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Michael (Black & White)
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Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
Michael (Black & White)
$99 USD
Reg $189
CLEARANCE | Angels: Michael [Black & White]
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This wing tip shoe is for all occasions. A three eyelet lace up with contrasting top-stitch and brogue details fits comfortably between everyday and all night. Original Angelic Sole, 100% Natural, Biodegradable, Resoleable. Resists alkali, water, acid, fatigue and Satan.

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Posted by Megan from Durham, NC:
I've had mine for 17 years

I bought my black Michaels 17 years ago, have worn them consistently, just today got them resoled; they're like new, only better. They really are the best!
Posted by Brennan Barber from Chapel Hill, NC:
A Brown Michael Please

I am on my 4th pair of Michaels. Best shoe I have ever owned! My only suggestion is more colors please. If you would make a brown Michael I would seriously never have to buy another pair of shoes from anyone but Fluevog. I have the limited edition Michael in brown with green suede...best show ever!!!!!!
Posted by Janet K from Geneva, Switzerland:
Great shoes, but poor wear and tear

I ordered a pair of Michael's Angels nearly two years ago. While they are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned and while I get a lot of compliments for them, I can't say I'm pleased with how they "wear and tear". I barely had them a year and the soles started cracking. The insoles have been disintegrating for some time now. And, I can't wear these for long distances (i.e. walking home from work, which is about three miles) without getting blisters on the pads of my feet below the toes. I'm going to be in Seattle and NYC in February and thought I'd visit your stores. I'd love to get other pair of these shoes, only because they're so cool and so comfortable, but I'm not going to lay out $200 for a pair if this is how they don't hold up. (Frankly, I find this part of Fluevogs shocking. I owned a pair of similar shoes from Bass that I bought at an outlet nearly 10 years ago. I finally got rid of those shoes last year, because they were beyond wearable.)
Posted by stan chung from Victoria:
Easy to break if you know how

I love these shoes. If you have heel issues, do what I did. I got a pair of vice grips and I bent them slightly. I wear nothing but angel-soled shoes for business and pleasure. My red and black ones have broken in beautifully. I have too many pairs to mention.
Posted by Pete Doyle from Brooklyn, NY:
Great shoe for me.

I have my father's feet - which is not a good thing. I am constantly on the look out for shoes that will allow me to walk with a minimum of discomfort. These Fluevogs have turned out to be one of the best shoes that I have bought in years. I wear them very often and in all kinds of weather. They stay comfortable and they stay good looking. I am also impressed with the rate of wear as I am hard on shoes. These look like they will last.
Posted by Ivan from United States:
Great shoes, require breaking in.

I have read several reviews mentioning how brutal these shoes can be to ones heels. It is true. I suffered many painful blisters, even though the sales person had included heel pads when I purchased the shoes. I even shelved them for about a year. At that point, I returned to the store, and talked to a woman who added a pad BELOW the heel area of the insole. Finally, I had happy heels with no blisters. I packed these shoes and a few cards of moleskin with me on my trip to New Orleans, and by the end of the week, these shoes fit like a dream. Moleskin was needed for a few toe blisters, but it allowed me to tough it out for the entire week with quite a lot of walking, and it was just the trial by fire required. I plan on buying another pair, now that I know how to break them in.
Posted by Mike from Prince Rupert, BC:

Best show I have ever worn!!! From the reviews I guess you either love them or hate them, so hopefully we have enough "love them" to get them to bring back the B&W shoe as I constantly get compliments on mine :)
Posted by leaf nunes from san francisco:

I was hesitant to buy these after seeing that they aren't made in any of the places i'd heard fluevogs are made (mine were made in china). I understand shoes wear out, but i have a pair of doc martens from the 1990s which have never needed repair or re-soling after several years of cumulative wear. Those were the last pair of expensive shoes i had purchased, so i expected something similar. Sadly, after about six months of wear (not constant, and at a desk job), the leather in the heel has worn out. I took them back to the shop, where they told me it was normal wear and tear. These will definitely be the last fluevogs i buy; i can buy cheaper shoes that last longer from countries that have better human rights records. Style isn't everything.
Posted by Stephen Peszel from Canada:
Michaels, I surrender

I am about to give up on my Angel Michaels, best looking shoes but just an awful fit, hard to break in, heel box too big, too much foot damage, what a pity. Glad I bought them on sale. Know what? I might try a different pair. Go figure. Next time I am in the store they might actually have something in my size for a change.
Posted by Chris from Fort Mcmurray:
Im not a Vog virgin anymore!!!!!

WOW!!!!! I have always wanted a pair of vogs but could never find the right ones until now! I called the granivlle store and ordered a pair of michaels. I had them in 3 days to my door, now thats service. They rock so excited to wear them. Cheers Chris :-D

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