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Loire (Aqua & Silver)
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Loire (Aqua & Silver)
Loire (Aqua & Silver)
Loire (Aqua & Silver)
Loire (Aqua & Silver)
$99 USD
Reg $225
Rivers | Loire [Aqua & Silver]
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The Loire are handmade flats with stacked leather heels, rubber heel lifts, and leather soles with inlaid rubber treads, creating the perfect form-fitting all-purpose, care-free summer sandal. Designed for strolling around the city or basking on the beach, The Loire features a combination of soft suedes, patents, and metallic leathers, sure to garner the best kind of attention.

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From the fit experts:

Brenda from our Seattle store says:
The River Loire is tight through the instep for people with wider foot.

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Posted by Donna from Texas:

I just received these today! This is my first pair of Fluevogs and I'm in love! They fit perfectly and look so sweet and different. Can't wait to wear them out. I'm very impressed with how solid they feel for a pair of sandals. I'm thankful to the friend who posted one of your shoes on Facebook.
Posted by Beth from Canada:
Ouch revised

I just thought I'd point out that when I took another look at these sandals, the shiny leather isn't hard at all, so please ignore that part of my comment below. I think there's just something specific about where it's hitting my bare foot, so I'm going to use this as an excuse to make an in-person visit and get some advice. And I suppose as long as I'm there, it wouldn't hurt to try on some of the new Vogs...
Posted by Beth from Canada:

These are the first vogs I've ever owned that weren't supremely comfortable right out of the box. I bought them in black, and the shiny metallic leather digs into my foot, causing blistering and bleeding. They look really great, so I'd like to figure out how to soften them up.
Posted by Tiffany:
Comfy, cool, completely different sandals

I bought these in black last week. They are super shiny and super cool. Very eye-catching. I've had strangers been bend over to touch the bronze and silver bits when I'm out and about wearing these. Very comfortable right out of the box - the leather is smooth and soft. Great shoe!
Posted by Caroline oOlivier from Québec, la ville:
Premièrement, je dois dire que ce site a besoin d'une aide pour la traduction française: c'est horrible! Secundo: j'ai acheté ces sandales et les ai, pour la première fois, dans mes pieds. C'est très doux, léger et on sait, on sent... que partout. c'est du vrai de vrai cuir. C'est cher, très cher payé pour un simple pair de sandales. Surtout pour une "meudame" qui a vécu 15 ans en Afrique. Mais bon... ce site n'est pas pour discuter d'Afrique et de ses besoins. Bref, ces sandales sont non seulement magnifiques (couleur, fabrication, matériel , conception). mais elles sont... simplement bien faites. Par là. je veux dire qu'un artisan a "pensé". Et essayé, et osé certaines couleurs. Bref, j'espère les garder 1 000 ans. Caroline Olivier, de Québec
Posted by Stephanie from Chicago:
Hurry Up Warm Weather!

Purchased a pretty pain in teal 3 weeks ago --- so cute and comfortable!! I can't wait for the Chicago weather to warm up so I can show 'em off!
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