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Sugar (Black with Beige)
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Sugar (Black with Beige)
Sugar (Black with Beige)
$399 USD
Minis | Sugar [Black with Beige]
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This 21 eyelet knee-high boot is sweet and spicy at the same time. Not only does it have an open lacing system that will tie you up tight like a corset and show a bit of skin, it also has an inside zipper so you don't really need to use the laces once you've found your fit. Perched on the Mini heel and rubber F-sole, this is a high heel designed for the woman who doesn't wear heels. Solidly constructed with beautiful leather uppers and linings with contrasting piping and a crown peaked top line makes this lover sexy, stable and timeless. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Janeice from our Minneapolis store says:
The Sugar boot fits true to size; that being said, it's still a Mini so it has a nice, wider toe box than some other shoes. This calf is a lace up, which means it's completely adjustable and perfect for any calf!

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Posted by Rene F from Chicago:
My Sweet Sugars

I am a superhero in my red Sugar boots; glamorous, sexy, ready to fly!
Posted by Victoria DuPree from Georgia, USA:

Received my first pair of Fluevog yesterday, Mini-sugar in red. AWESOME. I immediately put them on, re-adjusted the laces, met friends, went out to eat, back for a nightcap, and 7.5 hours later my feet were still NOT hurting, the shoes were still comfortable, REMARKABLE. The main thing is the toe box. It does not touch your toes. There is no mashed toes syndrome, and the laces allow for a perfect fit. These are my first pair, but definitely not my last. Love them.
Posted by Gael from Perth, Australia:
LOVE MY RED BOOTS!!! FYI If you need longer laces - a UK website shoestringuk has 2.2m/86.5" specimens which I found better than the alternate suggestion of using two laces tied like a corset... But that does work fine too. I just have to decide what pair to buy next!
Posted by Ginger Rivera from Puyallup, WA.:
My love affair!

My first Fluevog purchase was in the 90's before moving from Vancouver, B.C. I bought the knee high Angels and fell IN LOVE! They were literally my second skin! I then proceeded to buy another 3 pairs of different Fluevogs over a few years and "lost touch". I drove my 1959 Pontiac to Seattle, met my husband swing dancing and got married (he wore Fluevog swordfishes!) and until recently I haven't purchased a pair in sooo long. I sadly had to part ways with one of the loves of my life (my 1959 Pontiac) and decided to treat myself with a pair of the Black Tall Mini Sugars.....to "ease" the pain of my loss. This REALLY helped! They are gorgeous! My NEW second skin. LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They fit great, feel amazing. And the staff from Chicago (where I had to order from) were fantastic. They even sent me candy. How sweet! It's good to be back in touch with Fluevog. I've missed you guys! xoxoxox
Posted by Ria from Chicago:
Finally, they are mine

About six years ago two pairs of shoes drew me into Fluevog's sphere of influence: the Mini Sugar and the Pinups Miss December. Since then I have picked up nine pairs of Fluevogs, but not the Sugars. Between the pricing, the reviews about sizing, and the chunky soles (I've never been a fan of how the Mini sole is so chunky in comparison to the Mini uppers), I kept putting off the purchase. Black Friday this year did me in, and I am *so* happy I indulged! These are gorgeous boots, and the soles don't detract at all from their glory. They are comfortable, sexy, and eye-grabbing. I sense a photoshoot coming... @>- In terms of sizing: I am a standard size 8.5 wide in every other brand I own. In Fluevog-sizing I am anywhere from a 9-9.5, depending on the shoe's length and width. In the Sugar I am a size 9; the length is a *perfect* 8.5 (my toe sits exactly where it should in the toebox), and I loosened the lacing on the foot to accommodate my wide foot. I also have muscular calves and had no fit problems after some re-lacing bodice-style (very sexy). Thank you, John, for yet another gorgeous pair of 'Vogs. ,->
Posted by Julie Beun from Ottawa:
I heart John

I bought these in red after already owning the mini ankle boot and the libby bellevue. the latter isn't as adaptable, but is still lovable. But the red boots are SENSATIONAL and earn comments everywhere I go. I wore them to cover Fashion Week and actually had a fashion blogger ask if she could take me out for a coffee sometime, because "I noticed your boots and thought you have great style". All thanks to you, John.
Posted by Rachel Love from Portland, OR:
Ok, these boots are HOT.

I am *IN LOVE* with these super hot boots!! I have admired Fluevog's for many years (since my high school days on Haight St) but have never owned a pair... until recently when my interest was re-ignited after randomly shopping the fluevog.com website. I ran across the Mini Sugar in wine (RED) and couldn't think about anything else until I had them. I was reluctant to order such expensive boots online without first trying them on but I was able to get some of my questions answered by the fabulous Leah and Willy at the Seattle Fluevog store. Several people have commented that these shoes tend to run a half size small so I ordered a 10 (normally wear 9-9.5). Unfortunately, the 10 were too short so I had to go for the 10.5. I'll repeat, I had to go a *full size larger* in these boots. The beauty in the design is that they are fully adjustable from about the mid-foot to the upper calf because of the corset stitching... <so hot> and functional!! I should also say that I *never* wear heels, ever. I just don't think they're comfortable. However, these shoes feel great and are very stable; I would highly recommend them, even to people who hate heels. Ok, I can't say enough good things about these boots. I am in love with them and I'm looking forward to buying their counterpart, the Mini Lovers, next. Cheers! @>- @>- @>- @>-
Posted by Kate from Boston:

... do not wear these shoes if you're trying to blend into a crowd! Without fail, every time I wear them out I get numerous compliments on how awesome and unique these boots are. I bought the black pair just over a year ago, and they have surpassed my expectations. They've withstood nasty Boston winters with rain, snow and ice, and have yet to let me down. The heel is super comfortable and the treads grip the ground well. The leather stretched comfortably to contour my calves (and mine are quite muscular). Price aside, this is probably the most sensible shoe purchase I've ever made. Cannot wait to buy my next pair of Fluevogs!
Posted by Karine from Scotland:
I'm a musician and bought these in the Boston store late last year for a run of shows at The Cutler Theatre in town. I'd been waiting years to visit a store as there aren't any in the UK. The boots made a big impact - even meriting their own special mention in The Boston Globe! They're sassy and really comfy. I love them. Got my eyes on several other pairs but will have to wait til my next North American trip. Come on give us a store in London, Glasgow or Edinburgh please!!
Posted by Janeen from Boston, Massachusetts:
Love at first lust :P

So I have been a lover of fluvogs for years and year and years..but i never really indulged until i met these and then i waited.. well truthfully i assumed they wouldnt fit that that my curvy calves and beyond the average wide feet would just have to continue to suffer without. HA! Well the friday before JF's aniversay I went to the Boston store, on Newbury st., and was gently convinced by Rachel to try on the red ones at size 12 and perfecto.. I nearly shed a tear I was so elated and went from lusting these beauties to falling in love...my feet danced as they never had before and the curves of my steely calves flexed in triumph :-D I bought them the next day at JF's brithday celebration.. the next week I was back and bought them in black. THANK YOU to JF, Rachel and the rest of the Boston gang.. YOU ROCK and now I do too! Now 'all' I need is a shoe from the mini line that will fit my high instep and wide foot ...

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