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Brandenburg (Brown)
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Brandenburg (Brown)
Brandenburg (Brown)
$149 USD
Reg $279
CLEARANCE | Gateway Angels: Brandenburg [Brown]
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A subtle banker's shoe with a trimmed Angel sole and JF brogue detailing, the Brandenburg is the shoe for those victorious on the battlefield of board meetings. Produced in a Vietnamese factory, which is owned by Japanese shoe-makers, who were trained in England using 19th century traditional methods, the Gateway Angels are some of the most classically fabricated (and international) shoes we have made in recent years. Featuring waxy Italian leathers that glow of amber and obsidian on a classic capped toe pattern, the Brandenburg ensures you walk home with your head held high (and hopefully all three points).

*Leather soles can be slippery at first, and should not be worn in heavy wet weather, or on salted sidewalks as they may compromise the strength and structure of the sole. Many buyers choose to 'topy' leather soles to remedy this.

From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
Because the Brandenburgs have a tapered toe, most people size up a half size for the best fit.

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Posted by Richie from Mississippi:
Comfy yet Poppy

I bought these shoes to wear for a job interview. They are very comfortable after a few treks in them. I feel they are fitted narrow, but they do widen out a bit after wearing. The Angel soles create a suction and pop when I walk on a hard surface and that eventually stops with use. BTW: I did not get the job, but I looked good.
Posted by Chris:
Nice Shoes, But Some QC Issues

I bought a pair several months ago to wear with my suits when walking into work. As discussed above, they are very pretty and the squishy soles are very comfortable. A couple of issues - the shoes fit on the narrow side, they did form to my feet, but it took some time. These shoes gave me the worst blisters I have ever had on my heels - the edge of the heel cut into my foot something terrible for the first couple of months (I couldn't wear the shoes on consecutive days, as I had to allow the skin on my heel to firm up. Most troubling is the fact that, despite limited use, I had to have the back of the uppers re-glued to the sole - clearly some QC issues that I've also seen others complain about in respect of similarly constructed Fluevogs. The only upside of having had to take the shoes into the cobbler is that the time on the last helped soften the leather of the top of the back of the shoe. All and all, I'm happy with the shoes, but there were some serious problems with the break in and the QC is not what I'd expect for shoes in this price range.
Posted by john from Cooperstown, NY:
1/2 size too big

Bought a pair in 10.5 and they fit like 11's. Sadly, can't wear these guys... too bad because they're great shoes.
Posted by Amy from West Linn Or.:
Wow! Amazing

Incredible process! These men and women are true craftspeople with amazing talent. Ty for sharing the process, seeing this makes me cherish my JF's incredibly!!
Posted by Twan from Los Angeles:

As every pair of Fluevog i have ever owned, and there have been many, as can be expected, this one is as stylish and comfortable as any of the others. John Fluevog. A hero of the world, I say. I love the man. There. I said it.
Posted by Adam from Edmonton:
The Rhythm of Your Stride

Fabulously versatile, the Brandenburg Gateways look spiffy with a suit or a pair of jeans, in particular skinny legged jeans. The Angel sole adds a marvellous groove to your step, you'll feel like a dancer on a cloud.
Posted by Sam from Toronto:
Amazing Shoes

Awesome Video, but I'm not surprised at the process. I have these with the Angel Soles and they are quality. Just ordered the Orange for summertime.
Posted by clinton wolfgramm from saltlakecityutahangelsoles:

i come from a place shaped like a bowl that is if you have wings and would look down from above.I can say its quite salty here here and everyone has gone scurvey Its mutany had to jump on a life raft and cut the line until it sank I found myself clinging to a boey swam ashore my boots covered in sand I began walking thruogh one of the nine gates of HELL!I FOUND A PLACE TO rest in the second handstore here in slc Utah a higher power had me exchanging my shoes when I had looked on the bottoms of my shoes I found there was still those solid few grains of sand amazingly still there stuck those few grains of sand in a sense is you me and them which is we who dont get lost in the carpet left for the herds of the blind called cow eye to trample on when I am around like minded indivisuals I CALL THE FEW my "solid few" mine and your ANGELS we solid grains of sand still stuck on the bottoms of our shoe I ask them please dont clip a wing fall and get lost in the carpet i have nine definitions for every word its what opens minds new ways of thinking after leaving the second hand store i felt agile and light in my steps i walked a distance of nine miles and found a place to rest with few others free and open to speak I EXPLAINED TO ANOTHER who was having trouble in his reltionship having to do with communication about nine words spelled the same with different meanings which had helped ease his troubled mind and perhaps saved nine other peoples lives i had taken off my shoes and was shocked to see there was nine ANGELS imprinted on the bottoms of these shoes them angels to me was you and i which is "we" lets find out we had been walking on ourselves HA lol i am still wearing these shoes and am afraid I will not find another pair for the angels are fading and the salt from the snow melt has an appetite and is slowly eating them 0=)need another for the cause be aware of the cow eye and its right taking bites lol lol
Posted by Ken from Capitol Hill, DC:
Second Pair o' 'Vogs

I got a pair of Henk's a couple of years ago and selected the Brandenburg as my second pair. Right out of the box these were tight on my fat feet, but within a half dozen wearings they loosened up a bit and became insanely comfortable. The classic style looks great with a suit and adds a bit of understated flair. The shoe shine guy at Nordstrom's was wondering why they don't carry these and even called the manager of the shoe department over to look at them. Also, the reviewer that said these shoes are silent is indeed correctly, they quiet my lumbering gait to whisper. I wonder what I'm going to get for pair #3?
Posted by Bradley B from Langley, BC:
Stealthy good looks

I have had my Brandenburgs for a year or so. They never fail to get a commnent. I wear them with suits and jeans and they always work. They also are silent, allowing me to sneak up on people. A handy feature not normally advertised.

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