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Liz (Sarcelle)
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Liz (Sarcelle)
Liz (Sarcelle)
Liz (Sarcelle)
Liz (Sarcelle)
$309 USD
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Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom | Liz [Sarcelle]
GROUPES:   Chaussure   Femmes   Talon  

Jumelant la forme de la collection Hopeful, le cuir aniline de la collection Mini, la semelle de caoutchouc de la collection Hope, et un talon Wearever modifié de 5 cm (2"), la chaussure à courroies Liz est la combinaison parfaite que tous les Fluvogeurs attendaient. Avec un passepoil contrasté, des boucles doubles, et une nouvelle attitude, laissez Liz vous accompagner sur toutes vos aventures Fluevog.

Instagram @fluevog #vog_liz

From the fit experts:

Ali from our New York store says:
The Liz is great for wider feet, but please go up at least a half size! These little beauties have been running on the short side and mostly everyone has gotten a half size bigger then their true size.

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Posted by Lainie from Portlandia, Oregon:
Yep, had to have them!

Boys was it hard to decide between the turquoise and the tomato! Crystal in the Portland store is amazing and helped me choose the turquoise. I am so excited to actually be able to wear heels to work (I'm on my feet 9 hours plus). This makes my 16 th pair and I'm a believer! I agree they run a little short and a little on the wider side. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY
Posted by Monica:
Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom Boots please!

Love these shoes and the cute style! I wish that in the fall these would be released as a boot! The shoes are comfy and wearing them makes me smile.
Posted by Lisa from St Paul, MN:
Amazing shoes

I had only heard of Fluevog through my friend who used to fly to San Fran every year to buy hers (before we had a store here in Minneapolis). At her urging, I went to the Mpls store and walked out with these in PINK! Oh my I could have taken one in every color. Everywhere I wear them, people ask about them and compliment me on them. That has never happened! I wear a 9 or a 9.5, but I went up to a 10 for these which was a good idea. I am addicted to these and have just purchased the brown as well! LOVE!
Posted by RodRat from Australia:
Like a red velvet cupcake for your feet

Seriously? These shoes? Amazing. I bought them in Melbourne from Sole Devotion and had a totally girly moment and fell in love with these babies in the pink, white and black. So cute! So comfortable for a heel!!! These are magic shoes.
Posted by Andrea Bartlett from United States:
always get compliments!

I love these shoes!!! They are so, so, so comfortable. My husband bought them for me and I have never worn them somewhere without getting at least one compliment. They really stand out, but are casual enough to wear anywhere. I have them in black and wish I could afford to have them in more colors!
Posted by Susan M. from Seattle, WA:
Turning heads

When I wear these shoes, random people come up to me on the street to compliment me on my footwear. (I have the black and pinks.) Salesman in San Francisco recommended I go up a size, which was excellent advice; I usually wear an 8 but got these in a 9. I am generally useless in heels, but I can wear these with confidence--very stable and as comfy as heels can be. The "making of" video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrCzbw_LgMg) is also really interesting and makes me love these even more.
Posted by Sunita from Cleveland:
Teeny Tiny Shoes

I love the look of all of the Kitschy Kitschy Boom Boom shoes. I first got Viv and ended up with a size 7.5 (My regular size is 6.5), and that was best for me with my high arches, slightly wide feet, and a little longer than usual toes (really my feet are not as weird looking as I just made them sound). After reading reviews for Liz, I went with a 7.5, and again, that was the right choice. They are pretty comfortable, but not as comfortable as I would expect from a Fluevog.
Posted by Linda from Sydney, Australia:
My best Vogs ever!

I absolutely adore these shoes. I'm not usually one to venture away from basic colours, but the teal is a stand-out. It's such a gorgeous, bright, vibrant colour and they go with everything. I've read the reviews from others saying they are a weird fit, but I didn't find this at all. I'm a size 10.5-11 in the Operettas and a the Minis, but in the LIz I'm my regular size 10 shoe. They fit perfectly and are extremely comfortable for walking. I now own about 8 pairs of Vogs (or is it 9...?) and these are my best vogs so far. Love!
Posted by Elisabeth from The Jersey Shore:
Definitely weird in fit, but desperately adorable

I started coveting these in black/white/pink the moment they were released, but the comments about the weirdness in fit made me hold off for quite awhile. Finally I gave them a chance, and yeah, the fit is really weird. I went up a half-size, and while the width is fine, the length seems...off. The arch feels like it's in the wrong place, and I can't get my heel settled quite right. Also, the straps are absurdly short; I had to set them on the outermost holes even though my feet aren't especially big. (In fact, bizarrely short and snug across the top of the foot has been an issue with the last four or so newish 'vog styles I've bought, and I don't think it's just that my feet are especially high or fat.) And I'm concerned about the comfort, which I don't usually have to worry about with Fluevogs; they feel very "hard" in the sole and around the toes, not like they'll cradle my foot comfortably the way I've come to expect, and between that and the weird arch placement, I have doubts these will be wear-all-day shoes. All that said, they're not actively UNcomfortable, and holy moly, are they ever cute; I'm decidedly a sucker for a really cute style. I'm keeping them and giving them a chance, but I'm also lowering my expectations about how well and how often they'll get worn.
Posted by Annie from Sebastopol:
Cutest Shoes EVER!

I wore these to a wedding and a woman literally came up to me and offered to buy them right off of my feet. Luckily she wore a different size. I get compliments every time I wear them. They are adorable.

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