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Rubens (Noir)
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Rubens (Noir)
Rubens (Noir)
$179 USD
Reg $259
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Rubens était un peintre flamand baroque prolifique. Ses peintures, bien des siècles avant celles de R.Crumb, mettaient l'emphase sur l'érotisme et la sensualité des femmes avec un surplus de poids. Rubenesque, est une expression toujours utilisée de nos jours afin de décrire affectueusement des femmes rondes. Construite sur un talon hexagonal Louis XIV exquis et décadent, cet escarpin utilise un contrapposto de suède souple doté de motifs royaux étampés avec un bout et une courroie robuste en cuir verni sans oublier les boucles décorées. La chaussure Rubens donne à votre garde-robe la palette et les courbes pour créer votre propre chef-d'oeuvre. There's no fashion like old fashion (il n'y a pas de mode comme l'ancienne mode).

From the fit experts:

Emilie, Dominique, and Samuel from our Quebec City store says:
The Rubens fit true to size and have adjustable straps, which make them perfect for any foot!

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Posted by Ginny from Melbourne:
True to size

These are so elegant! True to size - marginally snugger than the Malibran 8 on my foot, but the toe is narrower and they are a slightly snugger fit. As I always with Mr Fluevog's shoes, the heel feels way lower than it is, and is perfectly stable. I bought these in the black and would love to have a pair in a green or blue - as I'm burgundy'ed out for now.
Posted by Diana from Chicago:

I'm a size 7.5M usually, but after trying the 7.5 and the 8 in-store I decided on the 8 since the 7.5 felt narrow on my toes. Unfortunately, after wearing them, I realized that my right heel slips off on every step I take. Also, the seams by the ball of the foot on the inside of the shoes really irritate both feet. Hopefully metatarsal pads and mole skin will help. I really just wanted my first pair of 'Vogs to fit perfectly. They are so gorgeous and are perfect for work. The heel is comfy for someone who doesn't like wearing super high heels, too. In short, go with your usual size and have the shoes stretched as needed. And try both the left and the right shoe on. P.S. Thanks to Dustin in Chicago and SF @ Haight for their awesome service!
Posted by Pat Kight from Albany, OR:
I stopped by the Seattle store this weekend hoping to take advantage of the current sale; alas, they were all out of my size in my preferred sale shoes. Then I spotted several models in the Baroque line (including some not yet on the Web site), and gasped. I tried them all on. They fit like a dream. I wound up buying the Rubens, in size 8.5 (I'm an 8 in mass-market shoes) but seem to run a half size larger in all my favorite Fluevogs). My god, this shoe is gorgeous. And comfortable. Perfect for a vampire, or a Steampunk diva. The sole is a little more slick than I prefer, but I plan to take it to my local cobbler (everyone should have a local cobbler) and have a nonskid surface applied to the sole.
Posted by Natasha from Los Angeles:

I went to the L.A. store with friends yesterday on a whim, hoping to try on the Promise shoes. I wasn't as in love with them as I thought I'd be, but these little beauties caught my eye. Oh my. They are comfy, incredibly lovely, and fit like a dream. I usually wear a 7.5 in regular heels, and my other Vogs (Paris & Xie Xie) are 7s. The 6.5 fit my wide foot perfectly in these. I have a larger foot on the right side, so I did the buckles on that side one hole looser so both fit me great now. I wore them yesterday evening from a play date and didn't get a single blister, pain, etc. I now need to start saving for the matching purse!
Posted by Christine from Quebec city:
Great shoes

After so many months drooling over the website, I bought my first pair of Fluevog shoes, the Rubens. They needed a little break in; my toes needed a bit of space, but now they are just fine. I am not used to heels, but these are not too high, I can walk a lot with them. I have the black ones and I wear them with everything. They are so stylish! :-B
Posted by Beth from outside Toronto:
Love them!

I wear these shoes to work because they're still comfortable after an entire day walking around the office (yeah, my job is sort of sedentary, but still!). What I really like about these shoes is that not only are they comfortable, but they're versatile. I wear them to work with pants, but I can also wear them with a nice dress. I have a narrow foot, and wear a 7 in many stores, but the 6.5 fits me perfectly.
Posted by Natal from Saskatoon:

I have had so many people say: "I love those shoes!" Super comfortable heel height, and stable heel. Worth every penny.
Posted by Gabrielle from Pittsburgh:

I am a 7.5 with high arches and I went with 8. These are really nice. I got the red which is red in the lighter suede part, wine in the dark areas. On my computer they look slightly more red when they are actually slightly on the purple hue. I love them :-D
Posted by Virginia from Portland, OR:
These make me so happy!

Best shoes ever. I usually wear an 8 in Fluevog and a 7 1/2 in other brands' heels, and the 7 1/2 in this shoe fit very well. I have slender feet, so I don't even have to unbuckle-- they just slip on. I am traditionally very anti-heel and have bad knees, but these shoes really are comfortable and sturdy. The red color is great and matches everything; much darker than pictured. I make a little happy noise every time I put these on.
Posted by Ellen from North Vancouver:
Worth every penny!

Have these in burgundy and they're stunning. It's a very rich, dark colour. I'm an impatient person so thought I'd be annoyed by the buckles, but alas, they're fine as they're easy to do up. They're a welcome change from the boring pumps I normally wear with suits. ]:o)

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