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Rubens (Noir)
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Rubens (Noir)
Rubens (Noir)
$179 USD
Reg $259
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Baroques | Rubens [Noir]
GROUPES:   Vente   Femmes   Habillé   Spécialisée   Talon  

Rubens était un peintre flamand baroque prolifique. Ses peintures, bien des siècles avant celles de R.Crumb, mettaient l'emphase sur l'érotisme et la sensualité des femmes avec un surplus de poids. Rubenesque, est une expression toujours utilisée de nos jours afin de décrire affectueusement des femmes rondes. Construite sur un talon hexagonal Louis XIV exquis et décadent, cet escarpin utilise un contrapposto de suède souple doté de motifs royaux étampés avec un bout et une courroie robuste en cuir verni sans oublier les boucles décorées. La chaussure Rubens donne à votre garde-robe la palette et les courbes pour créer votre propre chef-d'oeuvre. There's no fashion like old fashion (il n'y a pas de mode comme l'ancienne mode).

From the fit experts:

Emilie, Dominique, and Samuel from our Quebec City store says:
The Rubens fit true to size and have adjustable straps, which make them perfect for any foot!

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Posted by Adin from Kamloops:
Accidental Match

I bought these in the green when it went on sale, having fallen in love with the quirky 6-sided heel detail. While I was waiting for them to arrive in the mail, I found a gorgeous green velvet 'coat', fell in love with it, and had to take it home with me. The shoes arrived 2 days later...and they went together so well it was as if I'd planned it that way. Glorious shoes, they make me feel like I should be having my portrait taken when I wear them. Another perfect Fluevog creation!
Posted by Carrie from Saskatoon:
I have these in blue velvet. Lovely, lovely shoes. True to size. They have a decent heel, but they are very comfortable and easy to walk in. Stephen at the Distillery store was a tremendous help with this purchase. I will definitely be back for more!
Posted by May Liang from Washington, DC:
Fabulously quirky shoes

I love my Rubens (so much that I have them in both black and red. They are conservative enough to wear in the workplace and quirky enough that I always get compliments when wearing them (even by normally oblivious men). The red is a deep wine red and goes with a surprising number of outfits. I like heels, but I only like comfortable heels. The Baroque heels are high enough to count as heels but solid enough that these shoes are very easy to walk long distances in. I love them!
Posted by Jennifer from Calgary:
Blue Velvet Shoes

Just got my shoes in the post yesterday. As expected, they are glorious. The blue is deep and rich, and the heel is surprisingly comfortable for its height. *So* glad these finally went on sale so I could stop dithering and buy another pair of Fluevogs!
Posted by Meghan from Canada:
My pretties...

Every time a buy a pair of Fleuvogs, I wonder why I buy another other shoes. Ever. Seriously. These pretties are fab. I bought a 12 and they hug my foot. I fit an 11 in regular shoes...and an 11 1/2 or 12 in Fleuvogs usually. Shopping for shoes onlne is a daunting thing. The reviews really help and you can trust the shoe fit ratings. Best of all, the red box stuffed with goodies and your new pretties will be on your doorstep before you know it. Amazing.
Posted by Isabelle from Quebec, Canada:
The Rubens are my first Fluevog shoes. Amazing experience, fantastik shoes! They are unique, beautiful and most of all confortable. It is not impersonnal like other transaction on the web. Thank you so much! I am a fan of theses wearable pieces of art now. Merci à la boutique de Quebec pour le petit mot accompagnant la commande et le traitement rapide.
Posted by Helen from London, Ontario:
Beautiful, although not exactly as described online

I just received my Baroque Rubens in olive green, and I must say that they are absolutely beautiful. They fit true to my usual size 7. However, I would like to point out that both the blue and the green are leather and velvet, NOT suede as described online. Having only tried on the burgundy ones in the past, I was expecting the green ones to be suede as well. The shoes are still just as beautiful, but I'll have to be careful not to wear them outdoors on any days when it might rain, as I have no idea how one takes care of velvet shoes.
Posted by Katrina from Victoria, BC:
Wedding shoes!

I had been searching for the perfect burgundy shoe for our Wedding day last September. I knew I wanted something unique. I went to Vancouver in the summer and walked into the Gastown store and right away fell in love. The sales woman went above and beyond customer service with getting my shoe delivered to my house as the one pair they had in stock was faded from the sun. When they arrived in their perfect box in the mail, they took my breath away once again :) They fit big as I am a size 6 normally, but ended up buying the size 5! Made me feel perfect on the day I married my best friend :) Thank you Fluevog!!
Posted by Veronica from Sydney:
Beautiful navy blue velvet comfortable shoes!

I bought the blue velvet recently during my trip to Washington DC for a wedding. I have been looking for a mid heel navy shoes for quite a while. Viola, I found them very comfortable with true size and broader fitting. I am a sz 7 with C fitting. Can't wait to wear them with dress, skirt or pants! This is my 6th pair since I discovered this brand only this year! Looking forward to a new Fluevog store in Sydney!
Posted by Marian from Victoria, BC:
Oh. My.

Sexy, cute, comfortable, burgundy lusciousness. Buying these was pure indulgence, but I don't regret it for a moment. Who could not be giddy wearing these gorgeous works of art? I'm a 7.5 in non-Vogs, but consistently a 7 in Vogs, and the Rubens are no exception. As others have noted, no need to worry about fussing with the buckles. Once you set them to fit your foot, you can (gently) wiggle your foot right in without undoing them. They look equally great with dresses or jeans, tights or bare legged. I think they're destined to become a Fluevog classic.

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