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James (Gray)
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James (Gray)
James (Gray)
$175 USD
Future Angels | James [Gray]
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The future King James spent his childhood in prison studying poetry. When finally released he inherited the kingdom of the Scots and all hell broke loose. James used unconventional methods to gain control over his kingdom, and could have used John's Future Angels for protection against the dark forces of his destiny. The Future James uses tough leathers on a flexible and lightweight molded sport sole (made of 50% rubber and 50% all-natural latex) for quick movement and a lightning wit - both of which James could have used against his assassins. After tearing up the floorboards of the room, King James tried to escape through a sewer but ironically met his fate as he had previously had the other end of the drain blocked three days earlier (its connection to the tennis court was where balls habitually got lost). As the bottom of the shoe reminds you... Your sole will direct your future!

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From the fit experts:

Stephen from our Seattle store says:
The Future Angels James has a wider fit, and is a little shallow in toe box. Otherwise, true to size, and incredibly comfortable.

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Posted by Jonathan from Greensboro NC:

I've had these shoes since the summer of 2009, and I wear them practically every day. I've gone through two sets of laces, yet the shoes show no sign of breaking down. The most comfortable shoes I own! They go great with work attire, and dress up a pair of jeans. I don't get a ton of comments on them (it is a somewhat subtle design, for a Fleuvog), but I don't really care.
Posted by Mark from UK:
Fell apart after 6 months of light wear

After having purchased a pair in olive last year, I decided to get another pair in black. Unfortunately they fell apart after 6 months of light wear (wearing to work only and not every day). The olive pair have held up well, but the black pair have not. Be prepared to replace your shoes after 6 months! >-(
Posted by RT from Ottawa:

These are my 7th pair of Fluevogs and by far the most comfortable. I'm getting another pair of these puppies!
Posted by Sean Dupuis from Nanaimo ,BC ,Canada:
Future Angel

I just bought this one in black and I am already thinking about buying the Larson! These fit perfect and look even better in person. I owned 3 pairs of swordfish in the early 90's and wore the soles right out of each pair! That's how much I really like Fluevog ! I will do the same with these! They are the only shoes that I really feel awesome about wearing! The originality, quality, and style! Other shoes are just shoes! Fluevogs are just like heaven ! I know I will be getting compliments on them tomorrow! Worth every penny! Thanks to John I'm Fluevoging today ! :-D
Posted by Sergei from San Francisco:
Nice shoes, but loosing paint

This is very comfortable shoes. However, they are loosing paint (front and both sides) fairly quickly. I am wearing them almost every other day for a last year or so (the weather in San Francisco allows this :) ).
Posted by Ben from Chicago, IL USA:
I love the style and these are about the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Pretty disappointed that I've had them for seven months and they are totally falling apart (stitching falling out, soles separated). So I would recommend them for those that wear their shoes lightly.
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Hi Ben, check in with the Chicago store as their cobbler might be able to fix them up for you.
Posted by Liam Scanlan (2nd pair) from Seattle, WA:
Olive green pair a stand-out. I love 'em

Years after getting my original brown pair (for which I already wrote a review), I took a bit of a risk with the new Olive colored model. It's really more brown than olive, I'd say, but not as "red" as the original brown pair, so it actually goes with just about everything. Jeans, khakis (sp?). I absolutely love this new pair. Get some great comments again on them, and they're so rare, I've never seen anyone else wearing a pair. They've become a kind of "signature" of mine. "Oh, here's Liam again with his shoes". Love 'em. It's so nice to have one truly decent pair of shoes.
Posted by Liam Scanlan from Seattle, WA:
So comfy, I could have slept in them

I bought both the brown set and the black set. Even though they looked very similar, the brown pair seemed more comfortable. I wore them pretty much every day for YEARS. Completely trashed them. Got them renewed at the store and they came back looking like new! They eventually died, but I will get another pair now. This newer model looks like they updated it a bit. I love the freshened up look. And people always comment on them. They are unusual without being outrageous. Babe magnet too.
Posted by Carlo Wolff from Cleveland, Ohio:
King James Gray

I like them, I like them. They fit true (if a smidgen roomy), they walk soft and flat, and look really cool. These James Grays are just the ticket for chilly winter evenings in Cleveland, and with their red stitching, they bring welcome color. Nice charcoal and soft, waxy finish besides. These are the first Fluevogs I've had in at least 10 years. Nice for my feet to be home. ]:o)
Posted by Jack from Melbourne, Australia:
The beauty

I had a tear when I opened the box containing these shoes. They are a beautiful piece of work - the shape, the colour of the leather and stiching, the fit are all the work of a craftsman. Thanks Fluevog.

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