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Lover (Noir)
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Lover (Noir)
Lover (Noir)
$315 USD
Minis | Lover [Noir]

Vous allez craquer pour cette botte mi-mollet à 13 oeillets. Le système de lacets rappelle celui d'un corset qui laisse paraître la peau. Il y a aussi une fermeture éclair à l'intérieur qui vous évite de toujours refaire les lacets. Du haut du talon Mini et de la semelle de caoutchouc F-Sole, voici une chaussure à talon haut conçue pour celles qui n'aiment pas les talons. Fabriqué solidement, votre nouvel amant demeurera sexy, stable et à fiable. Go ahead, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y, devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

Talon : 3"

Instagram @fluevog #vog_lover

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Posted by nan albertson from Sweden:
Mini Lovers are going to the Nobel Prize Ceremony and Dinner Party

Yup, that's right! I'm hoping I'm not breaking any Nobel rules, but hey! Mini Lovers look great everywhere! AND they are so comfortable I'll be fine all >8 hours of the Nobel day!
Posted by Sunita from Cleveland:
I found these at Amazon for an awesome price. After I bought them, I heard that buying Fluevogs from Amazon is not a good idea, so I checked mine carefully. The stitching was tight and straight. The signature on the boots was the same, and they looked and smelled brand new. I guess I had a good experience. But on to the actual review! I love these boots. I have larger calves and will probably have to get longer laces for these beauties, but I'm okay with that. They are very comfortable and look awesome. I can't wait to wear them with tights to see the color peek through the laces. About sizing: my normal shoe size is 6.5, and I got Lover in 6.5 with a very good fit. Because sizing recommendations are all over the place in the the reviews, I would recommend you go to a store and try them on if you can. I love these boots and am impatiently waiting for cooler weather. Lover is another awesome addition to my boot collection.
Posted by Jackie from United States:
First Fluevogs!!

I was so excited when I found out we were getting a store in Denver and my friend and I were there the first day. I'd had my eye on the Mini family for years and I finally got to see them in person, love at first sight!! the supple leather makes these divine to slip into and the stability of the boot makes the heel so easy & comfortable to walk in. I wish i could wear them every day:)
Posted by Jody from Canada:
New colours for Minis - Lover

Hi, I bought my Minis Lover boots about 6 or 7 years ago. I still LOVE them as much as the day I first bought them. The problem is that they are pretty worn in and I really want to get another pair. I currently have them in black and am looking for a different colour. I have seen older ones in burgundy on Ebay but would like to get them new. I have been waiting for about a year for new colours to be added to this style and sadly, I am still waiting. These are the best shoes I have ever owned! I can walk all day in them despite the heel. Please tell me you will be added new colours in soon? Jody
Posted by Cecily from Canada:
Everyone Loves a Lover

Bought these in a size 12 at a killer price (not at a Fluevog store) even though I wasn't sure they'd fit. Had to get longer laces to fit my chunky calves, and I'm showing a bit more skin than most of you with svelte calves will, but it doesn't matter a bit. These are great boots and I get lots of compliments on them. Trust everyone when they say they run a bit small: I had both shoes stretched for width and one shoe stretched for length and now they fit perfectly. I feel like such a kick ass babe in these shoes! @>-
Posted by Ann from New Jersey:
LOVE these boots

I picked up mine yesterday on Fluevog Day, and was greated in the shop with Champaign and Cupcakes. I Toasted my Lovers and tried them on once again, before Toasting with the young man who kept my Lovers safe on Layaway. In all seriousness, I love these shoes! I've had so many comments on them today and I just got them yesterday! They are comfortable and look fantastic in a basic black. I have teal shoelaces I might switch to. But right now, I'm just enjoying and loving my Fluevogs!
Posted by Misspixie from Long Beach:

Alas, I love these boots but they are too big. I would love it if you could consider making these in a size 5 for those of us with smaller feet.
Posted by Patricia from Calgary:
a lover's lover

I am so in love with these boots! I retired my olive pair back in the spring because I wore them to near destruction, and I bought a pair in lilac. It's amazing how well the lilac pair go with so many things of different colours - black, grey, brown, green, blues, purples, etc.... I'm not making the same mistake like I did with the green ones - I just bought a second pair of the lilacs last week. Hopefully they'll come back again sometime in the future - I will buy a third and fourth pair! Eventually I should be sensible and buy a black pair too. I'm looking forward to more colours! ON FIT - I have a wide toe box and a high instep: in most fluevogs I'm a 8.5 but since these lovlies are adjustable, after a couple of wears the 8's fit pretty good - I can get away with 8.5 and an insole.
Posted by Christine from Seattle:
A staple for your shoe wardrobe

I wear these with everything. They are my favorite black boots and they are fantastic with any outfit. I have them in black but am tempted to get them in lilac as well.
Posted by Alison from San Diego, CA:
A must-have pair of boots

These are a staple in my closet--I have them in Lilac--and they look great with everything from jeans to skirts and dresses. The laces work like a corset for your legs--you lace them up to fit your calves the first time, then just use the zipper--aye, so sexy! I sized up a half size (from 6-1/2 to 7) for a perfect fit.

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