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Truth: Pilgrim (Black)
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Truth: Pilgrim (Black)
Truth: Pilgrim (Black)
40th Reissue
$315 USD
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40th Anniversary Reissues | Truth: Pilgrim [Black]
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For his 40th Anniversary, John is re-issuing his favourite styles from each decade, for a limited time, to celebrate with the world 40 years of Unique Soles for Unique Souls. A super pointy-toed, buckled tea-strap loafer with stitched wrinkled leather on the instep, the Pilgrim shoe was one of John's first women's designs which took its initial inspiration from the Victoria era. The updated design includes a rubber sole plate, 1.25" leather wrapped heel, gold lining, and features "white-waxed" leathers that will darken and age gracefully. The Pilgrim is an ode to John's humble beginnings, his values which he still aspires to, and a great testament to the genius we celebrate. "Truth and integrity since 1970"

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Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
Sigh. I now own all 4 colors in these fabulous shoes. She who hesitates is lost, so when I saw 1 pair left in my size in black, I surrendered.
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
This is my third pair of these glorious, funky, insanely comfortable shoes--every time I'd wear the brown or lilac ones I'd think, "I'd better get them in red or I'll be sorry", finally ordered what was the very last pair of 7.5s only to be told they were indeed sold out so decided to go up to an 8 and frankly, I can't tell the difference, they fit perfectly. And the color! The red is the most intoxicating true cherry red I've ever seen, deep and full of shaded nuance. Many thanks to Petrea for her incredible customer service with these beauties.
Posted by Robyn from Canada:
Gorgeous shoe. Usually shy away from pointy toes but were so cool had to try them on and they feel amazing. Bought 1/2 size larger than in other makes, super comfy without any breaking in at all. Now want the Petra boot, which I expect to fit the same way. Wish there were some reviews of it.
Posted by Mary from Asheville NC:
Lovely but Will Never Fit Me

Just received these and wanted them to fit! Even was wearing a dress that looked great with the lilac. Alas, the shoe in an 8 feels a full size small. Going up a full size would give me a pointy toe out to the stars.
Posted by Kay from Calgary:
#3 and counting

Bought these last week at the Calgary store . . . and they are FABULOUS! I'm finding every excuse I can to wear these as much as possible! I bought the red in a 10.5 (I'm usually a 10 in non-Vogs) and they fit like a dream. The red is rich enough to add a great pop of colour, but deep enough to almost act as a neutral . . . it will go with everything! I was concerned about the comments I'd read about the wrapped heel chipping, so I just won't drive in them (thanks to some great advice from Idaho!). I would love these in a brown as well . . . on my wish list for sure!
Posted by Mari Carr from Airdrie, Alberta:
My First Pair......

These were my first pair of Fluevogs as well and I have to say I am purely and utterly addicted. I am saving for the Victorian inspired burgundy boots. I aim for people to think of me and say "Isn't she the Realtor with the completely amazing shoes?"
Posted by tamatha from Seattle:
I love them

This was my first pair of fluevogs. I have wanted a pair for at least 20 years. I was so excited it was like a kid getting a new bike. I am very careful with them and constantly telling people don't step on the shoes. The first night I spent the whole night saying look at my shoes. You would think I was kid again. I can't wait to get another pair. It is definitively an obsession to ad to my list. ?:-)
Posted by Brenda from Fredericton, NB:
thank you sample sale!

I got these in a lovely charcoal grey at the Granville store when I was in town during the last sample sale. They're funky and comfortable (my friends call them my witch shoes), and with the right coloured tights make your legs look as if they go on forever! My only complaint is that the "wooden" heels chip very easily (as in after less than a handful of wears), revealing white plastic underneath. Thankfully Preet from the Granville store was able to mail over some replacement heels to NB. Now that's customer service!
Posted by christa from alameda, ca:
#55 and Counting

I don't know why I didn't a pair of these sooner, but I am just thrilled with my brown Pilgrims; color choice was a dilemma, have several red pairs, more than enough black and 2 pairs of gray/purple, so this lovely deep chestnut brown fills a void quite nicely. Size comments were all over the place but as a true 7.5 I find these fit my average-width feet perfectly in a 7.5.
Posted by Rocio Evenett from Los Angeles:
The beginning of my Fluevog Addiction

This was my first pair of Fluevogs and have earned their keep many times over! I get so many compliments and the colour RED is just camp as a Christmas Tree ,-> They are comfortable but I can only wear them for a few hours because having small super wide feet means I had to go 1 1/2 sizes larger than usual and the cut outs start digging into my feet after a while |-)

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