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Kathy (Black)
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Kathy (Black)
Kathy (Black)
$239 USD
Fellowships | Kathy [Black]
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Everyone loves the classic Mary-Jane with a slim heel - especially one that has been given a new lease on life with vibrant colours and brogueing details.Old Friends are Good Friends.\

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From the fit experts:

Shawn and Catherine from our Washington DC store says:
The Kathy is a classic, comfortable shoe but can fit a little short and shallow in the toe; some will find a half size up is perfect.

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Posted by Ing from Canada:
my vote's with Kellie

I have what some might describe as an obscene number of Fluevogs, and I'd like to place my vote in the 'more colour for Kathy' box. I don't buy black Fluevogs (except last week). If I wore black shoes, which I generally don't, I might, but Fluevogs deserve to show their personality with COLOUR. Please Mr Fluevog, it's only right. More colour for Kathy! More colour for Kathy! (and Sandra too, while you're at it)
Posted by Kellie:
I'm asking a favor

Dear Mr. Fluevog, please dedicate some attention to the Fellowship family. I love them and I feel as though you have been neglecting them. My dear Kathy's (light blue and purple) are dying a slow death but I refuse to give them up. Please re-issue them in some new funked up way. Black is swell, but it's not very fun. I've long thought two tone green would work (think Granny Smith apple) or brown and turquoise...anything. Please.
Posted by Carolyn from Gastown, Vancouver, BC:
LOVE these shoes. I absentmindedly left my travel documents at one end of Heathrow only to discover my error when I got to my gate. I was able to RUN (seriously run) all the way back to the lost documents and back to my gate in time to board. Maybe my next marathon I'll use them..... Uber comfortable. They are my go-to everyday shoe and ALWAYS for travel! @>-
Posted by susannah:
need more colour!

i own these vogs in 3 different colour combos and i love them and wear the constantly. i have replaced the heels on my black and white pair 4 times and will soon walk through the bottoms of them. john needs to put these back out in more colour combos. black is just sooooooo boring. bring back the colour!
Posted by Misha from Hidden Valley Lake, CA:

I tried these in both an 8 (my regular size) and 8.5. The 8s were way too tights, and the 8.5s perfect. So definitely size up 1/2 size. These Vogs are uber-adorable! I have the black and while they are not flambouyant in colour, they certainly have pizzaz. The wing-tip styling is sweet. I am a knitter and these will be great with hand-knit socks in the winter time. And... this is my Lucky 13th pair of Vogs. VOG ON!
Posted by Paula from Amsterdam:
These aren't the funkiest Fluevogs out there but they are incredibly COMFORTABLE and have taken more miles than any other shoes of mine and are still kicking. These were the only shoes I could wear comfortably during pregnancy when I wanted flats, and they're my main shoes for traveling or whenever I'm going to be walking a lot. If these guys ever wear out (show no signs of it yet after years of ownership and a set of replacement heels), I will definitely be coming back for another set.
Posted by Heather Cope:
Best summer shoes ever!!

I bought these shoes about 4 years ago and I have been wearing them almost everyday each summer since. I have gone through a few replacement heels because I wear them so much. They still get compliments when we are out, and look great, even after all the wear they have received. They are really comfy to bike around in as well!
Posted by Dana from Mustang, OK:
Too short and tight

I purchased these in the tan and off white colors in a size 10.5. These are so short and tight. I believe that they were marked with the wrong size.
Posted by Charlotte:
I have a pair of Kathys and a pair of Erikas. They both fit well and look very nice, but I wish I had a shoe with the same great fit that gave me a bit more support. These break in very easily, which might be a boon for some, but I prefer a more durable shoe.
Posted by Kathy from Wyoming:
Rockin' shoes

Ok, ok.....these are not the funkiest Fluevogs you will ever own (I own 7 pairs), but these are literally like walking in your slippers all day!!! I hesitated buying them because they are so unlike any of the other pairs I own, but once I tried them on, I refused to take them off-they fit like an absolute dream!!!!h :-D

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