was never into shoes. But then I went to Boston this past spring to visit friends, and managed to swing into the store. It's a great store, with amazing staff. And, of course, the best boots - worth every single penny. Two days after I bought them, I ended up running full-tilt across the Charlotte airport, and they were perfectly comfortable the entire time. Even caught my plane!
Posted by megan from vancouver-ish:
love, at last.

this boots, these boots were supposed to be my first fluevog purchase- that was oh, eight years and about as many shoes ago. i finally buckled down to drop for boots, since i love them so much. why did i wait, i have no idea..bellevues, here i come. thanks muchly to the lovely guy at the granville store who laced my boots with long laces for me as well as dealing with a crazy girl in love with boots who had a debit card that didn't agree with her. i'm smitten. and rambling, i love you fluevogs, mini sugars are a perfect fit. <3

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