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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
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Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
Derby Swirl (Black with Red Sole)
$109 USD
Reg $225
CLEARANCE | Angels: Derby Swirl [Black with Red Sole]
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The Derby Swirl is a classic Fluevog Design. A stylish ankle height boot with six eyelets, vegetable tanned leather uppers, leather lining and padded foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by linnea from bay area:
I had the knee high version 10 years ago and LOVED them. I can't go into why they're gone, but I've missed them. I've never found a more comfortable boot in my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH for bringing back the Derby Swirl! I'm going to buy these right now so I can relive the awesome.
Posted by Jay Kay from Calgary:
Love my Fluevogs!

After 13 years the only thing I've had to do is change the sole and get some new laces! I get as much wear out of them today as I did way back in the day! Thanks Fluevog! :-D
Posted by carla from edmonton:
thank you, John Fluevog and designers

I was in Vancouver and went to Fluevog out of desperation. My feet are size 8EE and I wear orthotics. I was thrilled to find that these boots accommodated my feet, and that I wore them out of the store on the streets of Van in the rain for three hours afterward with not too much trouble. The uppers are a bit stiff (they are easing after each wearing) but the soles are cushy. The leather lining feels deluxe - I've looked at boots from Harley, Wolverine, etc. and none compare at this price. And I have always loved this design. Now I'm back in Edmonton. and these boots are easily handling the snow and ice. I am so, so happy. They are super cool and I'll look fantastic riding my 1988 Harley FXR next spring. Can't wait, but I have these lovely tough boots to remind me that underneath the snow and ice is indeed 'an invincible summer.' You know, as a child in the 70's, I remember going to the Fox and Fluevog shop with Mom. The styles and quality made an impression even then. I think these boots are a Canadian classic, much like Docs in England, or Blundstones in AUS. Keep them coming off the line. I think every citizen, rural or urban, would find these a tremendous boot. Love Carla
Posted by Rosanne Currie from Victoria:

I've had mine for 6 years and they were so comfortable that I callously and enthusiastically abandoned all my other footwear. This pair was the be all, end all of ALL SHOES. I wore them through rain, sleet and snow and even through the blazing summer. I'm pretty hardcore rough on all my shoes so the fact that these lasted all this time is nothing short of divine intervention. You can take my dignity but you can't take my Fluevogs.
Posted by Meredith:
I own around six pairs of Fluevogs at this point, but these are my favourites. They make me feel like the coolest, toughest girl in the world, and they fit me so perfectly that there was no breaking-in period at ALL. Did someone say there used to be a knee-high version? WANT! WANT! WANT!
Posted by Candice Watkins from Astoria, Oregon:
So uncomfortable!!!

I just received my first pair of fluevogs and have never put a more uncomfortable pair of boots/shoes on my feet. I can't imagine wearing them long enough to break in. I'm not the type of person to torture my feet for two straight weeks in hopes of breaking in a shoe. I can't wait to return these for, I guess my only option, store credit. Now I understand why Fluevog has such a strict return policy! They must get a whole lot of returns.
Posted by Rivka from WV by way of San Francisco:
Superb and boot-ilicious

I have had the knee-high version of these boots for 13 years and worn them incessantly. They need re-soul-ing and the grommets have steadily been falling out, but other than that, they have held up beautifully. Only bummer is that my feet spread after I had my son, so they're too tight to wear for very long anymore....
Posted by Gunny from vancouver:
Most Comfortable but

I have owned several pairs now. They truly are the most comfortable boots I've ever worn. The laces they sell with them are lousy quality and I actually broke the steel shank in my latest pair. I have owned them less than a year. These ones are made in China where other were made in Poland. I will give buy another pair but if the quality doesn't improve I will move on to find new "most comfortable" boots
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
If laces are breaking often, most often the culprit is a sharp eyelet on the inside that starts to fray the laces. Squeeze the star-shaped eyelet with needlenose pliers, and hopefully that will do the trick. As far as a broken shank - please bring the shoes back to a Fluevog store to show us, and we will try our best to accommodate you.
Posted by j.cro from Dirty Jersey:
Best boots

I've owned these boots for TEN years, replaced the soles once and now they're just about fallen apart. I'll be getting a new pair soon, but I'll be sad to retire my comfy, broken-in boots.
Posted by Andrea from Philly:
Derby Swirls!

I love these boots!! I bought both colors (black & burgundy). I used to wear these in the 90's and they become the most comfortable shoes you will ever own, once the initial break-in is through. They are stylish and match EVERYTHING. I highly recommend these boots...CLASSIC!!

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