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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
$109 USD
Reg $225
CLEARANCE | Angels: Derby Swirl [Black with Red Sole]
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The Derby Swirl is a classic Fluevog Design. A stylish ankle height boot with six eyelets, vegetable tanned leather uppers, leather lining and padded foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by TXVogFan from Austin, TX:
10/30/11 - bought these boots at the Manhattan store. I moved from Bklyn two months ago and I'm so sad I don't have a store in Austin. Made use of my visit by checking out styles in person and checking fit on a couple I have my eye on. I've been coveting the Derby Swirl boots for a while and as soon as I put them on my feet, I heard, "yes, we fit like we were made for you. Buy us now." And then I heard a choir of angels. Okay, so maybe I didn't hear angels singing, but my feet sure did. Must be those angel soles. Wore them out of the store and then home the next day on the plane. Have two "break-in blisters" but I suspect that will go away once I get the leather softened and shaped to my foot after a few wearings. Leather is stiff when brand new. Got the beautiful burgundy (oxblood) color in size 6 1/2. My other pairs of Fluevogs are all size 6, but they didn't have that size in the burgundy. I don't think I could have worn a smaller size, though. These boots make me feel like I can kick ass and take names. Thanks to Georgia for her patience.
Posted by robinrenee from texas:
angel boots

I have owned a pair of the angel sole boots since they first hit the market and I am still wearing them ... over 15 yrs . Have not needed new soles or repairs. Buying a new pair as I see my size being discontinued !
Posted by David S from Los Angeles:
Since my original posting, Fluevog have been kind enough to send me a replacement pair of boots. I hope these last a bit longer than the last pair but either way I do appreciate Fluevog standing behind their product and customers enough to make good on a pair of boots that was clearly defective. Thank you Fluevog.
Posted by G Williams from Seattle, WA:
I love the gold ones I just got, but whyyyyyyy has the Seattle store not had my size in black for over a year??
Posted by Helena_Handbasket from Flesherton, Ontario:
Love these!

I just retired my lovely boots after 15 well worn years. The leather wore out before the sole did. 2 trips around the world, a six month stint in one of the hottest places on earth in a war zone, and 1 house built - and they never failed me. Lots of compliments on the look - especially from our soldiers! Needed a steel toe option. Looking forward to ordering a new pair in September. Thanks Fluevog for the best boots I've ever had!
Posted by Sylvia L. from LA:
I bought a pair of these for my husband, and he loved them at first. After just under a year the sole came apart (much like what other reviewers are complaining about). When we contacted the store we were told that the warranty is only 8 months and that we would have to pay to have these repaired. How sad that such an expensive pair of shoes would be so poorly crafted that they fall apart after 1 year of normal use. I will not be buying or supporting Fluevog shoes any longer.
Posted by David Surnow from Los Angeles:
Bought these exactly one year ago and the sole of one just fell off. Seems like shoddy workmanship for such a short period of time on boots that were not worn all that much. Sadly Fluevog only stand behind their work for 8 months. When I sent an email expressing my disappointment to Fluevog, all I got was an email back saying what I already knew, that for $50 I can get them resoled. I own boots from Fred Segal that have lasted 10 years and not needed shoe laces. How is it possible that these shoes that cost well over $200 fall apart after such a short period of time? My goal is to now warn those who might buy these shoes that they will fall apart every year and that the Fluevog warranty is useless.
Posted by Michael Glass from Carrboro,NC:

So I have a pair of Derby Swirl boots,and my wife got me some soles for them.I've had these boots for about 14 yrs. and the only thing wrong with them is that they need to be resoled,and unfortunately the boot/shoe repair stores in the Chapel Hill area are incompetent and can't handle the job.Can you help me? Mike G.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Michael, contact the Boston store and they can help you out. You can send your boots and soles to them, and their cobbler will put them on correctly for you. :)
Posted by Jonn from Manhattan:
I'm sold!

My wife has a pair and swears by them. Says they're the most comfortable walking shoe EVER! I reluctantly tried them and Holy Cow!! We walk all over Manhattan Island with them. Best walking shoe ever made! Quality is outstanding. Moustache is kind of cute too.. :-{
Posted by onie from san fransico:
i agree these shoez r comfortable but i also wore my solez and stiching out in 3 months.. when i took them back to the store i was told to buy new shoez... i explained that these were new... so i had them resloed and stiched sum where else.. they lasted threw the summer till the leather gave way.. this shoes is comfortable just wish they were built better.. .

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