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Rigas (Noir & néon)
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Rigas (Noir & néon)
Rigas (Noir & néon)
Rigas (Noir & néon)
Rigas (Noir & néon)
$179 USD
Reg $339
Executors | Rigas [Noir & néon]

La collection Executor est de retour et c'est Rigas qui prend les choses en main! Fabriquée au Portugal d'un cuir aniline légèrement brillant, avec un talon bottier en tunite, la botte Rigas est faite à partir d'une forme lisse qui propose un accent éclaté avec des élastiques de couleur néon; par contre, si vous cherchez une botte un peu plus conservatrice (bien que distincte) sans cette dose de folie, vous pouvez également vous prévaloir de la version offerte dans un brun superbe. Quel que soit votre choix, démontrez qui mène. Execute your will. (Mettez votre volonté à exécution.)

Instagram @fluevog #vog_rigas

From the fit experts:

Nic, Rachel, and Lizzy from our Boston store says:
The Rigas are super comfortable with a long toe box, heel, and an arch that fits well and true.

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Posted by Geek from Calgary:

Don't buy these unless you are comfortable receiving compliments from beautiful women. These are my 5th pair of Vogs, and while I get compliments on all of them, these definitely draw the most attention. As an extra bonus, the leather is very supple, so they are comfortable right out of the box; no break-in required.
Posted by Peter Kleinreesink from Netherlands, Doetinchem:

The shoes are great. I love them and I get really good comments! John, thank you for this beautiful shoes.
Posted by Antoine Thisdale from Montreal, Canada:
Second Pair

I got the Rigas after the Conrads and i love them. They are very casual, extremely comfortable, but can feel a bit flat on the foot (plan on extra soil padding inside). Also, the Brown version (i own Brown and Burgendy LE) seems to lose its spark quite rapidly as the brown becomes a bit faded, unfortunately.
Posted by Aaron Johannes from New Westminster:
snazzy shoes

these are great looking shoes, a bit narrow but they seem to stretch... they're really dressy, not for hiking, and when i do workshops people always notice them, no matter how many people are in the room or how far away (or close) i am. they once stopped a line-up at the airport; the X-ray guy was putting them through the machine and then called all the staff over to see the shoes and they all agreed they were great shoes and then stopped to write down the name of the store. ,-)
Posted by Jojodancer:
YES! these shoes work me out! I saw them one day :-O and had to have them the next!
Posted by Bob from Victoria, BC:

I am not a big fan of animal print or animal skin textures, but this Burgundy faux snake Riga is really cool (even my vegan wife thinks it's great looking). It might also be the best fitting boot I've ever had.
Posted by Ysaco from Boston:
One of the most comfortable Fluevogs ever. aaaahhhh... plus great look.
Posted by Dmon from Seattle:
Love my vogs

I received my pair as a gift. This gift is wonderful. These shoes not only look and feel great they also get noticed. great style and flair for this backwoods boy.
Posted by Michael from New York:
The sharpest shoes I've ever owned... period.
Posted by Mark from Prince George:
Look fantastic, are comfortable, but had to have heel repaired twice in first year.

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