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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
$109 USD
Reg $225
CLEARANCE | Angels: Derby Swirl [Black with Red Sole]
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The Derby Swirl is a classic Fluevog Design. A stylish ankle height boot with six eyelets, vegetable tanned leather uppers, leather lining and padded foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by Ramona from Kelowna:
These shoes saved my life!

Please, please don't ever stop making the Burgundy Derby Swirls! They were my saviours and I truly couldn't get by without them. I have massive arch supports that I have to wear everyday, as well as very weak ankles that must be supported by a boot. The only shoes that fit my orthotics AND look like the coolest shoes in the city are my beloved Derby Swirls. I wear them, quite literally, 345 days a year for work, play, a date, a wedding, vacation... anything and everything. Not one day goes by that I don't get a compliment on them. John Fluevog, you ought to be sainted for creating these shoes. They gave me my life back once I got out of my wretched wheelchair. I am eternally grateful. I've been donning Fluevogs since I was 13 (over 20 years), and I intend to keep it that way 'til the end of my days. Thank you, Ramona
Posted by Brent from Calgary:

Now I'm a long-time Fluevogger, almost 20 years now and I love most of John's shoes. I won't buy another pair of Angels though, as the quality is just not there. I emailed after my last pair of Angel boots and was assured that the quality and leather is just as good as ever, but the fact is that my boots have worn out in less than 2 years while I only wear them once a week. I compared the leather with my wife's pair of 10yo boots and the outer leather is much thinner while the liner on mine is almost like vinyl compared to hers. I've also bought 2 pairs of chinese angel shoes and they failed to impress as well. Fool me once and all... I'll still buy Vog's, just not angels. Which makes me kinda sad.
Posted by Michael:
First let me say I love the style of these shoes. I wear them at least daily 8 months out of the year. They are my favorite shoes and I'm contemplating buying my third pair. However the last 2 pairs I have owned have had the soles on both shoes delaminate just weeks after walking around in them. Which with a little e6000 I can fix. Even though I do wear them a lot the soles are worn flat in just a year. Not sure if they are worth the money any more.
Posted by Esses from New England:
Please improve the quality

I've been wearing my Derby's for over 15 years like many others who have commented here. In tough New England winters they have kept my feet dry and warm because the soles are amazing. I did have them re-stitched once but they have held up considering the abuse they get. Snow, salt, mud. I want to replace them with a new pair, but I'm concerned about the reduction in quality I'm reading about. Please improve the quality and I'll purchase another pair.
Posted by dddenault@hotmail.com from north ontario:
Derby Swirls

Bought a pair of derby swirls back in '93/94....put on hundreds of miles, and the sole never lost its bounce. after a few years of treating them gently (street worn only), I started wearing them on camping trips (hiking, water, rougher terrain) and really put them through the paces...finally had to retire them somewhere around '05/06.they gave me about a dozen good years. have to say they were probably my favorite pair of non-tactical boots...highly recomend them for comfort / style / wearability and durability. DD.
Posted by john from Boston:
Angels lasted less than a year

I just ordered a new pair of the black angel derby swirl boots to replace the ones I bought less than a year ago in Boston. In the past these lasted many years but the new ones quickly fell apart inside and out. One sole is now taking on water when it snows! sad.
Posted by Tamara Krull from Canada:
Needle in a hay stack

i found my pair of black derby swirl boots at a small church thrift store for $2. i have owned them for almost 10 years and in my high school days i wore them none stop despite the fact they were 2 sizes to big for me. they still live in my closet and i hope some day to own a pair in my size. Thanks for being so awesome!
Posted by Emily Ann from Oakland,CA:
11 years and counting

I bought the Angel Derby Swirl boots in red when I was thirteen years old. I'm 24 now. I wore them every day back when I got them, and then brought them as my only shoes when I went backpacking in Europe for seven weeks in the dead of winter in 2009 (the coldest, and one of the wettest, years in Western Europe in 16 years). They're the closest thing I have to hiking boots, so I wear them whenever I hike. They're still going strong. I'm going to get a new pair sometime soon, simply because they look a little beat up these days, but, man, these things are truly indestructible BEASTS. You can't even say they're expensive, because of how many pairs of cheaper boots I'd have gone through in that time. Not to mention, they're soooo comfortable, as they've formed to my feet over the years.
Posted by Albert Urso from Traveling photo nomad.:
Will always love, but have been hurt...

I have always had at least a pair of Fluevogs in my closet, each made from a different county as years gone by. But my recent Chinese made boots that I bought a few months back have been a disappointment. Each boot looks like it came from a different assembly line; the leather actually looks different on each boot, the sole is de-laminating on my left foot, and even the 'made in china' stamp looks different than the other. Only reason I did not put off the purchase at the time for a better looking pair was because the NY sales person told me it was their last pair in my size. Which also is a downer because this is not the first time I've been told that limited stock on one of your most popular boot was a regular thing (went to buy a year before and nothing in my size). I love Fluevog,so wanted to give the heads-up intervention; and maybe someone will kick some quality into those shoe artisans. I'd even buy a pair of the painful Mexican versions (holy moly Poles sure could make a shoe, those were the days). Still the best shoes on the planet, amen.
Posted by Melynda Turner from Calgary:
love my boots

i've had my angel boots since 2000 and they are still going strong. the only thing that they need is a bit of repairs on some of the stitching to make them look as good as new. they have seen me through many miles and 2 babies. my hubby also owns a newer pair (under 3 years) and unfortunately they aren't weathering so well as they are the new generation that are made in china. the leather is not holding up to the usual fluevog standard. very disappointing.

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