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Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
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Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Supervog [Blue with Gray Rub-off]
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A classic style of Angelic descent with Super swirl details on each side, stripes that reach from far to wide, padded tongue and collar maintain comfort, strength and a snug fit. Leather uppers with leather lining and padded leather foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by heather from South of Chicago, IL:
I just visited a retail Fluevog store and was considering getting some angels. The employee there said they will be phasing out the current angel shoes and will begin manufacturing them in Poland again. I think I will wait to but them after the "Poland" ones are released, especially after seeing these reviews.
Posted by Brent from Portland OR:
It's a Shame

I have many pairs of Supervog from years ago. I wish I bought more back then since these days the quality has really gone downhill. The best I've had are the ones from Poland but even the one's made in Mexico are better than the China made ones of today. Another thing is these Supervog used to have different color offers every few year but I've seen these same colors being offered for at least the past 4 years. I may have to look for a brand new altogether and dare I say it could be from a Dr. :-(
Posted by labenge from Toronto:

I own a pair of older supervogs - they're great. My partner wanted a pair, so we went to the Toronto store (great sales service). I tried on a pair and found that they're cut differently than my older ones. On the plus side, they're a bit lower at the ankle bone ( mine chafe a bit there). On the minus side, one of the shoes was excruciatingly painful at the joint of my big toe. No exaggeration. These shoes could not be worn. I tried a black pair and they were better - so I figured it was the patent leather not yielding enough on the other ones. The black ones aren't patent leather. I bought a different pair of Fluevogs altogether that day, though. My partner also had no problem with the black pair she tried on. So she bought them. The second time she wore them, the pain happened. She's tried different things to alleviate it (thicker socks, moleskin, inserts)- to no avail. They're unbearable, unwearable. From reading the comments here, I don't think we should even bother taking them to the store to have them worked on. I think it's just flawed design. Disappointment.
Posted by Gord from Vancouver originally, now in HK:
Now what do I do?

I was getting ready to order a new pair of Supervogs until I started to read some of the other comments. Many of the situations echo my own - cracked soles, overly quickly wearing out of the insoles. Like some of the other folk here, I have loved my 'vogs for a hell of a long time and have had numerous pairs over the years, but now I'm in a quandary. Come on John, get back to your roots!
Posted by Dana Thordarson from Canada:

Similar to a previous reviewer, these seemed to fit okay at first, but now they break below the joint of my big toes, digging straight into my skin. The Fluevog staff have tried to soften them, but this will not change where the break happens. I doubt I'll ever be able to wear them. (:`(
Posted by Daniel Ueda from Philadelphia:
Poor poor Angel Supervogs

I want to echo the comments that I have seen on here. I have been a Fluevog customer since 2002. I switched over from Red Wing shoes when I saw the Angel Supervogs at a store in the Village in NYC. My first pair lasted 6 years. I loved the shoe so much, I bought the red and silver supervog to wear to my wedding. The last two pairs of black supervogs I purchased however only lasted 2 year each. My last pair had the sole detach from the shoe on the left side and a large chunk of the center of the sole come off. The quality went way down hill. Is it really because manufacturing moved to China? That makes me sad. Why would a company that prides itself on the quality of its shoes degrade their quality so much? I want to stay with you guys because I have never worn a better shoe, but I'm not sure what to do.
Posted by Alias Burk from vancouver:
WEAK store policy. No sale!!

same issue as another poster - wanted to buy supervogs but they didn't have my size in, they had them at another store and wanted me to pay the shipping. In a word, WEAK!
Posted by Ian Pugh from Columbus, Ohio (and everywhere else):
Saddened, too.

I have also owned these great shoes in several colours over the last two decades, and they have been amazing, durable shoes. But my last two pairs have been a disappointment. I had to buy the second because the previous pair wore out in less than a year - seams falling apart, leather tearing along seams...I use to wear my vogs every day and anywhere. With my current pair I wear them seldom, and they too are looking aged beyond their year. I love this company and it makes me sad that I may have bought my last pair of these shoes. I even wrote a heartfelt email about the destruction of my penultimate pair to the store I bought them from, asking what had happened - but I never even got a reply...Anyway, at least I have my memories...
Posted by Mark from Kitchener, ON:
Love these shoes, but...

I love these shoes! They look great, and now that they're a little "aged" they look even better. I wear them daily for work and nightly for... well... whatever! On stage or in the office, they are the perfect match to whatever I'm doing! They took a couple weeks to break in, but after that were awesome, until recently...... they're only 6 or 7 months old and already the inside liner at the heel, and inside by my big and little toe is worn through. I'm a little concerned about the quality that would indicate. I was hoping to get more than the warranty period out of these beauties...
Posted by David Eppert from Delta, BC, Canada:
Sorry, no sale

I've owned a few pairs of Angels over the last ten years but not recently. I decided to treat myself to another pair of the best shoes I have ever had but was told that the stores here had none in stock and that I would have to pay to have them shipped in. The staff at both stores I went to today were very cold. Now I am reading that the shoes are made in China and fall apart. Sad. No more Fleuvogs for me I guess.

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