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Sugar (Noir & Beige)
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Sugar (Noir & Beige)
Sugar (Noir & Beige)
$399 USD
Minis | Sugar [Noir & Beige]
GROUPES:   Botte   Femmes   Habillé   Meilleurs Vendeurs   Talon  

Cette botte à 21 oeillets qui remonte au genou est à la fois douce et prononcée. Le système de lacets rappelle celui d'un corset qui laisse paraître un peu la peau. Il y a également une fermeture éclair à l'intérieur qui vous évite de toujours refaire les lacets. Du haut du talon Mini et de la semelle de caoutchouc F-Sole, voici une chaussure à talon haut conçue pour celles qui n'aiment pas les talons. Fabriqué solidement d'un cuir de qualité, votre nouvel amant demeurera sexy, stable et fiable. Go on, fall in love. We dare you! (Allez-y, devenez amoureux. On vous met au défi!)

Talon : 3"

Instagram @fluevog #vog_sugar

From the fit experts:

Janeice from our Minneapolis store says:
The Sugar boot fits true to size; that being said, it's still a Mini so it has a nice, wider toe box than some other shoes. This calf is a lace up, which means it's completely adjustable and perfect for any calf!

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Posted by snunyc from Berkeley, CA:
we're learning to love each other

I adore these boots. I have normal/wide calves and narrow ankles. I didn't think I had excessively wide calves until I tried on a few pairs of vog tall boots, which apparently are made for women with stick legs. Long story short, I ended up keeping these even though I have to wear the laces quite open at the calf. I'm still playing around with various lacing options, and may try a ribbon lace. Why, you ask? Because the soft leather hugs my curvy legs like a dream, emphasizing my narrow ankles and shapely calves like no other boots I've ever owned. Also, BTW, the foot fits me to a T, I bough my usual size 6, toe box is roomy and comfortable, heel is narrow and the cute, spool heel design is to die for. These are my fourth purchase from Fluevog and my first pair of tall vog boots. Consider me converted: I doubt I'll ever waste my money on another shoe brand again. Keep in mind, John, that girls with curvy legs like your boots too, and we spend our $$ on your gorgeous designs as much as the girls with skinny legs do!
Posted by Nina-bo-bina from San Francisco:
RED is the color of...

Salivation over these boots has taken up more of my time than I'm willing to admit. That being said... Well, let's face it, they still make me drool. Outrageously sexy, and comfortable, and sexy, oh and uh, did I mention SEXY? Wore these the first night out to a show in SF, danced my buttocks off, had a complete stranger tell me I was one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, and I chalk it up to these babies. As the beautiful Italian actress said, "Sex appeal is fifty percent what you've got and fifty percent what people think you've got." Well, I've got these boots and I'm pretty sure people will agree. So if my math is correct... Yup. As with all my Fluevogs (these are my 3rd out of 4 pairs), I generally refuse to take them off at the end of the night. Have I fallen asleep still wearing them in front of the TV at 4 AM after a night out? I'll never tell.
Posted by Clarissa Pruden from Vancouver:
Oh. My. GOD!! Why did I wait 4 months??!?!?!?!?

There are not enough words to describe this boot!! My cousin showed me a picture of them about 4 months ago and I couldn't get them out of my mind, and avoided the siren call of the store quite successfully. I got a promotion at work and an increase on my credit card, and when I told my husband of my secret desire he said "why haven't you bought them yet?" I went down to the store and its like they were MADE for me! All the reviews were true; beautiful fit, wonderful wide toe box; it doesn't even really feel like you are wearing heels! I was so excited as I left the store (with them on, of course!) I walked 4 blocks in the wrong direction! I was nervous at the price but it was well, WELL worth it! I think I will need to tweek the lacing a bit for optimum fit, but, man, you can tweek the lacing for optimum fit! :D ...now, wonder how they will be to sleep in? ;)
Posted by Dany from Edmonton:
Amazing in red!

I had put these in layaway in a size 7, thinking that because I have 2 pairs of Hotcakes boots ,one is a 7 in one colour and a 7.5 in another, and because I size down in all the Minis. When I went to the Calgary store and tried the size 7 it was a bit snug in the front so I went with my usual non-Fluevog size which is a 7.5. I was told that maybe the Hotcakes fit me in a 7 because of the lacing at the front, where the Sugar has the lacing and the zipper on the sides. All the footbeds fit me (the size 7 and the 7.5). I might have gone with a 8 and I would recommend to anyone who is a standard non-Fluevog size 7.5 to go with an 8 in these as my feet are very narrow but if you have mid-width or wide feet then size up instead of down as with the other Mini shoes I have (Q-tee, Zaza and Elif, all size 7 except the Zazas wich are too big but still wearable at 7.5) I got these in the wine red colour. The boots are gorgeous, the leather is soft to the touch, not stiff at all. I've worn them for only a week and haven't had any issues with the zipper as others have reported (knock on wood). They are comfortable as it has been my experience that the Mini family, although perfect for wide feet where mine are narrow, are my favourite family in terms of comfort. When I first got into Vogs I didn't like the Minis, and now I have several of them. I am sure I will be able to wear these in the snow as I do with my Hotcakes. The only mini-issue (can't help it,lol!) I have is that the lace on my right foot bothers me a bit right on the side (where the round lace is inside and rubs against my skin) but I'm sure that playing with the laces a bit and after the leather stretches it will be fine. All in all, great quality beautiful boots that I will have and wear and love for years to come.
Posted by Shar Marie from Canada:
SEXIEST BOOTS EVER - Fluevogoholic!

Confessions of a Fluevogoholic! I am totally addicted. I have owned these boots for years. They have walked the streets of the United Kingdom, New York, Chicago, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, California and continue to prance around the world. I adore that these fit my curvy calves as many woman find it difficult to find a boot like this. It is a show stopper I have had men follow me just to be able to comment on my boots. The heel is awesome you will never get caught in a grate on the downtown streets. If you can only purchase one pair of boots I'd suggest these knockout sexy boots.
Posted by Jo Anne from Vancouver, BC:

I wanted these boots the minute I saw them. I couldn't decide whether I should buy - the black or the red so I dragged my husband, my daughter, my son, my sister and brother-in-law into the store to help me decide. The vote was 50/50 so I had to walk away and decide on my own. Went back and got the black ones but always picked up the red whenever I went into a Fluevog store. When in Portland on vacation, my husband said he would buy the red ones for me since he knows that I also wanted them too (smart husband!). Now I have both and love them - big decision is which ones to wear...
Posted by Marlo:
A bit too ...

Would've been my fourth pair or Fluevogs. But, wouldn't have been easy to make these work with the wardrobe I have. Tried these on for my husband - They were supposed to be my sexy, unique boots (that were also comfortable). Me: "They're sexy, I guess, in a 'Let's go to Comic-Con!' kind of way." Him: "Or ... 'I have a whip.'" . . . "But hey," he said, "that may be what some people are after." :)
Posted by Kimberley Boots:
Best. Boots. Ever.

I bought these boots online, crossed everything that they would fit (I have 2 other pairs of 'vogs in 8 1/2 so was pretty confident). I am wearing them for the first time today. They are so comfortable. I had been dreading some toe pinching or heel hurting, but I feel so supported and comfortable and I look like an x rated mary poppins and EVERYBODY IS LOVING MY BOOTS. The side laces are genius. I am tempted to get another pair in red.
Posted by Samantha from Chicago suburbs:
Sweet surprise!

I was having a stressful week at work in the beginning of March so my husband surprised me by ordering me these boots. He teased me with a text video sent to me showing the classic Fluevog box, him opening the box and just showing the tissue paper. He said I had to wait until I got home to see my new pair of 'vogs. Then an hour later another video wher he opened the box, unwrapped the tissue and had replaced my surprise with an old pair of running shoes. I was so excited all day to find out what new pair of Fluevogs I would be wearing! ( my 5th pair) These were a dream come true since I have wanted them forever! They fit like a glove, I got a half size up from my normal 8 based on recommendation of the staff in the California store. I think I could wear these year round they are so much fun and so comfy. Thank you again! Five pairs in five months!
Posted by Susan from Sydney:

The mini sugar boots are the best boots I have owned! The ability to adjust them to fit your calf is fantastic! They are soft comfortable and very beautiful! Thanks Anthony and Alice for sending them

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