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Open Source
Zaza (Black & Beige)
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Zaza (Black & Beige)
Zaza (Black & Beige)
$285 USD
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Minis | Zaza [Black & Beige]
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Named for and designed by San Franciscan Samantha Zaza for John's Open Source Footwear Program (OMG! If you don't know about this click on Fluevog's Open Source). Built upon the Fluevog classic Mini heel, this spats inspired wide strap with three cutesy buttons attached by elastic is sure to fit all shapes of feet. Samantha's design made John stand up and take notice, and he declared her design an OSF "Chosen" design. We hope you are as excited as John is. (To find out more about Samantha and her shoe the Zaza.) Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

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From the fit experts:

Jessamy from our Boston store says:
The fit of the Zaza is on the long side. The strap is not adjustable, so the fit might be loose if you have a low instep or a very narrow foot. Many go down half a size in this style.

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Posted by metrognome from Vancouver:
Beautiful fit, great style

Gorgeous fit, lovely quality. This is my fourth pair of Vogs and counting. The band over the top of the foot slips on gently and easily. Fits true to size, though the arch in this style is a bit low. This is my first in the mini family and it won't be my last. I love all the extra height without the usual discomfort of heels, the rubber soles, and the smooth glove-like fit.
Posted by Angela Combest from Chicago:
New Favorites

After months of debating, I finally went in for ZaZa. She may be my new favorite. Minis work great for me--a nice heel height, yet really stable. I have 'Vogs in 8.5 and 9, and 8.5 is perfect in this style. Love the green/brown combo.
Posted by VZ from Washington DC:
I'm in love...

These shoes fit like a glove, and are SOOOO comfortable! I have several pairs of Fluevogs and I can't stop buying them! Seriously, if you've been thinking about it, just do it already, you will NOT be disappointed!
Posted by Marisa McCabe from Los angeles:
I had dreamed this shoe

You know when you put together a bunch of perfect parts of a bunch of different shoes and wish there was one that incorporated all of those things?? I no longer have to do that- these shoes are my dream shoes!! Soooo comfortable... sooo cute. @>-
Posted by Coco from San Diego:
How should it fit????

I love these shoes but how are they supposed to fit? Is the cream band across the foot supposed to fit snug against the foot or loose? With the shoes I ordered, the band fits loose... seems like it should fit tighter. Don't know if they are flawed and should send back for another pair. Can someone help?
Reply from Shawn from Fluevog Los Angeles at Fluevog:
The strap on the Zaza fits differently to each person's feet. On some people it ends up being a bit tighter fitting, but on average it is a bit looser and has a some space between it and one's foot. Odds are they are fitting just how they should and a different pair would have the same amount of looseness on the strap. If you do wish to have a snugger strap a local cobbler might be able to cut and tighten the strap a bit. Hope all this helps, if you do have further questions feel free to contact of the of the Fluevog stores.
Posted by vivienne from East Bay, California:
I can't take these shoes off!!!

I LOVE this shoe! These are the most comfortable 3" heels I have ever worn. I am a "girly-tomboy" so I'm usually in flip-flops or running shoes. I have been searching for a stylish and comfortable "real" shoe for work or going out with the gals, the Zaza is PERFECT with jeans or a skirt! My feet are a little bit wide at the toebox and these shoes are very comfortable. I wear a size 38 or 7 and ordered these in a 7, they fit awesome! I can't wait to buy my next pair of Fluevog Minis, maybe the Gorgeous. THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH A PERFECT SHOE!!!
Posted by Katt from Washington, DC Area:
Takes a while to get down the street...

Fiance bought me these shoes as a birthday present (after I spent several days drooling over them)@>-. Love, love, love these shoes. They do run pretty true to size (at least for me) I usually wear an 8.5, but fiance got me a 9 (just in case). They are a little loose, but was able to take up the slack with an insert. If I buy another pair, I'll definitely get the 8.5. First day I wore these to work with a brown & green skirt...I was stopped 7 times (within 3 blocks) by people commenting on how wonderful they are and "where did I get them". :-D I was almost late getting back from lunch! But it made my day! Thanks JOHN! I get asked all the time if they are comfortable... and YES they are very, very comfortable!
Posted by Christine Conway from San Francisco:

After drooling over the shoes in the Haight Street window, I finally came in during business hours. Just one look is all it took. These shoes are little works of art and I too cannot believe that they come it at 3". I wore them out of the store and walked about 2.5 miles around the city that very day. I also wear them on my bike and when I walk my dog. I am a shoe nut and I will joyfully be adding more Fluevogs to my collection. Thanks a million John -- and the open source designer too! Oh yeah, the woman in the store who sold me my shoes was phenomenal and she really knew the variation in the sizes for all of the shoes I tried. :-D
Posted by Sarah from Vancouver:
3" Heel? I don't believe you!

I walked into the Gastown store knowing that I was going to buy a pair of Minis, because I'd fallen in love with the look of the heel, but I just wasn't sure which ones. As soon as I tried these on, there was no question. The hardest part was settling on a colour. I finally decided to go with the brown and green. With long pants, these look like I'm wearing a conservative boot, but then when I sit down the green strap pokes out... surprise! Once again, John delivers a heel that feels like it's half its height. I have no trouble wearing these all day long, even walking all over the place. They do fit large, though. The 7.5's are a bit too big on my usually size 8 feet, but adding a heel pad helped, and wearing them with socks makes them fit perfectly. I am considering getting cushions to go under the balls of my feet so that I can wear these sockless. (Nothing to do with comfort - these are perfectly comfortable already.)
Posted by DCG from Washington, DC:
My gateway drug

These were my first foray into the Minis, and the minute I opened the box, I felt the urge to adopt the entire Mini family. Cute, comfy, exquisite details on the straps and edges, and solid quality.

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