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Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
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Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
Supervog (Blue with Gray Rub-off)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Supervog [Blue with Gray Rub-off]
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A classic style of Angelic descent with Super swirl details on each side, stripes that reach from far to wide, padded tongue and collar maintain comfort, strength and a snug fit. Leather uppers with leather lining and padded leather foot sock. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by athena from Montana, USA:
I'm in love

I'm going to keep in short and sweet. I'm soooo happy with the 2 pair of Fluevog shoes that I own. One of them I had to "break in" the other I did not. They both are the most comfortable shoes I have even owned. Angel Supervog is my everyday work and play shoe. Thank you so much for making fun and great quality shoes Mr. John Fluevog P-)
Posted by Ernest Eddy from Seattle:
good to be back with an old friend

The last time I had bought a pair of Fluevogs I wrote to John and asked if he would replace my angel as it had broken for some reason and he did, thanx again. Soon after my house was broken into and my shoes, boots, and jackets were taken along with movies, cds, etc. As time passed and I got older I replaced the music and movies but left the leathers, shoes and boots behind. Recently, on a quest to find myself again, and get out of my corp-whore rut, I stumbled in to the Seattle store and bought a pair of Supervogs and I love them. Its hard to explain what 20 years of uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes does to a body now of 38, but ultimately I had forgotten I had spring in my step, or what it was like to walk with a fun vigor (bounce). Its amazing to me that when I was a kid I liked Fluevogs just because they look cool but now I understand that the craftsmanship is what really makes a Fluevog. Me and my body thank you and you'll be seeing us again soon.
Posted by Eric Driscoll from Surrey, BC:
Comfy shoes

Not usually one for the dressy type shoes, more of a skate shoe kind of guy. With my new job came a new dress code and I needed something "dressier" as my new manager put it. My sister had bought a pair of Fluevogs and loved them so I got some too. Comfy, comfy shoes, size 13 and a really wide(fat) foot they fit like a dream and they last longer than your average skate shoe. At 6'1" 350lbs, I know something about wearing out the soles of your shoes. Love my all black Supervogs.
Posted by Morty from Vancouver:
Metal toes? I second the motion ...

... after stumbling on uneven pavement in Paris last week and scuffing the heck out of the toe. Okay, it was really my clumsiness that was at fault, but some of us need protection from ourselves. Of course, they're still some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I suppose I'll have to make do with some oxblood polish and a bit of effort.
Posted by Dawn M from Ottawa:
Supervog found enemy!

Well I am back only 4 years after buying my Supervogs to replace the last pair I had. Not because they wore out, not because they were stolen but because although the soles may be satan resistant, they are not dog proof. Out of all of the shoes my husband leaves lying around, mine were a tasty dinner. I will never not own a pair of these but one should really make the shoes with a metal toe!!!
Reply from Greg at Fluevog:
Some dogs have a taste for fine leather! :(
Posted by jim from Boston:
Best vogs. Hands down.

I've got the blue Supervogs and they are far and away the most comfortable shoes I've ever had. I purchased them specifically for my wedding 4.5 years ago, and am on the site tonight to replace the shoelaces. I'm a dedicated fan of the Angels family--four pairs in rotation and the Supervogs are the best! (Note the padding around the ankle opening--it makes all the difference in the world!) Love 'em!
Posted by djMaldoror from Prague, Czech Republic:
These blue and grey's are my 2nd pair of vog's. Bought my first pair 16 years ago (the original Angel swirl tall boot, burgundy rub-off)in San Francisco, and I still wear both pairs all the time! I have a wider instep than normal, so I love how both pairs have stretched just enough to fit perfectly. I have worn them while walking the halls of the corporate world, and on-stage while DJing at underground Industrial festivals and shows; no matter where, they always get me comments. When you gonna open up an outlet here in Central Europe? And please bring back the Angel swirl tall boots! Mine have lasted 16 years, but won't last forever (or will they..?)!
Posted by Dennis from Seattle:

I have them in both red and blue. My boyfriend and I wear the same size shoe and we are always wearing one or both of this style of shoe. Of over a dozen pairs of shoes, they are the most popular style in our household. They make a great everyday shoe and seem to be very sturdy. :-D
Posted by stEn Ryason from Seattle, WA:
I am wearing them`

Possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes that I own. I've had them resoled once and had one side need a stitch-up, but only because I wore the poor things out! I own many pairs of Flues, but I wear these the most.
Posted by Bran Nieboer:
I've had these Angels for almost 6 years now and they continue to be my favorite pair. They are extraordinarily comfortable and, to this day, I get compliments and remarks on them. Highly recommended.

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