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Sugar (Black with Beige)
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Sugar (Black with Beige)
Sugar (Black with Beige)
$399 USD
Minis | Sugar [Black with Beige]
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This 21 eyelet knee-high boot is sweet and spicy at the same time. Not only does it have an open lacing system that will tie you up tight like a corset and show a bit of skin, it also has an inside zipper so you don't really need to use the laces once you've found your fit. Perched on the Mini heel and rubber F-sole, this is a high heel designed for the woman who doesn't wear heels. Solidly constructed with beautiful leather uppers and linings with contrasting piping and a crown peaked top line makes this lover sexy, stable and timeless. Go on, fall in love. We dare you!

Heel Height: 3"

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From the fit experts:

Janeice from our Minneapolis store says:
The Sugar boot fits true to size; that being said, it's still a Mini so it has a nice, wider toe box than some other shoes. This calf is a lace up, which means it's completely adjustable and perfect for any calf!

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Posted by Silvia Gross from Toronto:
True Love.

I have had my black mini sugars for about ten years and worn them for every occasion. Because of the corset lacing they hug my calf like a second skin. The footbed is perfect for my wide feet. The heel is stable and I can walk for hours. I get comliments from strangers every time I wear them. After years of wear I did have to get the rubber soul on the heal replaced and some of the stitching restocked and I took them to the Fluevog store and they did the repairs for 15$ good as new. I have a few Fluevogs but these are my favourite shoes ever.
Posted by Justine:
love love love

These boots ROCK!!! So worth the money. I purchased the black ones in NYC and wasn't planning on spending $400, but was just looking for high black boots with a heel. I have 'athletic' calves so my choices are limited. The laces on the side and the zipper make these boots perfect. As you wear them and they stretch, you can adjust the laces and tighten them. So perfect for the 'athletic' leg Fluevoger...
Posted by Dawn Rodgers from Oklahoma City:
Sugar love

My fiancé got me these sugar boots for Christmas in black. They fit perfect and are so comfortable and sexy hot to boot. I have been wanting these for several years. Thanks to my wonderful and thoughtful fiancé Tim my sugar boot dream has come true.
Posted by Leigh Ann from Los Angeles:

FYI- Size side I am a size 6 1/2-7 in the Mini Q-Tee, Mini Gorgeous and Operetta Mailbrans but the 8 in these fit me better to wear with thick socks. Also, I have a super narrow calf (12") but since these are SUPER adjustable in the ankle/calf area with the laces no matter how narrow or wide your calves are these should fit! Win-Win for everyone!
Posted by Leigh Ann from Los Angeles:
Worth every penny

I bought my black Sugar boots years ago (2005 or 2007, I can't remember.) Since then they are my most worn winter boots ever. I have walked MILES in them with no foot pain or discomfort. I wore them on my last trip to Prague where we walked 6-10 miles a day. I also wore them all over Amsterdam with 10-12 hours of walking per day with NO foot pain at all. I even prefer to wear them over my athletic running shoes when I go for long hikes! Yes, the arch support and comfort is just that good. These boots are sexy AND super comfy and seriously worth every penny!
Posted by Elle from Australia:
Get them!

I'm short and have thick calves (13") for my 4'11" height so boots that fit well have been hard to find (gapey at the top or can't zip over my calves since they sit lower in the boot where it can be narrower, compared to a 'normal' heighted person). Bought the 6.5 rather than my normal 6 to be on the safe side especially wearing thicker socks. Size 6 probably would have been perfect. Still roomy in the feet with the 1/2 size up. The laces closed up fully to my surprise, no gape at the top of the boot, no tightness at the calves. The leather is so soft. Absolutely love these.
Posted by Wendy Royce from New Hampshire:
Love my Ruby Red Boots!

Went to the store in Boston specifically to get these after seeing them online. They are gorgeous, comfortable, and great in slippery weather. Who knew you could look great and not fall down in snow and ice? I always get compliments when I wear them.
Posted by Shawna from Victoria:

I went to the Granville store hoping to purchase a pair of Elif's. I tried the olive green Elif's on, and as I was turning to check them out the Sugars caught my eye. Of course I had to try them on and it was love. I got the cherry red pair and have worn them to work every day since. They are stable and comfortable and I have had no problems with fit. I am usually an 8 and it did the trick this time. My only problem is that I am spending more time talking to people about my boots than getting work done. Don't hesitate to buy yourself a pair. Worth every penny.
Posted by Andrea W from Edmonton:
Best boots ever!

Comfy with a rubbery heel that doesn't feel high AND attention-grabbingly sexy! Super versatile--you really can wear them with pants, leggings, skirts and dresses of any length or style (except maybe classic ball gowns). Fits true to non-Fluevog size, with a toe box that is short and wide. I LOVE these boots.
Posted by Tawna from Calgary:
I bought these babies in red a couple years ago but didn't wear them very often cause I only wear skirts and dresses occasionally. well, after seeing all the fantastic ways the 'everyday Fluevog' people put their outfits together, I decided I needed to get in touch with my girly side and I wear them all the time now. I get compliments CONSTANTLY on these sexy boots!!! I used to look for shoes to go with my outfit but now I look for outfits to go with my shoes! Keep 'em coming John!!!

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